Kody Sarin

Brash Young Pilot

Player #11

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Background: Ki Drayson was conceived fifty four years before the Clone Wars by his parents Jedi Knight Valin Drayson and Jedi Knight Sylvn Drayson. On the planet of Corellia at the family estate, this was the birth place of several Jedi and non Jedi family members throughout the years. Like all family members before him who showed promise in using the force, he was taught in a few ways of the Jedi Order until their day of coming of age when they were asked if they wanted to join the Jedi order or not. If they did wish to join the order then they were sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. If not, they were taught at home on certain subjects then sent to any school across the galaxy of their choice once fourteen. But under an anagram of their true name so that they may remain safe until they could handle their own.

Ki didn't want to become a Jedi at all even though it was important for him to follow in the footsteps of his family and those in his family before him to become part of the heritage of being a Corellian Jedi. His Uncle Jedi Master Quintan Drayson even came back to the family estate to talk with Ki about his decision on not joining the order but with no success. For Ki told him "I must find my own path. If I don't then I'm selling myself short." So with that being said he went to the Mrlsst Academy in the Tapani Sector under the name of Kody Sarin.

Life on Mrlsst was a complete one eighty on what he was use to on Corellia. Instead of living in normal buildings one found on Corellia one lived in structures built into the green stalked plants that could be found as far as one could see; giving a feeling of being one with nature almost at all time. Within his first year Kody learned several new languages, about different cultures, and many other subjects. But that all changed when his Uncle Quintan came to Mrlsst to inform him that his Mother and Father were murdered by some unknown party. The news of hearing that his parents were murdered hit him like a herd of bantha. He asked his Uncle if anyone was investigating their deaths, but Quintan's answer was no.

However, even in the darkest hour of Kody's life Quintan asked him again if he would join the Jedi Order. But Kody said nothing in return for a few minutes save for an icy stare that seemed to pierce right through Quintan's skull. Then "What do you think! Uncle! Huhhhh." Kody said while clenching his fist "And don't say control my emotions for it will lead me down the dark path if I don't. Thanks for telling me about my parents' deaths, but just get the frill out of here will you." He yelled as he punched his Uncle in the face who didn't even try to block Kody's blow. Without anger in his voice Quintan responded "As you wish Ki. I understand and if you wish to talk to me you know how to contact me," then he walked away.

Several days passed, and as each went by Kody's mood just got darker and darker until he got the brash idea of finding his parents' murderer or murderers himself. So, using what knowledge his father taught him on the construction of lightsabre and giving him just enough understanding to make him a little dangerous. He constructed himself a lightsabre; actually a lightfoil. Sure, it wasn't as strong as a lightsabre, but it was just as deadly. With the teachings his Mother and Father it made him even more so. Over the next year he followed the trail of his parents finding out leads here and there until he found what he was looking for. It was a minor crime boss by the name of Bruth Mak using the planet Ziost as his base of operations.

Kody Sarin headed to Ziost with darkness in his soul to kill the one who murdered his parents. However, all was not as it seamed as he broke into Mak's wretched hive of villainy, but alas, it was all an elaborate trap.

"Well, well, well… what do we have here? Kody Sarin, or should I wager a member of the Drayson clan" a figure in the shadows spoke, then laughed malignantly as several figures came out of the shadows, some brandishing blasters while others ignited their crimson lightsabres.

"Bruth, come out!!" Kody bellowed as he ignited his lightfoil.

"Ahhhh you crafted your own sabre then. Let's see what you can do… get him my minions" the figure ordered causing his followers with sabres to rush at Kody while the others took aim.

Over the next few minutes a bloody battle ensued with Kody outnumbered ten to one. But the lessons his parents taught him kept him on course as he killed one after another of Bruth's minions making him fall deeper into the sweet nectar of darkness. As he fought he could feel his body surge with dark energy that consumed him from every direction until at last, he and Bruth Mak remained, the sole figure he still hadn't seen as yet.

"You've done well Kody. I sense you have danced further into the sweet allure of darkness as well of ridding me of the rest of the worthless souls that survived the murder of your parents." Bruth finished with an evil laugh while a crimson blade ignited showing instead a human female with snow white hair.

"You're not Bruth!! Where is he?" Kody yelled as he strode forward towards his intended target. As he did she pulled something from around her throat.

