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Darth Harkin, Dark Jedi

Name: Tekrin Ne'altin
Alias: Darth Harkin
Gender: Male
Species: Nugorrathan
Age: Possibly over 32,000 years old
Height: 1.993 meters
Weight: 127kg
Force Points: 4+
Dark Side Points: 1+
Character Points: Unknown
Cyber Points: 1+
Move: Unknown

Background: Unknown
Physical Description: See image
Personality: Aggressive, fearless, diabolical
Objective(s): Destroy all anzati and any associated with them in any way.
Quotes: "So, you wish to resist. Good. It will be a pleasure to destroy you." "Your head will be added to my trophy wall. You should feel honored by your death."

Known Skills: not verified

Dexterity 4D: acrobatics 6D+2, blaster 7D, dodge 8D, lightsabre 11D+2,

   (s) lightsabre: Form I 12D
   (s) lightsabre: Form II 12D
   (s) lightsabre: Form III 12D
   (s) lightsabre: Form IV 12D
   (s) lightsabre: Form V 13D

melee combat 7D+2, thrown weapons 7D, running 8D
Perception 4D: bargain 8D, command 9D, con 7D+2, gambling 7D, hide 7D, search 9D, sneak 8D
Strength 5D: brawling combat 9D+2, climbing/jumping 7D, stamina 10D+1, swimming 9D
Knowledge 5D: alien species 6D, languages 7D, law enforcement 7D+2, streetwise 8D, survival 9D, tactics 8D, willpower 7D
Mechanical 2D: communications 7D, repulsorlift ops 8D, sensors 6D+2, space transports 7D
Technical 2D: computer program/repair 7D+1, demolition 8D+2, first aid 6D, security 7D+2, repulsorlift repair 6D+2


Left Arm: Abilities unknown

Force Skills:
  Control: 9D
  Sense: 9D
  Alter: 10D

Equipment: Large Lightsabre (Damage: Unknown, Color: Red), Brown Robes

Credits: Unknown