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Character Data

Species: Cavaturian

Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)
Size: 1.5-1.9 meters
Move: 10/12
Homeworld: Cavatura

Special Abilities:

Electromagnetic Control: The Cavaturians have evolved the ability to control magnetism due to Cavatura’s fierce electromagnetic storms. Cavaturians have the Alter Force Skill at 1D. They may advance this skill at twice the normal rate. However, this skill only affects magnetic objects such as durasteel, if the Cavaturian is not Force-Sensitive. If they are Force-Sensitive, however, they receive a +2D bonus to their Alter skill when used with magnetic objects.


"I have seen many strange things in my travels around the galaxy, but very few stick out in my mind like the occasion where I saw a Cavaturian use their control over magnetism. While I was enroute to the Tangeeaa system to observe the elegant Kodenwu Monkey Bears I had a layover at the Eriadu Starport. Waiting for the next transport to take me on the next leg of my trip, I looked up at a sudden roar to see an aging YT-1210 Light Freighter's repulsorlift engines give out over the concourse. Klaxons blared and the crowds of sentient beings scattered in every direction - all except a group of a half dozen members of a species my eyestalks had never seen before. They calmly raised their four figured hands, as if to catch the out of control starship - but they never did. To my amazement the Light Freighter paused and hung in midair. Then the strange beings slowly lowered the ship to the duracrete deck. After the crew stepped out of the freighter I grabbed my datapad and holorecorder and rushed over to the mysterious group, determined to add them to my next edition of the Guide."
- Tasha Ten'arr
- From the Journal of Doctor Ten'arr

Cavaturians are very lithe beings but their resiliency is amazing. Their skin varies in color anywhere from a deep blue to a very light sky blue. Both the males and females wear their hair long, and the females almost always have small decorations in it. Their faces sport rather small yellow eyes with tiny pointed ears that sit near the back of their head. While they don't have a noticeable olfactory system, it is surmised that the small flaps on their cheeks may contain the Cavaturian's sense of smell.


As a species the Cavaturians are extremely pessimistic - but if 95% of your homeworld was contantly bombarded by violent electromagnetic storms that instantly tear apart all magnetic objects, you would be too! They are also a very austere species, having little to no personal belongings. They value their knowledge and the skills they have learned above all material things.

History and Culture:

The surface of Cavatura is covered with gentle rolling hills broken only by rocky outcroppings and the usually calm seas. Many scholars believe at one point the Cavaturians had an advanced civilization using at least space age technology. However, during an experiment gone awry, something triggered devastating electromagnetic storms to emanate from the planet poles.

Today, these storms leave only a small strip near the equator of Cavatura unaffected. This strip, usually varying between 1 and 5 kilometers in width, is the only location on Cavatura where ships of standard design can land and takeoff. There is no evidence that the Cavaturians have any knowledge of the Force, but their control over magnetism leads outside beings to believe otherwise. Most Cavaturians live in small communities of no more than one hundred and are lead by the eldest member of the tribe. These communities are collections of small two to three room shelters carved out of stone.


Cavaturians have no global government. Their largest political entity is that of the small community. Most of the communities around the equator are very conservative, while those located nearest to the poles can be extremely radical. Some Cavaturians are trying to find ways to reverse the terrible harm that their ancestors did to their planet, while the conservative groups simply try to survive from day to day.

Trade and Technology:

True two-way contact with the Cavaturians wasn't established until after the Galactic Civil War. This is because during the Old Republic only a few scouts were brave enough to try to land on the planet.

Most of these were killed when their ships crashed. However, the few scouts that survived eventually became members of the communities near which they crashed. Only after a scout set down in the narrow strip near the equator was the mystery of why the ships crashed discovered. Consequently, Cavaturians have had little need for galactic technology, since an electromagnetic storm would just rip it apart.

Cavaturians in the Galaxy:

Any Cavaturians off Cavatura would be seeking knowledge of the outside galaxy.


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System/Star: Cavatur/Cava (Yellow)
Type: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: Standard
Climate/Terrain: Temperate/Hills, plains
Length of Day: 23.5 standard hours
Length of Year: 347 standard days
Sapient Species: Cavaturian
Population: 1.9 billion
Major Exports: none
Major Imports: none