"Is that better child?" She howled in a now all too clear feminine tone. "You'll make an excellent Sith apprentice if you survive this." She cast off her cloak revealing her well toned, supple form clad in a crimson bodysuit.

"Never!!" Kody yelled as he rushed forward striking at the women with his lightfoil. But alas, she blocked his blows with ease. Over the next few minutes she played with him like a hunter and her prey, until, with one final blow, she sheared his lightfoil in two slamming Kody to the ground, lightsabre mere millimeters from his throat.

"You can either serve me or die!! Which is it?" She asked as her eyes narrowed and an evil grin crept across her face.

"I take death." Kody stated without a second thought.

"So be it!" she said, frustration in her voice. That was the last thing Kody remembered along with sudden searing pain and inky darkness.

*  *  *

Elsewhere a lone figure sat in a meditative state searching for his lost nephew through the ebbs of the force. But what he found was the boy he once thought he knew being consumed and using the bitter sweet darkness of the force. He tried to call out to the boy through the force but the darkness shielded him from his efforts. Every moment the boy killed a being it seemed to move in slow motion ever causing more pain to him as he watched helplessly till his nephew suddenly disappeared from the force causing the figure to jolt out of his state. Even though a Jedi must control his emotions a tear started to shed as he spoke to himself "I failed you Ki.... I will make it right.... I will make it right."

*  *  *

Years later, but what seemed like mere moments to Kody, an icy cold feeling raced across his body followed by what felt like a warm summer day on Corellia.

"That's it… take a breath… slowly now. You've just been released from your carbonite prison" a being, female by the sound of it, said to Kody as his deep breath tore at his lungs.

"What? Where am I?" Kody asked as he slowly opened his eyes, which gave him no relief - complete darkness. "Why can't I see? Why does it hurt to breath?"

"You were found frozen in carbonite on a freighter that crashed into the Roche Asteroid Field due to a faulty hyperdrive. The miners that found you brought you here so that we could give you medical attention here on New Holstice" the being, clearly female, recanted. "First off, what's your name?"

"Kody Sarin" he stated. Over the next several days he had his eyesight restored through cybernetic replacement as his real eyes never recovered from the carbonite freeze - it was just too long.

For fifty four years he had been out of touch with the rest of the galaxy and much had changed. The Jedi Order was no more, the Republic was now the Galactic Empire and he had a strange feeling that there was someone out there he needed to find.

He knew what had to be done: find out about his past, his future and that strange someone. But before he left New Holstice for parts unknown he added three new names of the fallen Jedi on the wings of memory moths: Valin Drayson, Sylvn Drayson and that of his Uncle, Quintan Drayson into the memorial.

A year of searching brought him to an area of space that, he hoped, promised to shed some light on the mysterious 'someone' he felt all those years before back on Holstice.

As he traveled to the new area he managed to run into a large group of organized slavers. He fought well to escape, but was captured anyway. He remained in the hold of the slavers' ship until they reached another planet. Once there he was sold with all the others aboard to a large black ship he had never seen before. The ship's captain and first mate conducted that exchange and off they went again.

During the long hyperspace journey the captain and first mate released everyone and told them that they were here to recruit all beings for an important benefactor. Kody, along with the rest of the slaves were given freedom on a safe planet or the option to join the group. As an incentive, the slave collars were removed.

During the encounter the First Mate kept looking at Kody as if she knew him somehow. This was confirmed when she started giving out Imperial credits to those that did not join - there were not many - and then came to Kody. "Somehow, I know you. The name you gave is not the one I know you by and you look a bit different. Must be the hair."

~ This has to be my first real lead on the stranger I felt those many years ago. I'll let her do the talking and see where it leads. ~ Kody sat up and looked at the female, smiled slightly, and said, "Really now? Where and when was this?"

Physical Description: Kody wears a midnight blue reinforced bodyglove that contours his well toned frame. His dishwater brown hair is at shoulder length with a midnight blue bandana holding it back making him look like a pirate. He also wears black leather riding boots, black fingerless gloves and a brown leather duster.

Personality: Kody is somewhat of a loner and tends to take care of things himself. A proven point in his past several times over. However he does know there are points in ones life that one must garner the knowledge, help and friendship of others to get things done.

Objective: To trek through the universe searching for his past, future and the other Ki Drayson(s).

Quotes: "I’m Corellian!" "We are Anla'Shok. We walk in the dark places, no others will enter. We stand on the bridge, and no-one may pass. We live for the One, we die for the One."

