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Character Data

Species: Coynite

Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)
Size: 2 - 3 meters
Move: 11/15
Homeworld: Coyn
Source: Alien Encounters (page 38), Planets Collection (pages 137-140)

Special Abilities:

Intimidation: Coynites gain a +1D when using intimidation due to their fearsome presence.
Claws: Coynites have sharp claws that do STR+1D+2 damage and add +1D to their brawling skill.
Sneak: Coynites get +1D when using sneak.
(s) Beast Riding: Tris: All Coynites raised in traditional Coynite society have this beast riding specialization. Beginning Coynite player characters must allocate a minimum of 1D to this skill.

Biology and Appearance:

Coynites were large bipeds, and typically quite strong. They had fine gold, white, or black hair over their entire bodies. Their heads were crowned with a shaggy mane, with bony forehead ridges in place of eyebrows. Their faces possessed protruding chins, wide flared noses, and deep set eyes. They possessed clawed hands.

Coynites could conceivably live up to 250 standard years, but their warrior culture resulted in an average life span of a mere 53 years. Coynites reached physical maturity in their early twenties. Coynite children were born in var'sairk (birth-group or litter; capitalised when referring to noble families) of two to six children. All children of a litter were of the same sex.

Society and Culture:

They spoke the language Coyn, but could learn to speak Galactic Basic or any other language. As a society, they were known for being quite militaristic and feudal in outlook. Their society was highly class-based and rigid.

Their society was led by a single ruler known as the En'Tra, who made all the major decisions for the planet and its people.

Nobles were called Ag'Tra. There were 29 Ag'Tra who answered directly to the En'Tra. Each Ag'Tra has at least 58 Kroyn - elite warriors of exceptional honor and status. Each Ag'Tra sent one Kroyn to serve as the En'Tra's bodyguard for one year. Thus, the En'Tra always had 30 Kroyn as a personal eliteguard (one from each noble's holdings and one from the En'Tra's own family).

The vast majority of noble families were so appointed thousands of years ago, although every few centuries, a new family would be added to the nobles bloodlines by the En'Tra's decree. It was possible that a family could have its noble status stripped by decree of the En'Tra, but this has never happened. This may be due to the likelihood that the dishonored family would attempt to unite disgruntled factions and lead a revolution; few En'Tras have felt secure enough in their power to risk a full-scale civil war. To help prevent this kind of war the Coynites followed a law called the En'Tra'Sol (King-Law), a ridged code of conduct for all Coynites to adhere to.

En'Tra'Sol was an extraordinarily strict code, forbidding virtually any display of "weakness" - cowardice in battle being the primary example of this. While subterfuges and behind-the-scenes skulking were not a permissible part of Coyn life, nobles were permitted to indulge in a little political wrangling, and some of this involved setting up unfavorable circumstances for rival nobles, or even large battles with uneven odds. Even so, if any hard evidence of such behind-the-scenes planning came to light, the noble would be branded af'harl. In an extreme case, the entire noble family could be branded af'harl, in which case a new family from within that territory would be selected to be the new noble bloodline. Those who broke this code were known as af'harl, and lost all standing in Coynite society. Most Coynites would rather die in battle than flee and be branded af'harl. Any Coynite who was labeled as such were to be hunted down and killed or enslaved without repercussion.
En'Tra'Sol also dictated that the length of mane was directly related to social status. The more respected and successful a warrior, the longer the mane and the more intricate the braids. The type of braid was also indicative of family and Ag'Tra that the Coynite swore loyalty to.

Coynites valued long hair, since in their culture long hair was a sign of great combat ability and honor. Aliens with long hair or shaggy coats (such as Wookiees) were treated with respect. Beings who were bald, or hairless, were shunned as deformed beings.

Because of their code of honor and a society which prized strength, Coynites saved displays of affection for their own families in private surroundings.

Coynite names and words had an important social and status depending on the way they were written. Names were not just words, but stories. By literally translating the meaning of the phrases, it was often possible to know the history of an item, a person, or a location. The longer the name, the more honored a being was or more noble their family. However, Coynites seldomed use their full names except when first establishing who had higher standing, such as upon first meeting. As a concession to off-world customs, Coynites would allow aliens to use shortened versions of names, but only if the alien confered the appropriate level of respect upon the Coynite. To deride an object of great importance or be disrespectful was an unforgivable offense. Many Coynite warriors of noble birth had very long names, which an example might be translated as "Trel'tak, honorable warrior who defeated a noble of higher standing, of Clan Muls'rak, leaders of the War of Unification". When syllables of a Coynite name are capitalised, it meant that the object, place or person was worthy of great respect. All things associated with the En'Tra are always capitalised. Likewise, proper names were capitalised. Some phrases or names were never capitilised; this indicated a relationship with af'harl.

