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Character Data

Species: Chubbit

Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)
Size: 1.3 - 1.7 meters
Move: 9/11
Homeworld: Aridus

Special Abilities:

Infrared Vision: Ability to see in nearly total darkness.

Special Skills:

Dexterity Bonus: Any skill increased under this attribute adds an extra +1 pip due to the opposing digits of the chubbit species.


"The Chubbits--Aridus's local desert dwellers--and I have just laid waste to an Imperial outpost, Lord Vader... The little creatures have become amazingly loyal to me. It's rather flattering."
-An Imperial actor comments on his impersonation of Ben Kenobi to Darth Vader

The Chubbits were a species of bipedal, sentient reptiles indigenous to the desert world of Aridus in the Expansion Region. The average Chubbit stood shorter than a fully grown Human. Their skin was green or yellow, although some featured red or black spots. Their nervous system was easily crippled by ultra-strong frequency waves. On their dry homeworld, the Chubbits made use of indigenous technology such as wind-runners, wheeled vehicles that were propelled by large sails.

The Chubbits suffered after the rise of the Galactic Empire. In 19 BBY, numerous Chubbits were held as slaves by gangs on the planet Telerath and one of its moons. The fugitive Jedi Dass Jennir freed many of these Chubbits. Meanwhile, Imperial troops on Aridus found valuable natural resources there. However, when mining outfits attempted to extract these raw materials, Aridus's ionized atmosphere rendered their equipment inoperable. The Empire thus approved construction of the Iron Tower, a massive power transformer and signal amplifier to rectify the technological problems; the Empire paid little heed when the tower's strong frequency waves crippled the nervous systems and even killed many of the planet's natives.

The Chubbits responded by waging a guerrilla war on the Empire, armed with blasters, repulsor tanks, and crawler tanks supplied by sympathetic Yutrane-Trackata workers and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Other offworlders provided support as well, including the Human Wrenga Jixton and a man who claimed to be the Human Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Biology and Appearance:

"Atmospheric conditions on Aridus make long-range communication impossible..."
"The Iron Tower is something the Empire built to overcome that, Ben?"
"It's a gigantic power transformer and signal amplifier, Luke... totally automated. Without it... their hovertrain ore transport system couldn't function. But the ultra-strong frequency of its signals has a devastating effect on the native Chubbits... crippling their nervous systems... in time, fatally! The Iron Tower is the greatest symbol of Imperial tyranny on Aridus! While it operates... the Chubbits are being steadily destroyed!"
-An Imperial actor portraying Ben Kenobi provides an accurate assessment of the Empire's doings on Aridus

A species of small reptiles--the average adult came up to a typical Human's waist--Chubbits were sentient lizards. The Chubbit body followed a roughly humanoid plan, with a head, torso, two arms, and two legs. Each hand featured either five or four digits, including an opposable thumb, while their feet gave the species a digitigrade gait on wide, splayed toes. While some Chubbits sported a stocky build, others had a lanky frame. Skin coloration varied from light green to yellow, with the top of the head often sporting mottling of another color, such as red or black.

Each Chubbit possessed a broad, flat head that tapered to a blunt snout in the front. Two nostrils pierced the top surface of the muzzle, and a wide mouth split its anterior surface. This toothless maw housed a pointed, green tongue and pink gums. The two Chubbit eyes were placed far apart on either side of the head. They were colored either white, green, or red and their pupils could appear as either small circles or vertical slits. With some Chubbits, a red tympanic membrane was visible directly behind each eye. While many Chubbits were bald, others sported a tuft of hair at the back of the head, tresses that came in shades of black, red, blond, or white.

The Chubbit anatomy included a nervous system that was susceptible to powerful technological emanations of the sort given off by the Iron Tower, a structure built by the Galactic Empire on the Chubbits' homeworld of Aridus. The effects of these invisible forces crippled the Chubbit neurological system and eventually proved fatal for many individuals.

