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Species: Dirdir

Size: 1.8 - 2.3 meters
Move: 12/15
Homeworld: Lanikka
Source: Barlow's Guide to Extraterrestrials
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)

All dirdir developed from what is thought to be an insect species. They are covered in a white, non-glossy, hairless skin with some born with a light gray tinting, but this is very rare. Those that are born with this darker skin are not shunned, but respected and placed in positions of power, as it is know that the darker coloring literally adds wisdom and knowledge to the being. As dirdir are extremely closed off in allowing outside geneticists access to confirm this, it has not been proven. In fact, no dirdir, alive or dead, has ever been studied in any way by other species.

The homeworld of Lannika is much like Alderaan in that it is covered with great plains and low rolling hills broken only by large forests and small mountain ranges. The polar caps are white with snow all year round as are many of the mountain tops.

The dirdir are a technologically advanced species, but occasionally revert to their savage ancestry as part of their existance. All dirdir have retractable claws on both hands and feet, using them to hunt during those times when the urge to do so comes. The dirdir are very fast runners and can maintain a good pace for hours at a time without tiring.

Special Abilities:
Savagery: Every Dirdir must hunt and kill prey with its claws and fangs at least every three months. If they do not do this then they must succeed at a Moderate Willpower roll to avoid the urge for an additional two weeks. After another month (5 weeks) without feeding in this manner the Difficulty raises to Very Difficult. Every week after that add +5 to the Difficulty until the roll is failed. There is nothing they can do to avoid the feeding. It is only a matter of time.
Claws: Add +1D to climbing and +2D to physical damage
Fangs: Add Str+1D+2 to damage

Special Skills:
Brawling Combat: At character creation only, for every 1D of dice added gives 2D to the skill.
Melee Combat: At character creation only, for every 1D of dice added gives 2D to the skill.
Running: All Dirdir can run for up to four hours at a time. The only requirement to maintain this beyond the first four hours is water and food, which can be taken during the run. This allows a maximum run length of six hours. Pushing beyond that requires a Difficult Willpower or Moderate Stamina roll per hour, increasing in Difficulty by one level every two hours to a maximum of 12 hours. If a dirdir does not rest for at least 4 hours they lose 1D from all Attributes and skills until they can rest for the alloted time. If they push themselves and do not rest after 12 hours they run a 10% cumulative chance of dying for every 30 minutes beyond the 12 hour max.