The Coynites found Jedi to be fascinating. The Coynites never doubted that the Jedi were powerful warriors, with their own code of honor, not unlike themselves. However, Jedi were supposed to find peaceful resolutions, and use violence only as a last resort. This dichotomy baffled the Coynites, but they continued to respect the Jedi nonetheless.


During ancient times, the Coynites were on the verge of extinction. A Coynite named Toral, considered to be the strongest and most influential member of his clan, began to unite Coynites from across the planet to bring peace and stability to their world. Eventually, he was able to unite all the clans, banished the use of biological weapons, and became the first En'Tra. He created the En'Tra'Sol code, which would govern Coynite society for the rest of its history.

Toral's son, Arl'Toral, continued his reign and furthered his quest for planetary peace.

Story Factors:

Ferocity: The Coynites have a deserved reputation for ferocity (hence their bonus to intimidation).
Honor: To a Coynite, honor is life. The strict code of the Coynite law, the En'Tra'Sol, must always be followed. Any Coynite who fails to follow this law will be branded af'harl ("cowardly deceiver") and loses all rights in Coynite society. Other Coynites will feel obligated to maintain the honor of their species and will hunt down this Coynite. Because an af'harl has no standing, he may be murdered, enslaved or otherwise mistreated in any way that other Coynites see fit.


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Region: Outer Rim Territories; Metharian Nebula
Sector: Elrood; Metharian Nebula Territories
System: Coyn
Suns: 1: Coynek
Orbital position: 2nd
Moons: 1
Grid coordinates: M-20
Rotation period: 20 standard hours
Orbital period: 380 local days
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Climate: Temperate
Primary terrain: Forests, Plains, Mountains, Marshes
Points of interest: Rols'Kus
Fauna: Tangak
Native species: Coynites
Primary language(s): Coyn
Government: Feudal garrison-state
Population: 800 million
Major cities: En'Tra'Tal (capital), Im'Tra'Tal, Kroyn'Tal, Kra
Major imports: Foodstuffs, Hight tech, Metals
Major exports: Lumber, Weaponry, Mercenaries
Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Empire

"For Coyn! For Glory!"
-Coynite rallying cry

Coyn was a planet in the Coyn system and the homeworld of the Coynites. It was located in Elrood sector, where the Coyn Route met the Elrood-Derilyn Run. The capital was the city of En'Tra'Tal, or "King-City". Forests, marshes, and plains broken by simple mountain ranges covered this beautiful planet. Coyn was defended by their space fleet, Coyn'Skraj'Ha.


Coyn had regular seasons, including a hot summer and a moist and cool winter. The poles were cold, with moderate ice caps while the equatorial regions were warm and humid. Coyn was made up of three continents and several smaller islands in addition to the ice caps. The Tris, a domesticated mount, and the Tangak, a carnivorous predator, were both native to Coyn.


Many thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, the Coynites were divided into numerous warring clans. This, combined with their rapid technological development, resulted in a species that not only fought well, but excelled in weapon design and manufacture. Eventually, one Coynite clan learned how to manufacture biological weapons. Whether the action was accidental or intentional was not known, but a dangerous toxin was eventually released. The microbe spread across Coyn, uncontrolled. The toxin was passed by physical contact - anything as simple as a touch of hands could spread the deadly organism. The plague killed over half of the planet's population.

Toral, chief of the strongest clan, realized that the Coynite species was heading towards extinction. He began a series of reforms with his allies and eventually succeeded in not only banishing biological weapons, but also instituted a code of law for the warrior society. Toral's leadership and wisdom united the warring clans under one law (the En'Tra'Sol) and one leader. During this time, the Coynites established the tradition of no personal contact without express permission first. The effect of the biological toxin was so pronounced that the ban on contact became part of the En'Tra'Sol.

