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Lord Bod'e Leobund XI: Tapani Sector High Lord and Imperial Grand Moff

Name: Bod'e Leobund XI
Title(s): Tapani Sector High Lord and Imperial Grand Moff
Prestige Classes: Diplomat: L10, Criminal Mastermind: L10, Sith Acolyte: L5 Alias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 45
Height: 1.73 meters
Weight: 77.33kg
Force Sensitive: Yes Force Points: 7
Dark Side Points: 14
Character Points: 34
Move: 12

Background: Born and raised in the Tapani Sector as a Noble. All additional information is classified.
Physical Description: See image
Personality: Was first thought to be evil and a tyrant, however this is now uncertain due to his current marriage and the saving of the sector's capitol planet - Procopia.
Objective(s): To rule his sector as no Tapani Lord has done in over 600 years.
Quotes: "You are welcome." "I will think about this and provide an answer quickly."

DEXTERITY 4D: Acrobatics 8D, archaic guns 6D+2, blaster 10D, bows 7D+1, [T] dodge 13D+1, lightsaber 10D,
(s) lightsaber: form I: 11D
(s) lightsaber: form II: makashi 11D
(s) lightsaber: form III: soresu 11D
(s) lightsaber: form IV: ataru 11D
(s) lightsaber: form V: shien 12D
(s) lightsaber: form V: djem so 12D
(s) lightsaber: form VII: juyo 12D
(s) lightsaber: form VIII: sokan 11D
(s) lightsaber: form X: jar'kai 14D

melee combat 10D, melee combat: swords 11D+2
PERCEPTION 4D: Bargain 7D+1, command 9D, (s) command: house mecetti 11D+2, (s) command: imperial 10D, (s) command: mecrosa order 11D, con 9D+1, gambling 7D+2, investigation 9D, persuasion 10D+2, sneak 10D
STRENGTH 4D: Brawling combat 12D, climbing/jumping 7D+1, stamina 12D, swimming 7D+1,
KNOWLEDGE 4D: Alien species 8D+2, bureaucracy 9D, (s) bureaucracy: house mecetti 12D+1, (s) bureaucracy: tapani sector 12D, cultures 8D, intimidation 15D+1, languages 9D+2, [T] law enforcement 10D, [Ts] law enforcement: house mecetti 13D+2, [Ts] law enforcement: tapani sector 12D+2, planetary systems 9D, (s) planetary systems: tapani sector 11D+2, politics 10D, streetwise 10D, tactics 9D, tactics: capitol ship 10D+2, tactics: house mecetti army 11D, tactics: house mecetti navy 12D, tactics: small unit 11D, willpower 12D
MECHANICAL 3D: Astrogation 8D+2, capitol ship gunnery 8D, capitol ship piloting 9D, (s) capitol ship piloting: malevolent 10D, [T] capitol ship shields 10D, computer ops 9D, repulsorlift ops 10D+2, space transports 9D, starship shields 8D+2, walker ops 9D
TECHNICAL 3D: Armor repair 8D, blaster repair 8D, capitol ship repair 7D, computer program/repair 8D+2, demolition 8D, droid programming 8D, droid repair 8D, encryption 8D, first aid 8D, lightsaber repair 9D, repulsorlift repair 8D, security 10D, space transports repair 8D, starfighter repair 8D, walker repair 8D

Law Enforcement
Capitol Ship Shields

Force Skills:
Control: 9D
Sense: 10D
Alter: 11D

Force Powers:
Control & Sense:
Control & Alter:
Sense & Alter:
Control, Sense & Alter:

Special Force Skills:
Sith Alchemy: 7D
Sith Sorcery: 7D


Custom Lightsaber:

Click on image for full size

  • Color: Red
    Hilt: made from Beskar (Mandalorian Iron) and coated with frazium
    Constructed and Bonded (2 FP, +2D to hit, damage and all skills when held)
    First Crystal
    Mephite Lignan Crystal
    Game Effects: 7D Blade damage; +2D+2 damage; +3D+2 parrying/deflecting; +4D+2 vs cutting through objects/materials; +1D to all Dark side powers/skills; +1D to resist directed Force attacks; -3D to anything and everything (user actions) that is light side in nature; superior energy control resulting in longer power life-time; adds major resistance from power drain/corruption.
    Second Crystal
    Perfect Kyber Qixoni Crystal
    Game Effects: Game effects: 6D Blade damage; +3D to hit; +5D damage; +3D for purposes of parrying/ deflecting; +1D to all force powers/skills; superior energy control resulting in longer power life-time; adds major resistance from power drain/corruption.
    Third Crystal
    Pontite Stygium Crystal
    Game Effects: 5D Blade damage; +3D to hit; +2D+2 damage; +2D+2 for purposes of parrying/deflecting; +3D to resist directed force attacks; +5D to all stealth skills or powers; superior energy control resulting in longer power life-time; adds major resistance from power drain/corruption.
    Damage: D (5D base; +)
Military Encrypted Comlink: 20 channels with a range of 65km.
Modified Heavy Blaster Pistol:
  Weight: 3.5kg
  Ammo: 50
  Range: 3-20/40/80
  Damage: 6D+2
  Notes: Scope adds +1D to hit. Also has Targeting Laser which adds an additional +1D to hit.
Folded Duranium Vibrosword (STR+3D)
Personal Transport: Victory-class Star Destroyer: Tapani's Ruler, flagship of the Tapanai Fleet
Tapani's Ruler
Flagship: Malevolent - Unique Super Star Destroyer, flagship of the Tapani Imperial Fleet

Capsule: Lord Leobund XI is the High lord of House Mecetti. He has been the leader of Mecetti for 24 years. He came to power after the death of his father due to poisonings. Some say Bodé did it himself, but this has never been proven. Leobund is an ambitious leader and has started to prove that he is capable of guiding an entire sector now that he has saved the capitol planet from pirates and unified the sector under his leadership. He has even gotten the blessing of the Emperor by receiving the title of Imperial Grand Moff and being given an entire Sector Fleet. He has stepped up security throughout the entire sector and nationalized the sector's transport industry. Profits throughout the sector have increased by an average of 20% over the past 5 years.

GM Note: Not all ships will be listed here. See bod'e files for ship list and stats.

Credits: Unknown, but worth 500 trillion plus.