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Species: Chikarri

Size: 1.3-1.5 meters
Move: 9/11
Homeworld: Plagen
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)

Special Abilities:
Technical Adeptness: The Chakarri have a natural skill with technical items and as such gain +2D for every 1D placed in Technical skills during character creation.

The rodent Chikarri are natives of Plagen, a world on the edge of the Mid-Rim. These chubby-cheeked beings are the masters of Plagen's temperate high-plateau forests and low plains, and through galactic trade have developed a modern society in their tree and burrow cities.

Notoriously tight with money, the Chikarri are the subjects of thriftiness jokes up and down the Enarc and Harrin Runs. Wealthy Chikarri do not show off their riches. One joke says you can tell how rich a Chikarri is by how old and mended its clothes are - the more patches, the more money. The main exception to this stinginess is bright metals and gems. Chikarri are known throughout the region for their shiny-bauble weakness.

The Chikarri have an unfortunate tendency toward kleptomania, but otherwise tend to be a forthright and honest species. They aren't particularily brave, however - a Chikarri faced with danger is bound to turn tail and run.

First discovered several hundred years ago on a promising hyperspace route (later to be the Enarc Run), the Chikarri sold port rights to the Klatooinan Trade Guild for several tons of gemstones. The flow of trade along the route has allowed the Chikarri to develop technology for relatively low costs. The Chikarri absorbed this sudden advance with little social disturbance, and have become a technically adept species.

Chikarri are modern, but lack heavy industry. Maintenance of technology is dependent on port traffic. They import medium-grade technology cheaply due to their proximity to a well-trafficked trade route. Their main export is agri-forest products - wood, fruit, and nuts. The chikarri have a deep attraction for bright and shiny jewelry, and independent traders traveling this trade route routinely stop off to sell the natives cheap gaudy baubles.

Story Factors:
Hoarders: Chikarri are hyperactive and hard working, but are driven to hoard valuables, goods, or money, especially in the form of shiny metal or gems.