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Character Data

Species: Felgin

Attribute Dice: 14D (+6D for PC)
Size: 1.7 - 2.3 meters
Move: 10/13
Homeworld: Felgin
Source: Homemade

Special Abilities:

Claws: STR+1D
Infravision: Can see into the Infrared spectrum at three times normal human sight.
Dark Vision: When in caves or complete darkness the Felgin can switch to this vision type that allows them to see up to 60 meters.
Audio Sensitivity: Adds +1D when searching for sounds.
Solar Avoidance: Sunlight must be avoided whenever possible as it will cause the loss of IR sight and begin to sap Strength at the rate of 1 pip per day of exposure. Infravision will come back after one day. Strength returns at the rate of 1 pip per two days. If the Felgin ever reaches 0D it will die within 5 rounds. Only immediate emersion in complete and total darkness for 12 hours will save them.


The Felgin are a rare species in the galaxy at large. Their homeworld, and in fact their entire system, is obscured by a large field of gas and dust called the Felina Nebula. The nebula is so dense and extremely difficult to navigate that it is practically a miracle any of their species has managed to do so.

As of the time of the Galactice Empire, only a select few have managed to ascape their gas-shrouded planet to explore the galaxy. Not a single transport or scout ship has ever found their planet, accident or otherwise.