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Species: Carosite

Size: 1.3 - 1.7 meters
Move: 7/11
Homeworld: Carosi IV ( soon to be Carosi XII)
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)
TECHNICAL 2D/5D: first aid 5D

Special Abilities:
Protectiveness: Carosites are incredibly protective of children, patients and other helpless beings. They gain +2D to their brawling skill and damage in combat when acting to protect the helpless.
Medical Aptitude: Carosites automatically have a first aid skill of 5D, they may not add additional skill dice to this at the time of character creation, but this is a "free skill."

The Carosites are a bipedal species originally native to Carosi IV. Carosite culture experienced a major upheaval 200 years ago when the Carosi sun began an unusually rapid expansion. The Carosites spent 20 years evacuating Carosi IV, their homeworld, in favor of Carosi XII, a remote ice planet which became temperate all too soon. The terraforming continues two centuries later, and Carosi has a great need for scientists and other specialists interested in building a world.

Carosites reproduce only twice in their lifetime. Each birth produces a litter of one to six young. The Carosites have an intense respect for life, since they have so few opportunities for renewal. It was this respect for life that drove the Carosites to develop their amazing medical talents, from which the entire galaxy now benefits. Despite their innate pacifism, however, they will vigorously fight to defend their homes, families and planet.

Though the Carosites are peaceful, there is a small but vocal segment of Carosites who call themselves "The Preventers." They feel that their people must take aggressive action against the Empire, so that no more lives will be lost to the galactic conflict. The arguments on this subject are loud, emotional affairs.

The Carosites are loyal to the Alliance, but events often lead them to treat Imperials or Imperial sympathizers. The Carosites regard every life as sacred and every private thought inviolate. The Carosites would never try to interrogate, brainwash, or otherwise attempt to remove information from the minds of their patients.