Arrogant Noble

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Character Name: Varin Arabella
Prestige Class: Jedi Hunter: Level 1
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 42
DOB: 87.5.31
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 81.4kg
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 20
Extra Character Points: 416
Cyber Points: 4
Move: 11 (14)

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Raised a scion of the Tapani Noble House of Barnaba, Varin had long resigned herself to the peace and quiet of being the younger child of a dynasty, whiling away her days in indolent luxury while living the life of an eternal student.

This all changed in her seventeenth year, when her father and older brother were both slain in one of the incessant border skirmishes that had long plagued the sector, forcing the young woman to step forth and not only gain revenge for her fallen family, but to become the new face of House Barnaba and to show that it was still a force to be reckoned with…

Though she had technically been raised with the same teachings as her brother and father before her, having ‘served’ as a part of the Elite House Guard since her fifteenth year, Varin never truly embraced the structured life of the Military until after her father and brothers deaths.

Once done however, she showed a surprising aptitude for her roles as both House leader and Military Commander, gaining the respect of her troops during the fighting that was to follow her ascension.

She has since moved from strength to strength, becoming a shrewd politician along with being a polished statesman in her own right, her social events becoming a ‘place to be seen’ for politician and socialite alike.

Though initially neutral to the Macetti situation, she has since been pushed toward a more hostile mindset, the ‘accidents’ alluded to by Bode that befell not only her peers, but to one of her body doubles as well, has left her under no illusion that her existence poses a threat to the new Sector Moff’s plans that he can not afford to ignore.

She has since spent her time travelling in the company of the mysterious ‘Seth’, seeking technology and allies alike to offset those Bode has gathered to himself, though her deeper plans still remain a cipher to the majority…

Personality: Natural introvert, social chameleon by necessity.

Long accustomed to the needs of high level diplomacy, Varin can shift her demeanour to match the situation with surprising ease, fitting in well with Lords and lowly alike.

She has been raised to know the Court etiquette of the Tapani nobility since almost before she could talk, but her subsequent years spent in the field of battle with soldiers and mercenaries have shown her the other side of the coin as well; an education most of her peers are not only blissfully unaware of, but are also unlikely to want to learn anytime soon.

As such, she is as likely to be at home at one of her glittering social events she has become renowned for as she would sitting in a field tent with a cigar, playing Sabacc with some of the troops.

When given the option though, she would much rather be sitting quietly reading one of her books, or remotely accessing a holo of a lecture on one of the many differing subjects she favours.

Physical Description: Fit and toned, and definitely younger looking than her official age record would indicate.

Though not as saturated in the decadence of wealth as some of her peers, Varin has seen no reason to stint when it comes to doing anything.

Thus she has studied with the best teachers and trainers, bought and accessorized with the best, and managed, as most women of wealth are able, to make herself fitter, healthier and more attractive than most people feel they should have a right to.

This is very evident in Varins’ case, as she not only looks less than half her age, but manages to stand out as something unique even among those of that age bracket.

Objective: Liberation of Tapani from Macetti rule, restoration of House Barnaba as the pre-eminent Nobility in the sector.

Mistakenly thought dead in the spate of ‘accidents’ that befell the other High Lords and Ladies, Varin has returned with a vengeance.

Quote: "Take no note of that, things are rarely as they initially appear…"
"My people shall have revenge. ~and so shall I~"