Society and Culture:

"Shoo! Back! Don't you over-curious twerps know better than to crowd an injured person?"
"Frrr szzzk!"
"I understood that, you tiny barbarian! I am a translator droid!"
-The protocol droid C-3PO meets the Chubbits

The Chubbits inhabited the deserts of the planet Aridus, a remote world considered a backwater by the rest of the galaxy. Members of the species traveled the sands on domesticated long-necked lizards known as droffi steeds, which Chubbit riders controlled via saddles, stirrups, and bridles. Others used wind-runners, large, ground vehicles that rolled about on wheels and were propelled by winds caught in their large sails.

On Aridus, Chubbits often wore loose-fitting clothing, which included cloaks, cowls, baggy trousers, headwraps, and boots. Others wore clothing typical of spacefaring species, including long-sleeved shirts, trousers, vests, and boots. Offworld Chubbit regalia was similar, with the addition of loose tunics, belts, short pants, and slippers. Chubbits who grew out their hair often bound it into a topknot.

Chubbits could be suspicious of outsiders, but they were intensely loyal to those who earned their trust. Indeed, their appreciation for those who helped them could border on adoration. The Chubbit language was known as Chubbini. The tongue was characterized by the widespread use of /S/ and /Z/ sounds.


Early History and Imperial Occupation:

"Threepio, there's no mistake? You saw him too? Ben Kenobi... alive? Right here on Aridus?"
"He had to move on in a hurry, Master Luke... Apparently, he's organizing the Chubbits--these local desert-dwellers--to resist the Imperial takeover."
-Luke and C-3PO

The Chubbits were native to Aridus, a world of deserts and lava flows in the Flarestar system. The system was first reached by galactic explorers during the Great Manifest Period; it had become part of the known galaxy by 15,000 BBY. The Chubbit homeworld eventually became part of the Narvath sector of the Expansion Region, and it was reachable via the Gamor Run hyperlane. From 1004 to 1000 BBY, as the New Sith Wars raged, the Chubbit home planet was located in territory controlled by the Galactic Republic. Centuries later, during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Aridus was again allied with the Republic.

The Republic's fall and resurrection as the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY brought Aridus to newfound prominence. The Chubbits could only stand by idly as the Empire scouted out valuable mineral resources on Aridus and then sent teams of miners to exploit them. When the offworlders discovered that their equipment--everything from mole miners to comlinks--was useless on the world due to the planet's ionized atmosphere, they obtained Imperial approval to construct an enormous structure, dubbed the Iron Tower, to act as a signal amplifier, power transformer and power source for Imperial hovertrains, which transported the ore. Mining started back up, and the Chubbits discovered that the Iron Tower's emissions had a devastating effect on their nervous systems; the neurological effects were so critical that many Chubbits even died.

Rather than remain passive victims, the Chubbits formed a resistance movement to fight the Empire and drive it from Aridus. They struck a deal with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, which clandestinely smuggled weapons and munitions to the Chubbit freedom fighters. Some of the board members of the Aridus-based company Yutrane-Trackata secretly supported the Chubbit resistance after taking clandestine payments from the Alliance; while the company made mining gear specifically for Imperial operations on Aridus, it provided T2-B repulsor tanks and other matériel to the Chubbit freedom fighters by turning a blind when Chubbit forces raided its factories. Other outsiders supported the Chubbit cause as well; for instance, the Human smuggler Wrenga Jixton, hiding out on Aridus, befriended the natives.

The Iron Tower:

"Those little Chubbits really love and admire you, Ben... Someday maybe I can win the same kind of respect... with you to teach me."
"Er... someday, Luke. But for now... the Iron Tower waits!"
-The adoration of Luke Skywalker and the Chubbits begins to soften the attitude of the Imperial actor portraying Ben Kenobi

Chubbits in the Galaxy:

"Listen, you must go. It's time for you to leave."
"But where? Where can we go?"
"Wherever you want--someplace safe. Take those ships. Make new lives for yourselves... far away from here."
-Jedi Knight Dass Jennir and an enslaved Nosaurian discuss the options of the newly freed Nosaurians and Chubbits on a moon of Telerath

Several years before 19 BBY, a war was fought on a desert planet over possession of a legendary artifact known as the Jebble Box. Chubbits fought in the war using blaster rifles, and some perished in the conflict.