Under this law, clan infighting was not eliminated, but the scale of the conflict was greatly reduced. Toral's son, Arl'Toral managed to bring peace to the planet. Arl'Toral channeled his people's natural aggressiveness into a rigid code of conduct by revising the En'Tra'Sol. Shortly thereafter, settlers from Elrood first discovered Coyn. During these exchanges with the strangers from space, Arl'Toral realized that the best way to ensure peace on Coyn was to channel these aggressive energies to other pursuits. In short order, the first Coynite mercenary units were formed.


Coyn was ruled by a militaristic sovereignty. The absolute ruler was the En'Tra ("King-Master"), whose formal title was En'Tra'Sol'Tais'Tra ("King-Master of Law, Land and Cities".) The En'Tra, in turn, parceled out land to various noble families, called En'Tra'Ag'Tra ("King-Master's highest-servants").

Most of the nobility came from families with a lasting martial tradition - the Coynites were a species of warriors and thus respected and followed those who proved themselves formidable warriors. The vast majority of noble families were so appointed thousands of years ago, although every few centuries, a new family would be added to the noble bloodlines by the En'Tra's decree. It was possible that a family could have had its noble status stripped by decree of the En'Tra, but this never happened. This system lasted for thousands of years.

The planet was at one point ruled by King Im'Toral XV and Queen Em'Tora VII. Below them were the 29 Ag'Tra, heads of the noble families of the world. Each noble family ran a Sarrh'Tais ("law-land"), so that the entire world was under control of the Ag'Tra, who were loyal to the king.

Of the 29 Ag'Tra, nine were sympathetic to the Empire, five were sympathetic to the Rebellion, and the remaining 15 were neutral.


Coyn was a very busy trading planet as it was the world that most ships first visited upon entering Elrood Sector. Since Coyn was the beginning of the Coyn Route, it's spaceports, both orbiting and planetary, were popular stopoffs for fueling and supplies prior to leaving the sector. Ships coming into the sector often stopped here because of the many cargo storage facilities. Often, galactic freighters simply dumped their cargoes here and regional cargo lines would then pick up the cargo and deliver it to the other worlds along the Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route.

To deal with the large volume of trade, Coyn built five spaceports on the planet itself as well as a large orbiting space station named Skraj'Tais. En'Tra'Tal, Im'Tra'Tal, Ah'Kra, and Kroyn'Tal all possessed stellar class spaceports while Kra possessed a standard class spaceport.

Coyn had several local companies of note including Ekkar Arms and the Mercenary Guild of Coyn.

As Coyn is part of the Elrood Sector, that information is provided below.

Elrood Sector

Click on image for full size
Elrood Sector

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Systems: Alluuvian, Almaran, Berea, Bodrin, Coyn, Dega, Derilyn, Elrood, Gelgelar, Halbara, Kidron, Korad, Kuras, Lanthrym, Meris, Nelfrus, Osirrag, Pinett, Tifnyl, Torina, Worxer
Stations: Derilyn Platform, Derilyn Space Defense Platform
Nebulae, Degan Gas Clouds, Kuras Drift
Trade routes: Rimma Trade Route, Coyn Route, Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route
Native species: Aganof, Anguilla, Coynite, Glarsaur, Hairy Savage, Meri, Orfite, Pulra, Spiner, Teltior, Torine
Sector capital: Elrood
Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Empire
Sector battles: Local conflicts; Merisee - Elrood sector
Galactic Civil War: Derilyn (I) - Operation: Elrood (Degan Gas Clouds - Derilyn (II)) - Spreading the Rebellion (Gelgelar (I) (II) - Halbara - Gelgelar (III) - Almaran (I) (II) - Derilyn system - Kuras Drift - Dega)

The Elrood sector was a sector located along the Rimma Trade Route in the Metharian Nebula Territories. It contained the Degan Gas Clouds and the Kuras Drift which surrounded many planetary systems.


The sector was named after Senator Elrood, who fought to secure the funding for the colonization effort. A few years before the Battle of Naboo in 32 BBY, the sector struggled against the threat of a band of marauding Dark Jedi, who were ultimately defeated by a Jedi strike team under the command of Jorus C'baoth.

Just before the start of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, the sector joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

During Imperial rule, it was governed by Moff Villis Andal who commanded the Elrood Sector Fleet. Chau Feswin represented the sector in the New Republic Senate. Elrood StarYards, Ltd. were based in this sector.

During the Galactic Civil War, the sector was the site of a violent campaign between the Rebel and Imperial forces. Following the Battle of Endor, the Elrood sector was among the first sectors to throw off the Empire.