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Background: R2-G5 was one of the first R2 units off of Industrial Automation's assembly line. Gee Five faithfully served the Old Republic as a technician in the engine room of the frigate "Starbourne". Sadly, the frigate was crippled in a battle over Kamino and most hands abandoned ships. Like most droids and machines, Gee Five wound up in a debris field orbiting the planet. He was eventually claimed by scavengers and deposited in a salvage yard on some back water world.

Years passed and he was eventually repaired then recruited as part of a Rebel cell lead by Col. Detwiler Gazer. While on a reconnaissance mission, Gee Five was captured by Imperial agents and smuggled back to their headquarters. The Imperials meant to use Gee Five as a means to root out and destroy the Rebels. They jury rigged Gee Five with a fragmentation grenade along with several cubes of detonite and programmed him to return to the Rebel base where he would then detonate. To make room for their modifications, the saboteurs also wiped several memory chips and deactivated his ethical subroutines. Fortunately, their plot was discovered and the nefarious plan was never carried out. However, Gee Five was never the same afterwards and was eventually decommissioned. The Rebels, desperate for supplies, finally traded him to a Herglic cantina owner for some foodstuffs and a light repeater rifle.

The Herglic was a less than reputable business man and of low opinion of artificial life forms. Gee Five’s undependability and natural shyness made him a favored target of his cruelty. Ultimately, Gee-Five resigned himself to a dreary existence of menial labor. Until one day, a stranger came into the cantina. For reasons unknown, the stranger had insisted Gee Five be included in the pot in a game of chance. The stranger won and upon his departure granted Gee Five his freedom. Gee Five would never forget this act of altruism or the kindly interstellar transient.

Now free, Gee Five wandered the streets and eventually found employment in the shopping district of a large star port. While scrubbing floors, Gee Five happened upon a human youth being held in a security office for taking something that did not belong to her. Apparently, it was not the first time. While scrubbing the hallway floor, Gee Five overheard the head of security berating the youth, Gellaree Gazer, and vowing to alert the local authorities.

Hearing the name “Gazer” triggered long dormant circuits. Gee Five waited for the guard to leave then rolled unseen into the office. From there, Gee Five deleted the store’s security footage and unlocked the detention room. Gee Five knew it was illegal to aid the youth but still felt compelled to do so.

Physical Description: Blue and yellow with a clear transparisteel dome.

Personality: Shy, Curious and Helpful. Due to repeated abuse at the hands of cruelowners, he is fearful of anyone who attempts to access his components.

Objective(s): Find "Wholeness"

Quote(s): "Beep Bloop Blop Bleep Boop" *Are you sure this endeavour is authorized?*

Template: R2 Series Astromech Droid
Character Name: R2-G5
Alias: G5
Manufacturer: Industrial Automaton
Construction Date: -34 BBY
Classification: 2nd Degree
Cost to Owner: 4525 (new with no modifications)
Current Owner: Gellaree Gazer (sort of, see notes)
Gender Programming: M
Age: 33
Height: .96m
Weight: 50kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20
Move: 6
Personality Matrix: Complex (unique)

Dexterity 2D: Brawling parry 4D, dodge 4D, melee weapons 3D, pick pocket 5D
Perception 2D: Con 3D, hide 4D+2, investigate 3D, persuasion 3D, sneak 4D+2
Strength 3D: Lifting 4D
Knowledge 2D: Law enforcement 5D+1, planetary systems 8D, streetwise 5D, survival 5D+1
Mechanical 3D: Astrogation 9D, communications 6D, repulsorlift ops 4D, sensors 6D, space transports 6D, starfighter piloting 6D, starship gunnery 5D, starship shields 5D+1
Technical 3D: captial ship repair 7D, captital ship weapon repair 6D, computer programming/repair 6D+1, demolitions 5D, droid repair 5D, repulsorlift repair 8D+1, security 6D+1, space transport repair 5D, starfighter repair 7D *, starship weapon repair 6D
* Astromech droids, if acting in co-pilot capacity, may attempt starship repair while in flight.


1. Mechanical: Repulsorlift Repair
2. Dexterity: Pick Pocket
3. Perception: Investigation

Equipped With:

-Three wheeled legs (center leg retractable)
-Retractable heavy grasping arm (lifting at 2D)
-Retractable fine work heavy grasper arm
-Extendable 0.3 meter long video sensor (360 degree rotation)
-Small electric arc welder (1D to 5D, as fitting situation, 0.3 meters range
-Small circular saw (4D, 0.3 meter range)
-Video display screen
-Holographic projector/recorder
-Fire extinguisher
-Small (20 cm by 8 cm) internal “cargo” area
-Some additional small tools and equipment: can be defined as needed.
-Hyperspace Jumps: Can store up to 10 jumps to specific locations


Gellaree Gazer is indirectly G5's owner. However, as G5 is unique and fully "aware" he truely has no actual owner. He does however, hang out mostly with GG due to their first encounter when G5 freed her from capture a few years back.

The R2-series astromech droid was a model of astromech droid produced by Industrial Automaton, boasting a level of success that was never equaled in Industrial Automaton's long history. A combination of excellent design, high-quality marketing, and good timing made this astromech droid one of the most sought after droids in history, and one of the few vintage astromech series still in active production decades after it was first designed, including the prototype R2-0. The line was so successful that the Galactic Empire would later take credit for the design. The average cost for an R2 unit was about 4245 Republic Credits.


Like its forerunners, the R2 astromech was designed to work in and around space vessels as a diagnostic and repair unit. But unlike the clunky R1-series, this rounded, waist-high droid was made specifically to fit in military starfighter astromech slots. This was a radical departure, as previously all such droids had been dedicated government models. The droid was equally popular with Galactic Republic fighter jocks as it was with the general public.

When plugged into a T-65 X-wing starfighter, Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor, or similar starfighter, the R2 monitored flight performance, pinpointed and corrected technical problems, and performed power management, optimizing shipboard systems. The unit could store up to ten sets of hyperspace vector coordinates in its astrogation buffer, and many had the intelligence and experience to perform engine startup and pre-flight taxiing. The R2 operated flawlessly in the vacuum of interstellar space. R2 units were equipped with a holographic recording mode.


The center of the droids' success could be attributed to its Intellex IV computer, which featured 700 different spacecraft configurations. Its sensor package was equally impressive, with a full-spectrum transceiver and electromagnetic, heat, motion, and life form indicators. The droid also had a fully maneuverable video sensor, deployed from its domed head, allowing it to inspect enclosed spaces or peer over obstacles.

The droid's outer shell concealed an array of tools beneath its streamlined durasteel exterior. Each R2 came equipped from the factory with two manipulator arms, an electric arc welder, circular saw, computer scomp link arm, VicksVisc holographic recorder/projector unit, internal cargo compartment, and a general-use fire extinguisher. IA, taking a page from Corellian ship-builders, made the droids easy to upgrade and modify. The company offered a variety of after-market packages, but industrious owners also managed to equip R2s with such eclectic items and accessories as underwater propellers, laser pointers, jet thrusters, remote sensor limpets, and inflatable life rafts. This adaptability made the R2 units particularly popular among tech-heads, who often would have running competitions over who could outfit the most eclectic droid.

IA spent a great deal of time in the design of the R2's personality matrix. The droid was obliging, quick witted, and sincere. If the droid was not subjected to periodic memory wipes, it could develop a headstrong, self-reliant disposition. Many owners, however, actually preferred a droid willing to offer candid second opinions. Starfighter pilots tended to develop a strong bond with their astromech droids, often flying all their missions with one particular droid, and strongly objected to the memory wipes their counterparts were given on a regular basis in some units.