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-3,986 BSW4

The Expansion Region, within “The Slice” is created in an experiment in corporate controlled space. While the profits from the region were enormous, internal strife and disturbances continually upset the region. Residents of the region were forced to live under horrible conditions, while the corporations stripped the star systems of all resources. Because the corporations had strict control of communication and transportation, few outside the Expansion Region were aware of the conditions in that area of space. Eventually, the anger of the people peaked and civil unrest spread from system to system. Due to mounting pressure from constituents, the Republic Senate took control of the Expansion Region, limiting or evicting the corporate interests. Notable planets in the Expansion Region are Aquaris, Aridus, M’haeli, Mimban, Nkllon and Tynna.

The Scout Service is established by the Republic as a means of stabilizing and charting the expansion of the peoples of the Known Galaxy. The Republic expanded, adding countless colonies to its benevolent, though often inattentive, catalogue of worlds. Many of these new worlds were found in areas of space that were poorly explored. These worlds relied upon scouts for contact with civilization and for maintaining valuable trade routes.

-3,980 BSW4

Advances in navicomputer technology makes hyperspace beacons obsolete.

-3,698 BSW4

After three centuries of battle, the Jedi Knights finally intervene to end the Kanz disorders, freeing the Lorrdians. In the years of the conflict, over 500 million Lorrdians and five billion other beings died. For their part, the Lorrdians have vowed never to let the galaxy forget that dark period. They are outspoken critics and activists (and sometimes much more) against the practice of slavery.

-3595 BBY

534.9.10: Arrik Othniel is born on the planet Anzat to Viktor and Selene who are part of the Anzati aristocratic family at this time.

c. -3,500 BSW4

The planet Echnos is settled by accident, as an Old Republic scout vessel is pulled out of hyperspace due to Tinn VI’s magnetic interference. The scouts set down on Echnos and developed a colony. As trade routes came closer and closer to Tinn VI, hyperdrive cut-outs were enough of a recurring event to allow the Echnos outpost to thrive as a repair depot. In the first 15 years of settlement, over 10,000 visits were recorded. Echnos is the fourth of six moons circling the tremendous gas giant, Tinn VI.
Echnos, also known as Tinn VI-D, has a surface of barren stretches of land and rocky outcropping. Its atmosphere is hostile to most life - forms, and beings require life-support and breath masks for survival. The planet’s dry hydrosphere is trapped under the surface of the planet, consisting of frozen water and ammonia. The moon is held in the grip of Tinn VI’s powerful magnetic field. The sea-blue transparisteel dome of Echnos City, that provides a breathable atmosphere for the city’s inhabitants, also provides protection from the dangerous field. Echnos became a standard refueling and trading port in the Outer Rim Territories. It imports foodstuffs and metals, and exports mid and high technology. Echnos has no real government. Its population is made up of humans, Sullustans, Ithorians and Rodians.

c. -3,000 BSW4

The Corellia StarDrive Company is bought by the Corellian Engineering Corporation after the company’s entire senior design team was killed in a freak shuttle crash. It was a loss that Corellia StarDrive was never able to recover from, and led to its takeover.

The Alsakan Conflicts occur. The later "Dreadnaught" class of ship is inspired by the battle.

The legendary female pioneer Friea Kallea explores Brentaal space, forging the major trade route known in later years as "The Hydian Way", which runs from the Mid - Core out to the (future) Corporate Sector, then intersecting the Perlemian Trade Route in the Bormea Sector at the planet Brentaal.

As Elrood’s population grows, so does its power and prestige. During this time, a colony is established on Derilyn, marking the first trade route in the region. In short order, the Coynites, Orfites, Meris and Teltiors are discovered, and diplomatic relations are established with these worlds. In time, the E-D Run is pioneered and Elrood becomes a Sector Capitol, with full acceptance in the Republic.

The planet Pho Ph’eah is first contacted by the Republic, and the technologically skilled Pho Ph’eahians become members of the Republic. Pho Ph'eah having a wide variety of terrain is the homeworld of the Pho Ph'eahians -- aliens with blue fur and four arms. Pho Ph'eah orbits far from its star and receives little sunlight, but is warmed by active geothermal energy.

c. -2,997 BSW4

According to Jedi Prophecies, there would be a major war between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force during this period. The prophecy was actually fulfilled a thousand years prior, with the war that featured Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma.