Attribute Dice: 20D
Dexterity 4D: Acrobatics 5D, blaster 6D, blind fighting 4D, [T] dodge 7D (+1D), grenade 4D, melee combat 6D, (s) melee combat: sword 7D, pick pocket 4D, running 6D, simultaneous attack 6D, (s) simultaneous attack: blaster 7D, (s) simultaneous attack: sword 7D, thrown weapons 4D
Perception 4D: Command 5D, con 5D, forgery 4D, hide 4D, investigation 5D, persuasion 5D+1, search 5D, sneak 6D
Strength 4D (5D): Brawling combat 8D (9D), climbing/jumping 4D (5D), lifting 4D (5D), [TAs] martial arts: ca combat master 3D (4D), stamina 6D+2 (7D+2), swimming 4D (5D)
Knowledge 3D: Alien species 4D+1, bureaucracy 3D+2, cultures 3D+1, intimidation 3D+1, languages 3D, law enforcement 3D, planetary systems 3D, politics 3D, streetwise 3D+1, survival 3D+2, tactics 4D+2, technology 3D, value 3D+1, willpower 7D+1
Mechanical 3D: Computer ops, powersuit ops 5D, repulsorlift ops 4D, vehicle weapons 3D
Technical 2D: Armor repair 3D, blaster repair 3D, computer program/repair 2D+1, first aid 2D, melee weapon repair 2D, security 2D

(As) Martial Arts: CA Combat Master
Dodge (adds +1D to skill)

Innate Ability:
Natural Aptitude: Sense: When Mastering powers under the chosen ability (Force Power), it costs one character point less than normal to Master a learned power. In addition, it costs five character points less to improve the chosen Force ability. Note: Once the Attribute has been selected, it may not be changed.
Ambidextrous: You are equally proficient in performing tasks with your left or right hand. The character no longer suffers a penalty to skill rolls when using their offhand. This does NOT mean using both hands simultaneously.

Special Abilities:
Simultaneous Attack: Able to use two similar weapons at the same time.

Strength Increase: +1D added to Strength for causing and resisting damage.
Move Increase: Adds +3 to Move Rate

Force Skills: Unique circumstances
Control: 9D #
Sense: 8D #
Alter: 8D #
#: Currently blocked by the Force and cannot be increased

Force Powers:
Control: None
Sense: Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy
Alter: None
Control & Sense: Projective Telepathy
Control & Alter: None
Sense & Alter: None
Control, Sense & Alter: None

Prestige Class: Jedi Hunter Level 1 Info:
Class Skills: Lightsaber, Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Computer Programming/Repair, Dodge, First Aid, Hide, Intimidation, Melee Combat, Planetary Systems, Search, Sneak, (A) Speed Drawing, Scholar, Tactics, Technology and Willpower.
Skill Number: 8. You must increase any combination of your Class Skills by a total of 8 pips in order to advance in your Prestige Class. Pips increased in specializations of the above skills only count half of their amount towards your Skill Value. Every time you meet this skill number you may spend the Character Points equal to the level your character is advancing to, gaining the associated class benefit. You may only move one level deep in between adventures.

Class Special Abilities:
  1. Dark Side Sense, Skill Bonus
Dark Side Sense: Jedi Hunters are exceptionally talented at rooting out evil creatures and objects tainted by the Dark Side. The Jedi Hunter may reroll any Force check made to sense the presence and relative location of creatures or objects with a Dark Side Score of 1 or higher. You must take the result of the reroll, even if it is worse.
Skill Bonus: The Jedi Hunter gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills: Lightsaber, Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Computer Programming/Repair, Dodge, First Aid, Hide, Intimidation, Melee Combat, Planetary Systems, Search, Sneak, (A) Speed Drawing, Scholar, Tactics, Technology and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.

  1. Numax Black Paw Full Combat Armor
  2. Nemesis Combat Armor (protects head (Sensor helmet), chest and abdomen)
  3. Custom Infiltration Body Suit (can be worn under clothing)
  4. Lightsaber: Purple Blade (belonged to Revynn, see below)
  5. Lightsaber: Red Blade (belonged to Dark Adept, see below)
  6. Draymak K4 Heavy Blaster Pistol (x2)
  7. Custom Arabella Heavy Energy pistol (damaged)
  8. Draymak Dual Vibroblade Swords (x2)
  9. Microthrust Clockwatcher (Chronometer)
  10. Medpac
  11. Star Spray Speeder (see below)
  12. Moon-Zhag Rocketboard (see below)
Credits: 2000 on hand, 50,000 in Bank, access to much more if needed

