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Ovex Lejopran: Crime Lord and Mercenary

Name: Ovex Lejopran
Title(s): Mercenary and Crime Lord
Alias: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.95 meters
Weight: 85.2kg
Background: Unknown
Physical Description: See image
Personality: Cool, calm and collected on the outside. Never seems to lose his cool no matter what the circumstances.
Objective(s): To rule his own sector some day.
Quotes: "You really should stop moving around. It will only hurt all the more." "Be sure to bring me his head. Anything less and I take yours. Understood?"
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 7
Character Points: 24
Cyber Points: 4+
Move: 12 (14)

Dexterity 4D (5D): Acrobatics 8D, blaster 9D, bows 7D+1, dodge 8D+1, [T] firearms 9D+2, melee combat 9D, melee combat: vibroswords 10D+2
Perception 4D: Bargain 6D+1, command 7D, con 8D+1, gambling 6D+2, investigation 8D, persuasion 6D+2, sneak 9D
Strength 4D (5D): [T] Brawling combat 9D, climbing/jumping 5D+1, swimming 6D+1
Knowledge 3D: Alien species 5D+2, bureaucracy 8D, bureaucracy: House Mecetti 9D+1, cultures 5D, intimidation 8D+1, languages 5D+2, law enforcement 5D, planetary systems 7D, planetary systems: Tapani Sector 9D+2, [T] streetwise 9D, tactics 8D, tactics: capitol ship 9D, tactics: starfighter 8D+2, tactics: small unit 9D, technology 8D, value 7D, willpower 7D+2
Mechanical 2D: Astrogation 5D+2, capitol ship gunnery 5D, capitol ship piloting 5D, capitol ship shields 6D, repulsorlift ops 7D+2, space transports 8D, starship shields 7D+2
Technical 2D: computer program/repair 6D+2, droid programming 7D, droid repair 7D, first aid 6D, security 9D

   1. Firearms
   2. Brawling Combat
   3. Streetwise

Eyes: Silver replacements to both eyes, features unknown
Other: Dexterity increase, Strength increase, Move increase

Modified Blaster Carbine: 6D+1
Modified Powered Heavy Assault Armor
   Protection: +3D?/+2D?/+2D? to Strength and all skills
   Other Features: Currently unknown

Credits: 15,000 (on person)/? (in various locations)