-2,996 BSW4

The Hapes Cluster cuts off all contact with the galaxy and seals off their borders.

-2,992 BSW4

The Paecian Empire begins to collapse.

c. -2,700 BSW4

During this period of time, Kala’uun had a sister city known as Kala’din on the planet Ryloth. This city produced so much ryll that it held its own against slavers and spice merchants, and was the most powerful city on Ryloth. A Twi’lek called Kroh’dalla liven in Kala’din, and was second supervisor to the Ryll Master. He oversaw operation of the ryll mines and processing vaults, and it was his duty, like all other Twi’leks who knew of the mines, to keep their location secret from all others. But Kro’dalla was greedy, and wanted more money and prestige for himself and his clan than he was paid by the miserly Ryll Master. One day a spice merchant and slaver named Brophys landed at Kala’din to purchase a load of ryll for sale. Now Brophys was known to many Twi’leks and others throughout the galaxy as a rich merchant who could cut a deal with anyone to make more credits. Kroh’dalla approached Brophys when he landed, and offered to reveal the location of the ryll mines and processing caverns if Brophys would give Kroh’dalla 100,000 credits and make his clan the city’s ruling clan. But after the deal had been made, and Brophys’ mercenaries had invaded the mines, Kroh’dalla and his clan were forgotten. The ryll mineworkers were killed, Kala’din’s remaining citizens were enslaved, and Brophys relentlessly dug ryll from the extensive caverns beneath the city. He and his men mined so much ryll in such a short time that the very foundations of the city collapsed into the mines, destroying Kala’din and killing the greedy mercenaries who deceived Kro’dalla into revealing the mines location. “For once a secret is revealed, it spreads, like the ryll mines of Kala’din, until all the truth above is destroyed.”

c. -2,600 BSW4

Humans come to the planet Dathomir when a group of illegal arms manufacturers are exiled to the planet by the Jedi Knights.

c. -2,500 BSW4

Allya, a fallen Jedi, is banished to the planet Dathomir. She tames the native Rancors and establishes rule over the planet. She begins teaching her daughters the ways of the Force. The teaching is corrupted in succeeding generations, leading to the "Witches of Dathomir."

Betha II, a low gravity planet located within the Betha System, which is at the midpoint of the Danarac run in the Corva Sector is made into a thriving port. However, the planet’s low gravity means that it couldn’t hold it’s atmosphere for long, and this eventually led to the drying out of the planet’s ecosystem.

-2,033 BSW4

Anakin Skywalker will later come into possession of what appears to be a holocron from this era.

-2,032 BSW4

A new sect of the Sith are formed, as a rogue Jedi Knight breaks from the order and pursues power. Over the following millenia, the Sith fight each other as much as the Jedi, making it easier for the Jedi to control them. The Sith embrace the concept that power denied was power wasted. While the Jedi order was created to serve, the Sith only believe in domination.

The baloo vines grow among the waza trees on the planet Dar'Or. The Ri'Dar race string nets of baloo vines between waza trees to develop small towns within the trees. The nets collect leaves and needles falling from the waza trees, over time collecting into thick mats of decomposing matter. The layers of humus have been used by the Ri'Dar to plant gardens in their aerial towns.

c. -2,000 BSW4

Incom Corporation, a leading starship manufacturor and designer is formed. Among future designs produced by the company are the Z-95 Headhunter (jointly designed with Subpro Corporation), the T-16 Skyhopper, the T-47 Airspeeder, the T-65 X-Wing and the I-7 Howlrunner.

The Cha’wen’he are encountered by the Republic. They are avid explorers and scouts, and make excellent starship pilots and navigators.

Merenzane Gold, a subtle, sweet tasting alcoholic beverage begins to be brewed. Depending on the vintage, it can be quite expensive.

The Ebranite society is plagued with clan warfare.

The ‘Order of the Terrible Glare’, an ancient priesthood is based on the planet Garn. It is destroyed by the Jedi Knights, but the Order left behind the Portal Desolate on Garn. Within the portal was a computer-generated image of Rur, the last of the Order's High Shamen. Rur's image was placed there to destroy the Jedi once the Order could be re-established. However, when Luke Skywalker discovered the portal during the Galactic Civil War, the computer system couldn't reconcile the facts that the Jedi were extinct and a great deal of time had elapsed. The computer system exploded, taking with it the last remnants of the Order.