Template: Brash Young Pilot
Prestige Classes: Jedi Counselor: L3 /Jedi Watchman: L3 /Professional Gambler: L3
Character Name: Ki Drayson
Alias: Kody Sarin
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 16 (before carbonite), 72 (current, looks 18)
DOB: 58.3.13
Eyes: Jade Green
Hair: Dishwater Brown
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 86 kg
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 8
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 9
Extra Character Points: 2
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 11

DEXTERITY 3D: Acrobatics 5D, Blaster 5D, [T] Dodge 7D, Grenade 3D+1, [T] Lightsaber 8D (+1D, +3D),
[T] Lighsaber: Form 0 (M): 8D+1 (+1D, +3D),
[T] Lightsaber: Form 1 (M): 8D+1 (+1D, +3D),
[T] Lightsaber: Form 2 (I): 8D+1 (+1D, +3D),
[T] Lightsaber: Form 3 (M): 9D (+1D, +3D),

(As) Martial Arts: Denn'na 3D, (As) Martial Arts: Echani 2D, (As) Martial Arts: Hapan 2D, (As) Martial Arts: Jensaarai Rek'dul 5D, (As) Martial Arts: Keldaeris 4D, (As) Martial Arts: K'tara 4D, Melee Combat 5D, (s) Melee Combat: Denn'na 6D, Missile Weapons 3D+1, Pick Pocket 3D+1, Running 4D+1, Thrown Weapons 3D+1
PERCEPTION 3D: Bargain 3D+1, command 3D+1, con 3D+1, forgery 3D+1, gambling 8D, hide 3D+1, investigation 4D+1, persuasion 4D, search 4D, sneak 3D+2
STRENGTH 3D: Brawling combat 5D, climbing/jumping 4D+2, lifting 4D+1, stamina 4D+1, swimming 4D+1
KNOWLEDGE 3D: Agriculture 3D+1, (A) alien biology 2D, alien species 5D, bureaucracy 3D+1, business 3D+1, culinary arts 4D+1, cultures 4D+1, earth science 3D+1, ecology 3D+1, history 4D+1, humanoid biology 4D+1, intimidation 3D+1, languages 4D+1, law enforcement 3D+1, planetary systems 3D+1, scholar 6D, (s) scholar: jedi lore 6D+1, (s) scholar: sith lore 6D+1, streetwise 4D, survival 4D+1, tactics 3D+1, (s) tactics: capital ships, (s) tactics: starfighters, (s) tactics: planetary defense, technology 4D, *(As) technology: federation 1D, *(As) technology: gravimetric 1D, *(As) technology: organic 1D, value 3D+1, willpower 4D+2
MECHANICAL 3D: Astrogation 3D+1, beast riding 3D+1, Communications 3D+1, Computer Ops 4D, Repulsorlift Ops 3D+1, Sensors 3D+1, Space Transports 3D+1, Starfighter Piloting 3D+1, (s) Starfighter Piloting: Jedi Starfighter, (s) Starfighter Piloting: Nial Class, (s) Starfighter Piloting: Thunderbolt Class, Starship Gunnery 3D+1, Starship Shields 3D+1, Transporter Ops 3D+1, Vehicle Blasters 3D+1, Zero-G Ops 3D+1
TECHNICAL 3D: Armor repair 4D, blaster repair 3D+1, communication repair 3D+1, computer program/repair 4D, demolition 3D+1, droid programming 3D+1, droid repair 3D+1, encryption 3D+1, first aid 7D, lightsabre repair 4D, (A) medicine 6D+1, repulsorlift repair 3D+1, security 3D+1, sensor repair 3D+1, space transport repair 3D+1, starfighter repair 3D+1, starship weapon repair 3D+1, transporter repair 3D+1
* Annotates knowledge known only from the data stored in an organic chip inside Kody's brain (special rules apply). Starts at 1D, max of 3D.

Anla'Shok Rank: A-2
Anla'Shok Title: Anla'Shok

Anla'Shok Schools:
Total Training Time: 12 weeks
  1. Anla'Shok Basic Training: 12 wks
  • Dodge
  • Lightsaber
  • Sense
Martial Arts Maneuvers:

Back Flip, Disarm, Double Sweep, Falling Roll, Force Punch, Foot Sweep, Hilt Blow, Instant Stand, Instant Stun, Instant Wound, Multiple Kicks, Reversal Elbow, Weapon Block

Special Skills:

Eidetic Memory: Kody has a photographic memory and can remember 90% of anything he sees.