Numax Black Paw Full Combat Armor

Original Manufacturer: Numax
Type: Medium Combat Armor (custom fitted)
Weight: 14kg
Cost: 1,550,000
Availability: 4,X
Protection: +3D/+2D (no minuses, gyro stabilized compensation)
Protects the Following: All. This armor has excellent expansion capabilities. A repair kit (8 uses at Light damage, 4 uses at Moderate damage) is included in the price.
Powered: Controlled by built-in Computer
Repulsorpack: 100; 275kmh
Breath Mask: Filters must be replaced after 30 hours of continuous use.
Long-Range Communication System: 150 km range. 14 scrambled channels (can rotate randomly). Scans all frequencies.
Descrambling Unit: Special hardware and program attached to the long-range communication system that adds +2D to Communications and Scanner Ops to be able to descramble other communication signals that have been detected.
Comm. system with translator (+2D to Languages) and an external speaker
Water/Gas sealed
Electronically sealed (does not protect against EMP)
Fire Proof
Flash Protection: Reduces the effects of bright flashes by one half (-2D instead of -4D).
Macrobinoculars: Adds +2D to Search for objects 50-299 meters away. Adds +3D to Search for objects 300+ meters away. Scomp-linked to three weapons and reduces ranges by one level. Example: long range becomes medium, medium becomes short.
Search Light: 10,000 candle power glowrod allows clear sight in dark environments up to 200 meters; 50-100 meters in smoke or fog; 20-40 meters in heavy smoke.
Sensors: IR, Motion, UV, Low-Light, X-Ray and Ultrasound
  IR, UV, Electrical Signals
    Passive: 100 m/+2
    Scan: 200 m/+1D
    Search: 300 m/+2D
    Focus: 6 m/+3D
  Life, Low-Light, Motion, Radio Waves, Ultrasound
    Passive: 150 m/+2
    Scan: 300 m/+1D+1
    Search: 600 m/+2D
    Focus: 10 m/+2D+2
  Hard/Soft Radiation
    Passive: 300 m/+1D
    Scan: 600 m/+2D
    Search: 1200 m/+3D
    Focus: 15 m/+4D
    Passive: 20 m/+1D
    Scan: 40 m/+2D
    Search: 50 m/+3D
    Focus: 3 m/+4D
Sealed Enviro System:
  Neuro-sensors in helmet monitor body activity
  4 hrs LOX/Air Filtration system
  4 hours survival time in space
14 Slot Computer System: Three I/O ports with one dedicated to cybernetic interfaces
  Capabilities: (Power: 4D, Memory: 20D)
  • Bi-Multiple Targeting: 4 slots; Five weapon systems with up to 14 targets per system. Adds +2D+2 to hit and requires a sensor on each weapon used. No scope allowed.
  • Sensor Plus: 2 slots; Adds +2D to Search. If person has all sensors then it adds +3D to Search. Sensor types: IR, UV, X-Ray, Life, Motion, Hard/Soft Radiation, Electrical signals, Ultrasound and Radio waves.
  • Road Map: 1 slot; Makes a map of past travels, locations and facilities. Can be plugged in to any spaceport for a download of directions. Will also mark where you are on the current map program running. Auto updates each time area is visited (program must be active).
  • Bounty Plus: 2 slots; Outlines person in blue. Gives known tactics used and recommends counter tactics to be used against them. 125,000 bounty capacity and adds +1D to the specialized skill of Tactics: Personal Combat due to the extensive bounty files available. The +1D bonus cannot be added until the program is loaded with bounties and is in active memory.