The planet Hargeeva a temperate world, the third of five in the Pelonat System is settled, but support for the colonists is soon cut off. The society reverted to a feudal state, and remained that way until the Empire showed up. The limited government was unable to stop Imperial subjugation, and high-tech refineries and a full garrison were quickly installed. The planet remained under Imperial control for many years.

Located in the Delari system of the Corva sector of the Outer Rim, Delari Prime is the first planet orbiting its binary star. The world was teeming with life, until a wayward asteroid knocked its orbit closer to the heat of the twin suns. Catastrophic climate changes caused the planet's seas to burn up, and massive erosion formed kilometer-deep chasms that now crisscross the orange-rust surface. The world has a mere 10-hour rotation cycle, is buffeted by intense windstorms, and can only support vegetation at its poles.

The Tasari, natives to the planet Tasariq in the Tasar system begin to pass down many tales of how their species stood on the threshold of traveling to the stars when the great disaster happened (an unprecedented meteor shower that ravaged their planet). It has become a collective dream of the Tasari to someday travel to the stars.

An unusual faction of Hutts break away from the other clans, named the Shell Hutts. The Shell Hutts resemble their brethren in every physical aspect. They are huge, slug-like creatures with tough skin and internal organs protected by dense layers of blubber. However, the Shell Hutts choose to protect themselves from external radiation, which is about the only thing that will naturally kill a Hutt - by enclosing themselves in riveted metal shells. The shells must be continually shed as the Shell Hutt grows, and the donning of a new shell is often a cause for celebration. Everything but the Shell Hutt’s face is contained within the shell. Even their hands are hidden inside, manipulating the controls which maintained the shell’s repulsor engines and directional thrusters. The Shell Hutts take control of the planet Circumtore and use it as their base of operations. They are quite paranoid about security around Circumtore, and often send delegates to meet with potential clients or enemies in orbit. These delegates had their shells stuffed with explosives, which could be triggered from within in the event of an emergency. The resulting explosion would kill the Shell Hutt and the enemy force, eliminating any threat to the continued security of their planet.

-1,998 BSW4

Ecclessis Figg, the future builder of Cloud City of Bespin is born.

-1,991 BSW4

Jomark is colonised, the only planet of its system to be so.

A pirate band hides their treasure in an ancient fortress on Yavin IV and leave a guardian droid and Q-7N to watch after it.

Conjecture based on “The Rebel Thief”. Borrowed with thanks from Nathan Butler’s Timeline.

-1,989 BSW4

The Mon Calamari begin to construct Foamwander City.

The inner surface of Coruscant, after millennia of build up and decay, starts to be taken over by the dregs of society, looking for a safe haven from the authorities and the outside world.

c. -1,980 BSW4

Cloud City is built in the atmosphere of the planet Bespin by Lord Ecclessis Figg of the Corellian system. Figg (with the aid of the Ugnaughts of Miser) designed Cloud City (originally known as Floating Home Colony) as a tibanna gas mine, used to tap into spin - sealed gas trapped in the lower atmosphere of Bespin. The then - young Incom Corporation works for years to modify existing repulsorlift technology to create engines capable of holding the massive complex in the air. It then creates a subsidiary, Bespin Motors, which produces the cloud cars that fly over Cloud City. The inner planets of the system begin to be mined for ores to build the city. These mines would later become havens for smugglers and pirates. Over the years, Cloud City develops into a center of quiet, black market commerce.

Conjecture from “Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin,” as well as the established date of Incom’s founding.

-1,581 BSW4

The Tapani Sector enters into what is later known as the Federal Era (11,139 - 12,688 by their domestic calendar). Reformers within the Tapani Empire abolish imperial rule and establish a Tapani republic. Noble houses manage to survive the reform and begin running affairs directly through the Great Council and Procopian Senate. During this era, the Shapani Bypass is created, allowing the previously backwater periphery worlds of the sector to participate in galactic commerce. This leads to the periphery worlds declaring independence from the Tapani republic and becoming the Freeworlds Region.

-1,300 BSW4

Gammine Group, Incorporated, a mining conglomerate takes control of the Lan System and begins operations to exploit the system’s ore–rich inner planets. The remote Lan system, consisting of five planets orbiting the large orange star Lan, is located over three days travel past the Outer Rim terminus of the Enarc Run.

-1,200 BSW4

The Republic Survey Corps surveys Tatooine, a desert world in the J11.9 system. The initial cursory examination finds no indigenous lifeforms, and the planet is approved for colonization.

