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Species: Chev

Size: 1.2-1.6 meters
Move: 10/12
Homeworld: Vinsoth
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)

Despite the tight control the Chevin have over their slaves, many Chevs have managed to escape and find freedom on worlds sympathetic to the Alliance. Individuals who have purchased Chev slaves have allowed some to go free - or have had slaves escape from them while stopping in a spaceport. Many of these free Chevs have embraced the Alliance's cause and have found staunch friends among the Wookiees, who have also faced enslavement.

Devoting their hours and technical skills to the Rebellion, the Chevs have helped many Alliance cells. In exchange, pockets of Rebels have worked to free other Chevs by intercepting slave ships bound for wealthy offworld customers.

Not all free Chevs are allied with the Rebellion. Some are loyal only to themselves and have become successful entrepreneurs, emulating their former master's skills and tastes. A few of these Chevs have amassed enough wealth to purchase luxury hotels, large cantinas, and spaceport entertainment facilities. They surround themselves with bodyguards, ever fearful that their freedom will be compromised. There are even instances of free Chevs allying with the Empire.

Most Chevs encountered on Vinsoth appear submissive and accepting of their fates. Only the youngest seem willing to speak to offworlders, though they do so only if their masters are not hovering nearby. The Chevs have a wealth of information about the planet, its flora and fauna, and their Chevin masters. Free Chevs living on other worlds tend to adopt the mannerisms of their new companions. They are far removed from their slave brethren, but they cannot forget their background of servitude and captivity.

Chevs can live from 75 to 300 years and have two hearts with lidless eyes.