  • Accessing: 2 slots; Adds +1D to Computer Program/Repair rolls. The +1D may be added to computer spikes rated at 7D or less.
  • Super Hostilities: 3 slots; Highlights all weapons in red, provides a list and gives details on features. Must be used with Bounty or Sensor. Adds +1D to the targeting sensor of the current weapon in hand to help in hitting selected targets. Also adds an orange flashing which indicates the most deadly weapons present.
  • Medic: 1 slot; Diagnoses illness or wound and gives treatment recommendations. Adds +1D to First Aid skill.
  • Multiple Programs: 1 slot; Runs two programs simultaneously if slots and outputs are available. Uses 1 slot to operate but the programs it combines take up no slots (just one for the program itself).
  • Matrix: 3 slots; Allows user to see electron flow in cables and behind walls. Makes a blue print after studying for two rounds. After three continuous rounds of combat, program will add +1D to hit (anticipated tactics). After five continuous rounds of combat, program will add +2D to hit (anticipated tactics).
4 Preset Programs:
  • Full Battle Mode: All programs are on line; System Seals/LOX are on-line; Wrist Laser and Vibroblade are on-line (Turbo projected grappling hook cannot be used); targets are pre-selected by priority (Matrix, Bounty and Hostilities determine all targets); Communication system is in scan mode.
  • Combat Mode: Bi-Multiple Targeting, Matrix, Sensor Plus, Road Map, and Super Hostilities are on-line; all other programs are on standby; Wrist Laser, Vibroblade and the Turbo Projected Grappling Hook are on-line; System Seals/LOX and Repulsor Pack are on standby; Communication system is in scan mode.
  • Recon Mode: Matrix, Sensor Plus, Bounty Plus, Road Map, Super Hostilities and Multiple Programs are on-line; all other programs are on standby; Turbo Projected Grappling Hook is on-line; System Seals/LOX on standby; Repulsor Pack on-line; Communication system is in passive mode.
  • Espionage Mode: Bi-Multiple Targeting, Matrix, Road Map, Bounty Plus, Super Hostilities, Sensor Plus, Multiple Programs and Accessing are on-line; all other programs in standby; Turbo Projected Grappling Hook is on-line; System Seals/LOX on standby; Communication system is in passive mode.
Security System: Auto destruct of data and programs. Active virus for I/O ports.
Self Destruct: Must be activated. Goes off in three rounds. 10D damage as Thermal Detonator
Weapon/Non-Weapon Systems:
  • Concealable Wrist Laser: 50 shot power pack. Uses Armor Weapons skill. Damage: 5D, Range: 3-10/25/50
  • Retractable Arm Vibroblade: STR+3D
  • Concealable Turbo Projected Grappling Hook: 50 meter lanyard, uses Missile Weapons skill (Range; 0-5/20/50), magnetic and standard grappling hook. Capable of lifting the user and all gear - up to 350kg
Description: Well built medium combat armor that provides good protection and comes with some advanced weapons and an internal computer system. The completely sealable environmental system is just as good a that found in heavier armor for that added bonus at a reasonable price.