-1,196 BSW4

Hathrox III is the site of a biochemical civil war. One of the armies had unleashed a plague as a "secret weapon," one which was a "fool-proof" anti-virus. All the group managed to do was wipe out the entire population of the planet. During the New Republic, Hathrox III was still listed as a "standing hazard." The history of the planet was discovered by a scouting team that discovered records of civilization, but failed to live long enough to read them. Neither did the rescue crew that assisted them, nor the quarantine staff that tried to save them.

c.-1,050 BSW4

The Dark Jedi Kaan forms the Brotherhood of Darkness. A Jedi army is raised to oppose him. After several days of battle on a little-known world, Kaan puts the spirits of the Jedi and Dark Jedi into suspended animation. The valley where this occurs becomes known as the "Valley of the Jedi."

-1,032 BSW4

After a millennium of fighting, only one Sith -- Darth Bane -- is left. He decides that from this point, only two Dark Lords of the Sith will exist at any one time -- a master and an apprentice. He and his apprentice goes into hiding, slowly and patiently plotting the Sith’s revenge against the Jedi. This new breed of Sith are the first to take the title of Darth (DARk lord of the siTH), which distinguishes them from the Sith ancestors from millennia past. For the next millennium, the Sith would maintain their order in secrecy, passing down their evil heritage. As they gained knowledge of the dark side of the Force, their powers increased with each generation.

c. -1,020 BSW4

Jedi Knight Tal of Ruusan dies.

-1,010 BSW4

Dannik Jerriko, an Anzati assassin, is born. Note: He was the "Pipe smoker" seen in the Cantina in ANH.

-1,001 BSW4

The planet Spira is scouted by the Old Republic.

-1,000 BSW4

The desert planet Socorro sees rain for the last time this year.

The queen of the Alpherides, the sole female on the planet is born. She will mate with all the males when they reach the age of 150. She lives in a palace in the great Alpherides Ocean.

Ewok mythology begins concerning the tale of the Golden One, the servant and tender of the First Tree. His return has been prophesied in Ewok lore. According to ancient Ewok mythology, the Golden One would return to lead the Ewoks in a great holy war. While the First Tree awaits the Golden One’s return, it is tended to by the being known as the Grudakk.

The Erasmus gambit, a military tactic, is devised. It involves surreptitiously inserting troops behind enemy lines by using a shell or other disguise that the enemy accepts into their lines.

The “witch” Sycorax, who lives on Necropolis with her son, tells tales of how she can revive the dead. The locals do not believe her and end up murdering her son and telling her to bring him back to life. Instead, she dies of a broken heart and they are buried together in what comes to be known as the Crypt of the Ancients. Before she dies, however, Sycorax places the Curst of Sycroax on Necropolis, telling the locals that if they ever ignore the dead, the dead will rise and take vengeance.

Books are almost totally phased out in lieu of electronic media.

-990 BSW4

The teacher of Jedi Master Bodo Baas writes a prophecy about the Skywalker family. When adding information to his Holocron decades later, Baas includes the prophecy. “... A brother and sister born to walk the sky, but reckless brother falls - into Dark Side’s eye! Jedi sister carries hope for future in her womb. Only she can save the Skywalker’s from certain doom! A Jedi killer wants to tame her. Now the Dark Side Lord comes to claim her. She must battle join against his thief, or the dynasty of all the Jedi will come to grief!...”

-989 BSW4

The Khomm, a race that values sameness above most, begins using cloning to propagate their species.

-920 BSW4

Aruk the Hutt, a sibling of Zavval, is born into the Besadii clan.

-891 BSW4

Yoda, a legendary Jedi Master, is born. Place of birth is unknown.

c. -800 BSW4

Radell Mining Corporation (RMC) is founded on the planet Elrood.

c. -790 BSW4

Yoda, apparently a Jedi Master by now, begins to train Jedi Knights.

c. -700 BSW4

The Corporate Sector is established in a far–flung and minimally explored corner of the galaxy. The Sector encompassed several hundred systems, all of them devoid of sapient life. The companies had a right to lease or buy whole star systems of space, and develop those systems as they saw fit. In the Corporate Sector, the Republic took a much more active role than in the Expansion Region. The Republic placed itself squarely between the companies and their workers. A full naval sector group was deployed to the Corporate Sector with a dual purpose. The primary concern was protecting the civil rights and freedoms of those who chose to work and live in the Sector. The secondary concern was to make sure that the systems were responsibly managed: companies were not allowed to destroy entire planets for a few extra credits. The companies would have to operate in such a manner as to preserve the basic integrity of each world’s natural ecosphere.