Force Skills:

Control: 7D
[T] Sense: 7D

Force Powers:

Control: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Breath Control, Calm, Combat Trance, Concentration, Contort/Escape, Control Disease, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Emptiness, Enhance Attribute, Enhance Skill, Enhance Speed, Force Speed, Hibernation Trance, Jedi Discipline, Knight Speed, Remain Conscious, Remove Fatigue, Resist Stun
Sense: Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Instinctive Astrogation, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Disturbance, Sense Force, Sense Path, Sense Surroundings, Time Sense, Truth Sense
Alter: Force Jump, Knight Jump, Force Push, Knight Push, Telekinesis
Control & Sense: Farseeing, Lightsabre Combat, Projective Telepathy, Unarmed Combat
Control & Alter: Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Detoxify Poison in Another, Induce Tranquility, Remove Another's Fatigue, Return Another to Consciousness
Sense & Alter: Dim Other's Senses, Sense Weight, Sensory Overload
Control, Sense & Alter: Affect Mind

Lighsabre Styles and Bonuses:

Form Zero: Master Level:
Benefits: +1D to all Attack and Defense skills in Melee Combat, Lightsaber, Brawling Combat and +2D to Dodge. May deflect shots (+0D), but may not redirect blaster shots. And may use the following skills as free actions during combat: Bargain, Con, Persuasion, Intimidation, Affect Emotions (if has), Affect Mind (if has).
Form 1: Master Level:
Benefits: +3D only to all Attack and Defense skills in Melee Combat, Lightsaber or Brawling Combat and +2D to Dodge. May deflect shots (+0D), but may not redirect blaster shots.
Form 2: Intermediate Level:
Benefits: +3D to all Attack and Defense skills (including all rolls to disarm and avoid being disarmed) in Melee Combat, Lightsaber [if the opponent is using Form V, then the bonus is reduced to -1D] and +1D+1 to Dodge. May deflect blaster shots (at a -2D penalty), but may not redirect them.
Form 3: Master Level:
Benefits: +5D to all Defense skills in Melee Combat, Lightsaber, Brawling Combat and +2D+2 to Dodge. May deflect and redirect blaster shots with a +3D bonus.

Jedi Counselor

Class Special Abilities:
PrC Level / Special Ability
1 / Leadership, Skill Bonus
2 / Increase Lightsaber Damage +1D, Skill Bonus
3 / Inspire Hope, Skill Bonus

1. Leadership: When using his Command skill to combine the actions of his subordinates (for more information, see the Star Wars Role playing Game, 2nd Edition - Revised and Expanded, pages 82-83), the Jedi Counselor's combined action bonus is doubled to +2D per every three characters combining, instead of +1D.
2. Increase Lightsaber Damage: A Jedi Counselor's ability to deal damage with a lightsaber improves as he gains levels. At 2nd level, the Jedi Counselor's lightsaber damage increases by +1D6. This added damage is cumulative with increased lightsaber damage from other Jedi classes.
1-3. Skill Bonus: The Jedi Counselor gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills: Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Command, Con, Cultures, Intimidation, Languages, Law Enforcement, (A) Linguistics, Planetary Systems, Persuasion, Politics, Scholar, Value, First Aid, (A) Medicine, Technology and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.
3. Inspire Hope: At 3rd level, a Jedi Counselor's reputation reaches such a point that anyone following him or his advice gains a bonus of +2D. Further those wishing to take direct action against him are subject to a skill penalty. This penalty is equal to the same as the bonus. This bonus or penalty affects all skill and attribute rolls (including attack rolls) made against the Jedi Counselor by other characters.

