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Character Data

Species: Cygnostik

Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)
DEXTERITY 3D/5D: Running +2D
STRENGTH 2D/4D: Jumping +1D
Size: 2.3 - 3.4 meters
Move: 12/16
Homeworld: Cygni
Source: Barlow's Guide to Extra Terrestrials

Special Abilities:

Directional Vision: Due to their dual iris's they can look in two directions at once. This also makes them harder to surprise. The GM needs to add +5 to +10 to the character's Perception roll in any surprise situation.
Ultraviolet Vision: Cygnostiks can see in the UV spectrum which allows them to see in all conditions except complete darkness.
Infrared Vision: Cygnostiks can see in the IR spectrum which allows them to see in all conditions except complete darkness.

Special Skills:

Jumping: Cygnostiks are able to jump up to 15 meters verticle or 20 meters horizontal from a standing position. If they get a running start (at least 15 meters distance) they can add five meters vertically and an additional 15 meters horizontally.
Running: This species is able to run for long periods of time without tiring. Durations can be several hours to several days, with a maximum limit of 10 days. After the tenth day they need to make a Moderate Stamina roll to continue running for each additional day. Every three days after the tenth the difficulty raises one level. A cygnostik cannot continue running for more than 12 additional days without eating and resting for two days.


The cygnostik developed on their homeworld of Cygnos located in Wild Space. They are also highly intelligent and very fast due to their long legs.

The leafy flaps of "skin" hanging on the cygnostik are as much a covering as they are a status symbol. Should the individual offend another of their species the entire tribe attacks and tears off the flaps then banishes the offender forever. The "skin" grows back after about four months, but the scars stay so as to identify the being who committed the offense.

The metabolism and digestion of a cygnostik is so well developed that the only thing they excrete is a natural gel-like oil that lubricates their joints.