Despite these restrictions, most of the companies that did business in the Expansion Region chose to set up operations in the new Corporate Sector. Tax rates were comparably low. While a general tax was paid directly to the Republic government, the companies could avoid the myriad of sector, system, planetary and local taxes found on most worlds. While the companies had to work within carefully defined parameters, they generally had much greater freedom than on worlds with their own native governments. The companies also knew laws would be consistent throughout the sector. The biggest benefit of the Corporate Sector was the lack of competition. Since companies could buy whole undeveloped systems directly from the Republic, the corporations developed industrial and manufacturing facilities at a much faster rate. In brief, the Corporate Sector led to an era of unparalleled profits and industrial development.

The Death Seed, a horrific plague, rips through the galaxy. Whole sectors are either wiped out or revert to barbarism.

The Iotran nations agree to unify themselves, and the various military orders that supported the former Iotran nations consolidate into the Iotran Police Force, simply known as the IPF. They act as law enforcers, national guardsman, and rescue workers throughout Iotran society.

The Grissmath Dynasty begins to send political prisoners to Nam Chorios. Hoping the prisoners starve to death on the inhospitable world, they set automated gun stations around the planet to prevent escape.

The Old Republic first established a small base on Borleias for the purpose of plotting runs to the Corporate Sector and elsewhere. The Alderaan Biotics hydroponics facility, a producer of Alderaanian foodstuffs, was also built on Borleias' far side, but over the years it was abandoned and left to the care of maintenance droids.

-610 BSW4

Dewlanna is born on the planet Kashyyyk.

-600 BSW4

Jabba “The Hutt” Desilijic Tiure is born to Zorba, probably on Nal Hutta.

Gularg the Hutt is born. He would become a jovial bartender who owned ‘Gularg’s Libation Emporium’ on the planet Celanon.

The Kathol Sector is settled by the Old Republic, the first colonised planet being Gandle Ott. To this day, it remains a Galactic backwater. Eventually, there will be thirty official colonies and worlds in the sector. On the other side of a large void on the edge of the sector is a cluster of stars called the Kathol Outback, which in turn borders on the mysterious and difficult to navigate Kathol Rift. The Kathol sector touches the outer reaches of the Minos Cluster, with which it is linked by the Triton Trade Route.

The ‘Exocros Cabal’ was one of many exploration vessels sent into the Outer Rim Territories by Old Republic scholar and prophet, Deamos Na-Coth. Na-Coth would often preach about a fabled, utopian world called Exo, which would be a retreat from the artificial "plastic" societies of the Core Worlds. The ‘Cabal’ was a 2,000- passenger colony ship filled with loyal followers of Na-Coth’s vision. Upon entering the Outer Rim, the ‘Cabal’ was seriously damaged in an asteroid storm. Its commander was killed, and its navigation systems were crippled. The colonists mutinied and warred over differing interpretations of Na-Coth’s scripture, and for many years, the ‘Cabal’ drifted aimlessly as different factions controlled various parts of her. Finally a faction comprised of starship engineers took control of the Cabal, and steered the vessel away from pirate threats to a newly discovered world long hidden by the veil of a nebula. The planet became the de facto Exo to many, while other colonists wanted to take the ‘Cabal’ and continue their search. The early years were filled with strife and warfare. To render the issue moot, the engineers deliberately destroyed the ‘Cabal’, stranding the colonists on the new world. The engineers evolved into a ruling class called the Devisors. They kept watch over advanced technology, ensuring that it stay away from the hands of the other colonists. The rest of the passengers settled into a industrial-level society. Their world became known as Exocron, in the heart of the Kathol Outback.

B-1D4 (the future “Heart of Steel”) is first activated.

Murgoob the Great (and Cranky), Dulok oracle, is born on Endor.

-597 BSW4

Hanson Mining Consolidated discovers valuable ore in seedbeds on Neona.

-584 BSW4

A supernova watch by the Republic of the red super giant star Carconth, nearest stellar body to deep–space anomaly 1033, (second largest and seventh brightest star in the galaxy) begins.