Jedi Watchman

Class Special Abilities:
PrC Level / Special Ability
1 / Danger Sense, Skill Bonus
2 / Increase Lightsaber Damage +1D, Skill Bonus
3 / Force Camouflage, Skill Bonus

1. Danger Sense: The Jedi watchman gains an insight bonus on checks to avoid being surprised; this is in addition to his Sense skills and normal perception checks. This bonus is equal to the Jedi watchman's class level.
1-3. Skill Bonus: The Jedi Watchman gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills: Lightsaber, Climbing/Jumping, Computer Programming/Repair, Dodge, First Aid, Hide, Intimidation, Planetary Systems, Search, Sneak, (A) Speed Drawing, Scholar, Tactics, Technology and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.
2. Increase Lightsaber Damage: A Jedi Watchman's ability to deal damage with a lightsaber improves as he gains levels. At 2nd level, the Jedi Watchman's lightsaber damage increases by +1D. At 4th level it increases to +2D. This added damage is cumulative with increased lightsaber damage from other Jedi classes.
3. Force Camouflage: At 3rd level, the Jedi watchman learns a special technique to hide himself using the Force. He becomes a pale shadow and easily blends into his surroundings. While Force camouflage is activated, the Jedi watchman gains a +10 Force bonus on Hide checks. If a character succeeds in his Spot check against the Jedi watchman's Hide check, the spotter detects the Jedi watchman and can target him normally. However, any attack directed at the camouflaged Jedi watchman has a 20% chance to miss due to concealment. A Jedi watchman can't maintain Force camouflage while using other Force skills or engaging in distracting activity.

Professional Gambler

Class Special Abilities:
PrC Level / Special Ability
1 / Exceptional Resources
2 / Inspire Doubt -1D
3 / Skill Bonus

1. Exceptional Resources: A Professional Gambler has access to a multitude of resources (from all of his winnings). Once per day, the Professional Gambler can make a Knowledge check to use these resources. The value of the resources gained equal the Professional Gambler's level x the total of his Knowledge rolls x 1,000. Thus, a 4th level Professional Gambler who rolls an 11 on his Knowledge check would gain 44,000 credits' worth of resources (4 x 11 x 1,000 = 44,000). These resources can take any form the Professional Gambler chooses (with the GM's permission) and are his to do with as he wishes. The resources gained arrive within 1D hours.
2. Inspire Doubt: Starting at 2nd level, a Professional Gambler's reputation reaches such a point that anyone wishing to gamble directly against him or even call his bluff, is subject to a skill penalty. This penalty is equal to -1D at 2nd level, -2D at 4th level and -3D at 8th level. This penalty affects all skill and attribute rolls (and can include attack rolls) made against the Professional Gambler by other characters.
3. Skill Bonus: At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th levels, the Professional Gambler gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills: Pick Pocket, Running, Bargain, Con, Forgery, Gambling, Persuasion, Intimidation, Cultures, Alien Species, Communications, Computer Operations, Computer Programming/Repair, Droid Programming, Encryption, Languages, Search, Security, Sensors, Streetwise, Value, Technology, (A) Magician, and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.

