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Species: Cathar

Size: 1.5-1.9 meters
Move: 12/14
Homeworld: Cathar
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)

Special Abilities: Cathar
Claws: Cathar have retractable claws that do Strength +1D+1 damage.
Races: Two subspecies exist within the species - Cathar-nish and Cathar-nesh

Special Abilities: Cathar-nish
Claws: Cathar have retractable claws that do Strength +2D damage.
Natural Stealth: This subspecies has the ability to change the color of their fur to match that of their surroundings. This takes only one round to complete. It also adds +2D to sneak.



"You insult the Cathar, many great Jedi have come from our planet!"
-Sylvar to Exar Kun

The Cathar are a race of feline-like, biped humanoids from Cathar, a planet of savannas and rough uplands. They are known for their loyalty, passion, and temper. Quick and powerful, they are considered great warriors and dedicated, efficient predators. Their females are prized as slaves, whereas the males are generally considered too uncontrollable for slavery.

Biology and Appearance:
The Cathar have fur-covered bodies with thick manes, the pigmentation of which they can change rapidly for natural camouflage. They have prominent, retractable claws that can deliver powerful killing attacks on foes and prey. Their bodies also possess rapid healing abilities. These traits make them the perfect hand-to-hand specialists.

Common Cathar Names:

There are two subspecies of Cathar. The more common subspecies, to which Crado and Sylvar belonged; and a less common subspecies, to which Juhani and Myhr Rho belonged.
Cathar-nish: Sylvar's subspecies had long fur and thick manes, with prominent claws that could deliver powerful, killing attacks on foes and prey.
Cathar-nesh: Juhani's subspecies had less prominent, less deadly claws, being dedicated stealth-predators. Their fur was much shorter, and they could change its pigmentation rapidly for natural camouflage.

History and Culture:
On their homeworld, Cathar lived in cities built into giant trees, and were organized into clans governed by "Elders." Stories of their great heroes were often carved into the trunks of these tree-homes for following generations to see. The Cathar mated for life, to the extent that when one mate died, the survivor never had a relationship with another. Cathar clan society included great pageants and celebrations, especially for their heroes. Their religion included a ritual known as the "Blood Hunt," in which Cathar warriors individually engaged in combat against entire nests of Kiltik in order to gain honor and purge themselves of inner darkness. The native language of the Cathar was Catharese, which included the emphasis of some spoken words with a growl.

The decimation of Cathar by the Mandalorians several years before the start of the Mandalorian Wars proper led to a large-scale Cathar offworld diaspora. By the Clone Wars the Cathar had settled and repopulated their home world.