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Species: Covallon

Size: 1.6 - 1.8 meters at the shoulder
Move: 12/16
Homeworld: Covall
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)

Special Abilities:
Empathic: All covallon can sense the emotions in others around them. This ability extends out to 20 meters.

The Covallon are a beastlike species rarely seen away from their homeworld. They are the descendants of swift predatory quadrapeds.

They possess the ability to sense the emotions of others, which originally served as an aid to their pack-hunting, plains-dwelling antecedents. Covallon possess great patience, preferring to wait out problems. They spent much time planning before acting; this, combined with a strong preference for teamwork resulting from their pack-hunting ancestry, made their group efforts highly coordinated.

Covallon appear to most to be nonsapient, quadrupedal creatures, with sharp teeth revealing their carnivorous nature. They are most comfortable remaining on all fours, though they could walk erect for protracted periods. Their forelimbs were equipped with hands and fingers capable of fine manipulation.

Though Covallan society has long been in the early stages of the "information" technology level at the time of the Galactic Civil War, they were quite comfortable with more modern technology once exposed to it. They often wore clothing, mostly for practical purposes or protection; unclothed Covallon regularly mingled freely with those in clothes.

The Rebel spy Dalar vuv Tertarrnek, who posed as a pet of Moff Harlov Jarnek, was a Covallon.

Story Factors:
Covallon are exceptionaly rare anywhere in the galaxy and will not normally be encountered by accident. It is an exception that a member of this species ever ventures off-world for any reason other than curiosity.