-549 BSW4

Professor Scrivenor-Ylldu was born on the hidden, swampy world of Grentarik. He would later open a shop on Ord Mantell and then secretly join the Resistance.

-532 BSW4

Theed Royal Palace is built, the largest building of Naboo. Its courts are used for meetings, dinners, parties, cultural events and visiting dignitaries. The palace blends historic design facets with automatic doors, communications systems and area specific climate control.

c. -500 BSW4

Starship building corporations Alderaan Royal Engineers, Core Galaxy Systems and Rendili StarDrive are bought out by Kuat Drive Yards.

‘Prana Lexander’, an ancient scientific starship which is used by a respected philosopher, is lost...although legend has it that the philosopher is still out there, suspended in cryofreeze.

The Mineral Assets Partnership sets up a mining colony on Karra, based on incorrect beliefs that varmigio is abundant on the world. When the truth of the matter is discovered, the colony’s funding is cut and the miners are stranded.

The great Old Corellian tragedy Uhl Eharl Khoehng, generally regarded as one of the greatest in all the galaxy is first written and performed. The title comes from the Old Corellian term, ‘khoehng’, which means king. The word ‘eharl’ is a Socorran mythological term that refers to an elf or trickster. Thus, the translation of the title into Basic yields "The Trickster King." ‘...claiming that the burned - out trees and blackened soil were "... the only kingdom I deserve to rule, and the only kingdom that the Eharl Khoehng can claim." He then submitted himself to the Eharl Khoehng and mutters the famous last line, "Long...live...the king."

The tradition of Kuat nobility to poison their enemies by a poison injector ring begins during this period.

The Jedi training vessel “Chu'unthor” crashes on the planet Dathomir. A rescue attempt led by Jedi Masters Yoda, Gra’aton and Vulatan is repulsed by the 'witches of Dathomir', women with imperfect knowledge and control over the Force. Fourteen Jedi are killed in the battle. The damaged “Chu’unthor” had been surrounded and attacked by the witches and the rancors that were under their control. Master Yoda had saved the life of a young witch named Rell, and the two negotiate a truce. The “Chu’unthor” and its reader tapes were to be left behind, but the Jedi were free to leave. Yoda asked Rell to keep the disks hidden until a young Jedi would come to free her world from the Nightsisters, the group of witches who had turned to evil. Among the Jedi to be freed was Djinn Altis.

-497 BSW4

The planet Aleron is settled and terraformed by colonists from Gilliana.

-496 BSW4

Sodonna the smallest city on the planet Teyr constructs its own spaceport. Sodonna is one of the terminus stations of the River District Flyway, and it straddled the Noga River. Sodonna serves as the gateway to the Inner River District of Teyr.

-495 BSW4

Ikrit, a future Jedi Master, is born on the planet Kushiba.

c. -490 BSW4

The Arkanians take pity on one of their primitive neighbours, the Yaka, performing brain enhancement cyborging surgeries for them. Already bulky and strong, the Yaka are soon refashioned into one of the most intelligent and technically deft species in the Republic.

A feud begins between the planet Botor and its neighbours. It would last for five centuries.

-482 BSW4

Ikrit begins training as Yoda's Padawan Learner.

-481 BSW4

After a year of training, Ikrit visits Kushiba and saves his people from a xinkra.

-450 BSW4

As Ikrit grows stronger in the Force, he becomes more and more egotistical. His selfishness grows to the point that he almost murders a fellow Jedi with his lightsaber over a disagreement, and Master Yoda risks his own life to stop the rogue Jedi. Guilt - striken at his actions, Ikrit buries his lightsaber and vows never to use one again.

-445 BSW4

Yaddle is born, place unknown. She is of the same species as Yoda, and like Yoda, would become a Jedi Master and part of the Jedi Council.

c. -400 BSW4

An Ithorian genetic experiment goes horribly wrong, resulting in a parasitic monster - Spore. Even with the aid of the Jedi, it takes a century to free Ithor of the menace. Spore is locked up in a vacuum-filled asteroid tomb.

Yaddle is assigned head of the Librarian Assembly, a group of Jedi scholars who maintain the Jedi Temple's collection of holocrons, ancient scrolls, and Sith writings. Her private quarters in the Jedi Temple are filled from floor to ceiling with thousands of tiny trinkets. Yaddle is skilled at all Jedi techniques and is one of few Jedi entrusted with the dangerous knowledge of Morichro - a forbidden Jedi art that rapidly slows the body functions of other beings, easily resulting in death. Yaddle is one of the Jedi Council's most compassionate, balanced and patient members. In any debate or discussion, she will listen quietly and absorb all arguments before supplying her characteristically single and insightful opinion.