By 19 BBY, several Chubbits toiled as slaves on the archipelago of Noua on the planet Telerath in the Inner Rim. The Chubbits were held captive by rival gangs, including a band of Chagrian slavers and a group of T'surri spice runners. While the Chagrians used their Chubbit captives to act as retainers and carry their swords, the T'surri forced them to perform hard labor such as lifting and carrying goods.

The Human Jedi Knight Dass Jennir discovered the plight of Telerath's Chubbit slaves when he fled to the world to escape Imperial persecution after the declaration of Order 66, making the Jedi enemies of the Empire. He was hired by the Human woman Ember Chankeli to take out the slavers, but she was secretly allied with the spice-runners, who wanted complete control of the Noua underworld. During Jennir's first encounter with the Chagrian slavers, he feigned interest in joining them. When Jennir met the gang's leader, the Chagrian Mors Demanna, a Chubbit slave carried Demanna's sword; another Chubbit later ran to the aid of the Human fisherman Dado when Demanna chopped off the boy's hand for daring to think he could join the gang. When Jennir began to suspect that the spice-runners kept slaves as well, he infiltrated one of their camps on Telerath's second moon, where he found large numbers of Chubbits and Nosaurians forced into hard labor. The Jedi wreaked havoc on the gang's spice refineries at the base, making the destruction seem like a gang attack. The Chubbit and Nosaurian captives fled in the slavers' ships upon Jennir's urging. Jennir later returned to Demanna's slaver gang and asked to join; the same Chubbit retainer took his sword from him before his meeting with Musori, the gang leader. However, the Musori gang discovered Jennir's machinations and beat him severely. Meanwhile, Ken-Kiba's gang took the offensive and captured and killed all of Musori's gang but Demanna himself. When Ken-Kiba's T'surri gangmembers herded various townspeople and the prostitutes who worked for Chankeli into Chankeli's brothel; there enslaved Chubbits continued to serve their T'surri masters. Jennir infiltrated the establishment, killed the T'surri guards, and freed the inmates, including the Chubbits, telling them to flee the town.



Region: Expansion Region
Sector: Narvath sector
System: Flarestar system
Grid coordinates: O-14
Trade routes: Gamor Run
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Primary terrain: Deserts, Lava pits, Mines
Points of interest: Iron Tower
Fauna: Aridusian lava beetle, Droffi steed
Native species: Chubbits
Primary language(s): Chubbini, Galactic Basic Standard
Demonym: Aridusian
Major cities: Aridus Trade City
Affiliation: Galactic Republi, Galactic Empire

"If there were two suns, I'd swear I was back home on Tatooine!"
-Luke Skywalker

Aridus was a desert planet in the Expansion Region and the homeworld of the reptilian Chubbit species.


Aridus's surface was largely covered by sprawling deserts, though this terrain was dotted by volcanoes with lava pits and some small bodies of water like lakes and oases. The planet's few settlements, like Aridus Trade City, were located near any body of water and mines. Aridus's sole sentient species were the dimunitive reptilian Chubbits which were oppressed under the Galactic Empire which established mining operations on the planet. Other lifeforms included the reptilian droffi steeds and the Aridusian lava beetle.

During the Clone Wars, Aridus stayed loyal to the Republic.

Aridus was first scouted by Imperial scouts during the early years of the Galactic Empire. After valuable natural resources were found on the barren planet, various mining conglomerates including Yutrane-Trackata set up operations on Aridus. However, Aridus's ionized atmopshere damaged the mining equipment. Unwilling to waste credits by scrapping all operations on Aridus, the sector Moff authorized the construction of a massive power transformer and signal amplifier--the Iron Tower. The operations resumed and Imperial Hover-trains transported workers to dig sites. In a bid to prove its loyalty, Yutrane-Trackata offered the Empire sole use of its mining vehicles and other heavy equipment.


Unfortunately, the Iron Tower's ultra-strong frequency waves crippled the nervous systems of the native Chubbits, thus killing many of the species. The Chubbits had already been disenfranchised by the Imperial colonization and were forced to wage a guerrilla war on the Empire. However, several Yutrane-Trackata workers surreptitiously supplied Chubbit resistance fighters and members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic with repulsor tanks and crawler tanks.