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Character Data

Species: Coway

Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)
Size: 1.4 - 1.8 meters
Move: 10/12
Homeworld: Mimban
Source: Rebellion Era Sourcebook (page 84)

Special Abilities:

Darkvision: Coway can see up to 20 meters in total darkness.


"I thought it might do us some good if Luke yells something defiant while that brute is choking the life out of him. We've nothing to lose by it. Luke doesn't either. The Coway admire spirit."
-Halla to Leia Organa

The Coway are a primitive race of humanoids that are native to the planet Mimban. Because of their intense dislike of outsiders, they spend most of their lives in the caves beneath the planet's fog-shrouded swamps.

Coway are bipedal and covered with a fine red down. They have relatively large eyelids and small eyes which are capable of seeing into the infrared spectrum, which they use to survive in the subterranean darkness. A Coway's diet typically consists of fruits, lichens, raw meats and fungus which would be poisonous to them if not for the strong amino acids of their digestive systems.

Compared to the space-age cultures of the rest of the galaxy, the Coway are a primitive lot. Their main technological achievements are fire and weapons made of flowstone. They have little to no sense of higher learning or technology and are fond of charms. They treat death as an inevitable, everyday occurrence.

Coway tribes live in large villages where order is maintained by brute force. Any outsiders who venture too close would be attacked. Males are dominant in Coway society and each village is ruled by a triumvirate of chiefs who answered only to the will of Canu, a warrior god.

If the chiefs encountered gridlock when they attempted to resolve an issue by themselves, they submitted the problem to Canu. Because the Coway believe that Canu demanded strength from his followers, the greatest warriors of the conflicting parties would face each other in single combat until one quit or died. The winner of the contest would be presumed to be favored by Canu and therefore the chiefs would rule in favor of the party that the winner fought for. If the loser had lost because he quit, he and the party that he championed would abide by Canu's judgment and pay his respects to him by hitting the winner in the face. The winner was expected to return the favor or else face the prospect of angering Canu—and another physical contest.

The largest known Coway village contained a population of at least two hundred. It was located in a large subterranean amphitheater near an ancient Thrella city that was adjacent to a subterranean lake. The village itself contained two Thrella structures that the tribe kept in an outward state of repair at the very least.

The cave drawings of the Coway and the pictographs of the Mimbanites—another intelligent species native to Mimban and genetic cousins of the Coway— were extremely similar to those found in the Temple of Pomojema. This led many New Republic xenoarchaeologists to theorize that the two species and the temple—as well as the ancient civilization that had built it—were connected in some way.

The Coway commonly made their way to the surface through Coway shafts which connected to Thrella wells as well as sinkholes and other openings. During their early days, they could come and go as they pleased. However, when the Galactic Empire discovered that Mimban was rich in dolovite, it established a mining facility on the planet. Rather than be subjugated by the Empire as their genetic cousins would be, the Coway retreated further into the subterranean depths, believing that they could find some refuge from the Empire's energy drills.

The Coways' relative peace was short-lived. The Empire's mining operations managed to further disrupt their way of life. The Coway responded by rebelling with occasional acts of unpredictable violence. Sometime after the Imperial presence had been well-established, Coway would only periodically venture into the outskirts of the five mining towns. If they were confronted, they would flee. This behavior led many of the locals and miners to mistakenly believe that the Coway were shy and peaceful.