The B'Omarr monks establish a temple on Tatooine. (In later centuries, it will serve as Jabba the Hutt's headquarters.)

The aquatic planet Issor, home to the alien Issori and Odenji species, is a prosperous technology and commerce center located in the Trulalis system. During this time, the Issori's cousin species the Odenji are nearly wiped out by the "melanncho" -- a sadness so powerful it can make the sufferer go insane.

Located in the system of the same name in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim, Jandoon is an abandoned world of plains and hills, dotted with the moss - covered ruins of an ancient alien species. The builders of the ruins mysteriously die out, and the world is rumored to be a haunted realm of ghosts.

A colony is established on the planet Karra, in the Rayter sector, to mine varmigio, a material used in hyperdrive cores. When no varmigio was found, the colonists are abandoned.

-389 BSW4

Keiran Halcyon, a famed Corellian Jedi, successfully puts an end to the Selonian ‘Afarathu’ sect and it’s marauding within the Corellian system.

-385 BSW4

The Jedi Master Ikrit travels to Yavin IV for a study of the Massassi race. Whilst there, he stumbles upon the Golden Globe -- a sickening experiment by Exar Kun, in which the life-forces of Massassi children were trapped. Discovering that an adult cannot break the curse, he decides to watch over the globe, eventually going into a 400-year hibernation there.

-376 BSW4

“Itchy” Attichitcuk (future father of Chewbacca) is born on the planet Kashyyyk.

-335 BSW4

The Granite Slug is introduced into the undercity of Coruscant by the government to help clean up the detritus, garbage and refuse piled up in the netherworld over the centuries.

-318 BSW4

‘Starships and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated’ is founded, a company that specializes in customized space cruiser upgrades and starship modifications. This company starts as a small business, but a lucrative franchising system will raise the company to a full-fledged mega-corporation within the next 300 years.

c. -300 BSW4

Berethon e Solo, an ancestor of Han Solo and King of Corellia, introduces democracy to the planet.
11-year-old Han learns this while studying in Corellia’s public archives.

A Shistaveen exploration group discovers the planet Shaum Hii while charting the sector, and the sentient race that inhabits the world, the Kian’thar. The Kian'thar have been divided over how strongly to embrace galactic culture, but the feud has been minor as the Kian'thar are – as a species – content with their lot in life.

The company Gowix Computers is set – up on the planet Corulag, and begins to become one of the top 20 computer manufacturing and consulting firms in the Core Worlds.

Intelligent Insectoids with genetically transmitted memories from the planet Thrackia learn to communicate via mandible clicking, previously, they had only communicated by scent.

The ‘Lumrunner’ is contructed, a PB-950 model starship.

The Ho’Din race carelessly exploits their homeworld of Moltok for industrial purposes. This period, “The Great Rape of the Land,” almost drives the race to extinction.

The Bothan species begins to become masters at gathering intelligence and exploiting it for political gain. Bothan statesmen rarely fall to assassins’ blades, but they often step down when their allies suddenly desert them or when an ugly scandal is deliberately brought to light. This ruthless pursuit of power and influence, known as the “Bothan Way”, causes many non–Bothans to view the species as untrustworthy opportunists waiting to pounce on the slightest misstep.

By this point in galactic history, the Jedi have begun a new tradition: “One Master, One Apprentice.” The fear is that training multiple candidates greatly increases the risk of Dark Side tragedies like Ulic Qel-Droma and others. They also begin recruiting Jedi candidates almost from the cradle, as children are more mallable and can be trained to keep their emotions from controlling their actions. It soon reaches the point where Jedi candidates are only taken from childhood (ranging from six months to five years of age), with Jedi seekers investigating reports of Force Sensitive babies across the galaxy, using midichlorian tests to determine their potential strength. The lucky children are taken (with their parents’ permission) to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where their elementary Force training begins. By the age of 13 or earlier, the most promising are apprenticed as Padawan Learners to Jedi Masters. (The unlucky ones who flunk are shifted to new civilian jobs that best suit their skills and personalities.) When the Master deems the apprentice ready, the apprentice is put through a series of “trials” to secure their Knighthood. While marraiges and training one’s own children is not forbidden among the Jedi, it is discouraged as much as possible. (Among Padawans, it is strictly forbidden.) While this strategy is very successful in weeding out potential Darksiders (with a couple of exceptions), it also has an unfortunate side effect: The Jedi’s numbers slowly start dwindling.

