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2:28 PM 10/20/20142:28 PM 10/20/2014
Background: Unknown
Physical Description: See image
Personality: Unknown
Objective(s): Unknown
Quotes: Unknown
Home Planet: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Variable
Age: Variable
Height: 1.7 - 2.5m
Weight: 80 - 175kg
Force Sensitive: Unknown
Force Points: Unknown
Dark Side Points: Unknown
Character Points: Unknown
Extra Character Points: Unknown
Cyber Points: Unknown
Move: Unknown

Dexterity ?D: Armor Weapons, Dodge, Blaster, (s)Blaster: M7, ?
Perception ?D: Command, Investigation, Persuasion, Search, Sneak, ?
Strength ?D: Brawling Combat, Lifting, (A) Martial Arts, Stamina, Swimming, ?
Knowledge ?D: Intimidation, Survival, Tactics, Willpower, ?
Mechanical ?D: Communications, Computer Ops, (s)Powersuit Ops: Blood Dragon Powered Armor Mk II, Repulsorlift Ops, ?
Technical ?D: (s)Blaster Repair: M7, Computer Program/Repair, Demolition, First Aid, Security, ?


Force Skills:

Control: Unknown
Sense: Unknown
Alter: Unknown


-Blood Dragon Powered Armor: +?/+?/?
-M7 Heavy Blaster Rifle: See below for details
-Other: unknown

Credits: Unknown

Draymak M7 Heavy Blaster Rifle
Type: Dual Blaster Rifle
Skill: Blaster: M7
Weight: 4kg
Cost: 6000
Availability: 4,X
Body: 3D+2 (+1D+1 armor)
Ammo: 110 or 55
Range: 3-85/175/350
Damage: 5D+2 or 7D+1
Description: This weapon is equal to the G6 in toughness as it has been given the same armor coating. The sturdy outer casing of the weapon can withstand a direct hit from a heavy blaster and still function! This weapon comes with an extra barrel to increase damage or the rate of fire.
Game Notes: The weapon is made from a rare metal alloy found on only two planets in the known galaxy so far. A scope or a sensor can be added to the weapon and is included in the cost. The standard scope adds +1D to hit for every round spent aiming to a maximum of +3D.
The sensor allows the weapon to be SCOMP-linked to armor HUD systems or cybernetics adding +1D or +2D respectively. Certain armor programs can increase this bonus. The weapon can fire twice per pull of the trigger with no penalties if both barrels are used. Damage is not increased, but a single target can be struck twice.