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Species: Cragmoloid

Size: 2.9 - 3.2 meters
Move: 10/12
Homeworld: Ankus
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)

Special Abilities:
Long-Lived: Cragmoloids have life spans in excess of 400 years.
Tusks: Cragmoloids can use their tusks in combat, inflicting Strength +1D damage.

Cragmoloids are a large, pachydermoid species from the planet Ankus in the Unknown Regions near Ord Mantell. Members of this species are rarely seen outside their homeworld, except in Imperial work camps. Ankus itself was strip-mined by Tagge Company.

Biology and Appearance:
Massively built, averaging about 3 meters in height and in excess of 200 kilograms, Cragmoloids have small, bloodshot eyes, tusks which can be used as offensive weapons, large flap-like ears, and thick leathery hides topped with coarse, stringy hair on their heads. Their most prominent feature is a thick, muscular trunk on their face which functions almost like a third limb as well as a nose.

A point of pride among male Cragmoloids are their tusks, which are also the cause of the species being hunted to near-extinction, as they are quite valuable and numerous hunters risk the massive creatures' ire just to get a hold of them. As a result, many off-planet Cragmoloids saw off their tusks to prevent these hunters from killing them, but the resulting humiliation caused by the loss of such a status symbol amongst their people can be overwhelming.

They are an extremely clan-oriented species, placing great value in being around family members and friends, and can sink into a deep depression if separated from them. Most free Cragmoloids located away from their homeworld lead a wandering lifestyle, either becoming scouts or going into partnership with traders. Despite their strength very few became mercenaries, due to their distaste in the use of gratuitous violence. A few, however, joined up with the Rebellion in hopes of freeing their planet from Imperial tyranny.

Preferring to be direct in their responses, most Cragmoloids are quick to anger—especially if they encountered subterfuge and trickery, which they see as dishonorable. Their native language is Cragii.