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Draymak K4 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Type: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Skill: Blaster: K4
Weight: 2.5kg
Cost: 1350
Availability: 4,X
Ammo 80
Range: 3-25/50/100 Meters
Damage: 5D+2
Game Notes: An easy weapon to use, clean and load, this weapon can dish out better than normal damage with the best range and ammo capacity of any heavy blaster pistol currently on the market. However, because of the special alloys used in its construction this blaster can take much more abuse and still fire accurately. Add +1D+1 to the Body roll to resist damage to the weapon.

Draymak K4 Heavy Blaster Pistol

2 Draymak Dual Vibroblade Swords

Type: Melee Weapon
Weight: 3 kg
Cost: 2500
Availability: 2,R
Damage: Str+3D
Description: These weapons are designed and crafted to be perfectly balanced so that two can be used by those skilled in dual weapon use.

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Revynn's Lightsaber (currently not used)

  • Mephite: Violet and 5D damage
  • Nubian Sea Quartz: Grey and +2 pips to damage against objects
  • Upari Diamond: Shimmering; +1 pip to damage and +1 pip to attack, +1D to parry blaster fire
Difficulty: Difficult
To Hit Bonus: +1
Damage: 5D+1 [5D Base, +1] (6D against objects)

The Nine's Lightsaber (currently not used)

  • Synthetic Red: oscillations of energy rapidly running along the length of the blade at regular intervals (+1D for purposes of parrying/deflecting
  • Rubat Crystal (+1D to hit, damage and initiative)
  • Blackwing Crystal (+1D to all Dark side powers)
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: 6D [5D Base, +1D]

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Varin's First Lightsaber

Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: D [D Base, ]

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Star Spray Airspeeder

Craft: Incom Tx-9000 "Star Spray" Air-Speeder
Type: Air Speeder
Scale: Speeder
Length: 8.3m
Skill: Repulsorlift operation: airspeeder
Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 20kg
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Ground level-75km
Cost: 80,500 (new), 30,200 (used)
Maneuverability: 3D
Move: 520; 1500kmh
Body Strength: 4D
  Twin Laser Cannons
    Fire Arc: Front
    Skill: Vehicle Blasters
    Fire Control: 2D
    Range: 50-300/800/1.5km
    Damage: 5D
  Concussion Missile (x4)
    Fire Arc: Front
    Scale: Walker
    Skill: Missile Weapons
    Fire Control: 1D
    Range: 100-200/500/1km
    Damage: 7D
Description: The Star Spray Airspeeder is a military air speeder designed to fill the role of both airspeeders and cloud cars, creating a speeder capable of great speed, and a high altitude range, letting it help to control the airspace around planets, and attack ground targets. However the great cost has caused this ship to have a small market, but the governments and military forces who have purchased them, have reported many successful missions completed by these speeders. Their ability to hit small targets combined with the punch to take out targets such as walkers has proven them to be an asset, and they have also reported limited success against starfighters. The Star Spray's handling and speed in an atmosphere far exceeds that of any Starfighter, and the punch of their concussion missiles allows them to cause significant damage against any non military vessels they may have to engage. This vehicle is one of the few military vehicles used by either side in the Galactic Civil War.

Star Spray Speeder

Modified Moon-Zhag Rocketboard

Type: Heavily Modified Swoop Board
Scale: Speeder
Length: 1.8 meters
Cover: None
Cargo Capacity: 3kg
Cost: 13,000 Credits (Modified cost: 44,000)
Availability: 2,F (R)
Skill: Swoop Ops or Slaffing or (s) Slaffing: Rocketboard
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: See Sork
Passengers: None (1 in an emergency)
Altitude Range: Ground level to 550 meters
Maneuverability: 4D
Move: 250; 650kmh
Body Strength: 3D (+1D added by Sork)
Shields: 2D
Sensors: (linked to goggles for HUD display)
  Passive: 100m/+2
  Scan: 200m/1D
  Search: 300m/2D
  Focus: 15m/3D
  1 Blaster Cannon
    Scale: Speeder
      Skill: Vehicle Weapons
      Fire Arc: Central Turret (360 degree horizontal arc, -35 degree vertical arc)
      Fire Control: 3D
      Atmosphere: 3-60/120/240 m
      Damage: 5D+1
Description: Super fast for a racing board, the Rocketboard is actually designed for slaffing, but can be used for any kind of outdoor fun. Game Notes: The board does not provide any cover, but can be maneuvered to block shots from low angles. Shields of up to 2D may be added, but the extra weight will reduce speed to 220; 600kmh and maneuverability to 3D. However, there are engine upgrades that can compensate for the losses. The cost is 2200 credits for the speed compensation and an extra 500 for the maneuverability package. Also, nearly any small weapon can be modified so that it can be mounted on the speeder. GM has final say on what weapon can be added.

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GM Note: This is a Play-Test Character. All information listed and unlisted is subject to change until final approval.