  1. Lightsaber: (see below)
  2. Zentarian CXR-15 Combat Armor: (see below)
  3. Modified Blaster: (see below)
  4. Dc-17s: x3
  5. Combat Knife
  6. Draymak Fast 3a Slug Thrower: with 4 clips of ammo
  7. Grenades:
    -Heavy Smoke x 6
    -Concussion x 4
    -Glop x6
    -Zentarian Stickies x 6
  8. DC-17m:
    -Standard Blaster Attachment
    -Sniper Rifle Attachment
    -Anti-Armor Attachment x2
    -Grenade Launcher Attachment
    -Net Launcher Attachment
    -Droid Disabler Attachment
    -Power clips x 20
  9. Portable Clip Recharger
  10. Concealable Custom Leather Shoulder Holster: Designed for Quick-Draw
  11. Repulsor Pack
  12. Denn'Bok: collapsible staff weapon, with smart grip installed (see below)
  13. Anla'Shok Uniform: Equipped with an armor weave underlay that reduces 20% of all energy damage.
  14. Ranger Communicator: looks like an emblem or pin, with smart device system incorporated
  15. Reinforced Midnight Blue Bodyglove: Protection: +1D/+2
  16. Hand-Top Communicator/Computer Interface: on the top of their hand secured with an organic adhesive compound, smart device system incorporated
  17. Old Holo’s of his family
  18. Hooded Cloak
  19. Jedi Garb/Uniform
  20. Jedi Utility Belt
  21. Customized Medical Pack: Anti-shock blanket, BioTech RFX/K Medical Sensor Supplemet, Cryoncorp Mediscan 21, Genetech G-5 Bacta Geltab x 20, Filtration Mask, Heat Closure Packs, Medicines, Medicine Dispenser, Medpac x 10, Nilar Field Cauterizer, Portable Repulsor-Stretcher, Pressure Cuffs, Replar Splint x 3, Sluissi Gravidic Pressure Bandage x 3, Sterile Heating Cloth, SyntheCure Plasto-Cast x 6, Trauma Kit x 6, Universal Plasma Fluid Sacks x 2
  22. Customized Survival Pack: Adventure Hiker & Hunter DuraShelter, Adventure Hiker & Hunter Ration Pack x 14, BlasTech DL-68 Cutting Blaster, Breath mask w/ 12 replacement filters, Cryoncorp EnhanceScan, Glowrod, Hydroextractor, Lardanis Survival Systems MFCR-200 Power Generator, Macrobinoculars, Medpac x4, Multi-purpose knife, Portable heating unit, Saladar Systems Solo Strobe, SurvivalGear Water Jug Filter x 2, Synthrope Dispenser with Syntherope (100m), both grappling hook types, Thermal flares x 2, Zentarian Kick-Axe
  23. Microthrust Portable: 1D Power, 20D Memory with database [(A) Alien Biology 5D, First Aid 5D, Humanoid Biology 5D, (A) Medicine 5D]
  24. Black Leather Utility Belt: A99 Aquata breather, Concentrated rations, Glowrod, Medpac, Multi-purpose knife, Syntherope dispenser 10m w/ both grapple types, Tool kit
  25. Glareshades: -2D to resist bright flashes of light and flares
  26. An Idiots Guide to Being Scum:
  27. Drinks:
    -Alderaanian Ale x 1 case
    -Alderaan Brandy x 4 bottles
    -Alderaan Ruge x 4 bottles
    -Alderaan Wine x 4 bottles
    -Anarian Rum x 4 bottles
    -Calamari Ale x 1 case
    -Corellian Ale x 1 case
    -Corellian Brandy x 4 bottles
    -Corellian Rum x 4 bottles
    -Corellian Whiskey x 4 bottles
    -Corellian XX x 4 bottles
    -Fermented Fungus Ale x 1 case
    -Isonian Rum x 4 bottles
    -Renian Rum x 4 bottles
    -Vinta Harvest Ale x 1 case
Model: Custom-made and hand crafted (+1D to hit)
Scale: Character
Skill: Lightsaber
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: X
Damage: 15D [4D+1(base) +4D, +3D, +1D+2 (+2D from PrC's)]
Notes: Crystals (3: Velmorite [yellow blade; +3D to hit, damage and for purposes of parrying/deflecting], Upari [+1D Lightsaber skill, +1D+2 Energy Damage], Sigil [+4D damage]); Standard Lens; Standard Emitter; Improved Energy Cell (+25% more energy produced to compensate for the extra damage)

Kody Sarin's Lightsaber

Zentarian CXR-15 Combat Armor
Protection: +2D/+1D/-2
  HUD System: Adds +1D to hit
  IR Sensor: Adds +1D to Sensor skill to detect heat sources
  Internal Air Supply: Lasts up to 20 minutes
  Breath Mask: Filter lasts for 30 hours

Theed Arms S5 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 25
Cost: Unavailable, not made or sold anymore
Availability: X
Range: 2-6/20/40
Damage: 7D+2
Notes: Pure Rylith Power Cell (+3D+2 damage). The S-5 heavy blaster pistol was a versatile weapon with a heavy wooden gripstock and twin scopes for sighting and rangefinding. Unlike most handheld blaster weapons, the S-5 fired green blaster bolts, similar to the Model Q2 hold-out blaster pistol. The S-5 also featured a dart launcher underneath the main barrel, able to fire either an anesthetic microdart, a sting charge, or a grappling hook tip. The latter was used in conjunction with a liquid-cable shooter attachment; a quick customization that turned the S-5 pistol into a durable ascension gun (as an ascension gun, the S-5's liquid-cable could hold up to 500 kilograms). The cable reservoir held enough liquid to form twenty meters of cable, and the spike launcher itself cost around 50 Republic Credits around the time of the Invasion of Naboo.

Model: Anla’Shok Melee Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Combat: Denn’Bok
Cost: Unavailable
Availability: X
Damage: STR + 3D
Notes: collapsible staff weapon with a cortosis weave

Republic: 1000
Imperial: 125,400
Alliance: 0

GM Note: Kody has a Death Override. Meaning, if he gets killed, he will be brought back to life, fully healed, one time.