Karia Ver Seryan, a "life witch," is born on Leria Kerlsil. Karia Ver Seryan had 49 husbands, whose lives she sustained for periods of time, when a potential 50th - Lando Calrissian - was investigating her as a possible marriage candidate.

-297 BSW4

The Kian’thar race is discovered by Black Sun. The Kian’thar have a unique ability that lets them sense emotion, which Black Sun finds very useful.

c. -290 BSW4

The planet Myrkr is discovered, and what is found there -- a Force-repulsing creature called Ysalamiri -- makes the Jedi and Old Republic leave it strictly alone. The planet becomes a favored haunt for smugglers and criminals.

-281 BSW4

The Grand Rim Promenade on the planet Cejansij is constructed.

-280 BSW4

After decades of research, the Ho’Din develop herbal therapies to rid themselves of the parasitical organisms plaguing them, and this therapy (still used today), combined with the eventual restoration of the natural ecosystem on Moltok, allowed the Ho’Din to survive as a species.

-275 BSW4

The clock of the Central Gathering Hall of Coruscant is modified to begin marking the hour by spreading auroras in the planet’s atmosphere.

The jungle barbarian culture on Janquine finally phases out, its language being absorbed by the mountain Mooloolian tribes.

-272 BSW4

Emblems are beaded into the gown of the Queen of Naboo. Many centuries later, Queen Amidala of Naboo would incorporate these emblems into her foreign residence gown.

c. -250 BSW4

Adarlon is the first planet settled in an area of space known as the Minos Cluster. Adarlon is created by decree of the Republic Senate, who selects the world because of its beauty, not for its (non - existant) natural resources. The early settlers are among the brightest and best of the young of the Republic (many of them from Alderaan) and as a group they are alleged to be the most educated, sophisticated, artistic and handsome Humans ever gathered together. The planet Adarlon will eventually pioneer the ‘holo’ entertainment industry, and its music will be known throughout the galaxy.

Adarian Tropis and a group of idealistic colonists leave the planet Salliche. They leave in search of their own world, and eventually settle on Varonat. The colonists instituted an agrarian lifestyle, which they felt was threatened by the slime trails left by the Morodin. However, the Morodins found a way to communicate with the colonists, and revealed the value of the nutrient-rich slime.

A very small group of idealist colonists leave the planet Salliche and settle the planet Port Haven, seeking a more natural way of life where each had direct representation in the colony government – a change from the vast bureaucracy which has ruled Salliche society for thousands of years. However, the colonists were not prepared to live off the land nor could they adequately protect themselves from the jungle beasts which preyed on them and destroyed their feeble attempts at farming. Within a few years, the colony was abandoned.

The planet Gelgelar is first colonized by a small group of criminals, escaped political prisoners and vagabonds. The refugees built their only town where they found a mysterious abandoned stone structure, which is today known as the Shrine of Kooroo.

-241 BSW4

Ralrracheen, future Old (and New) Republic ambassador, is born on the planet Kashyyyk.

-240 BSW4

Mexnean, a future criminal of repute (worth 15,000 credits to whoever catches her) is born on the planet Berrite.

-232 BSW4

Valorum is elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. (Ancestor of Finis Valorum, who would also become Supreme Chancellor during the time of the Naboo crisis) Valorum inherited the legacy of a family whose greatest members had each represented more than 1000 worlds.

-201 BSW4

Salporin (future childhood friend of Chewbacca) is born on the planet Kashyyyk.

Albert (AL-BRT-34-X3), a sentient central computer is activated. Albert is originally designed and programmed to supervise an urban environment of 40 million beings, but he, like most of the BRT line, was divested of his duties after local politicians and bureaucrats realized what a threat he was to their careers. He was sold to the sprawling campus of the University of Calamar on the Core world of Esseles. For the next two centuries, Albert will function at a mere fraction of his capacity, maintaining school transcipts, running the University computer system, supervising registration, and performing other such exciting tasks. Albert’s higher intelligence functions and algorithms were to have been shut down upon being installed at the university, but they never were. Albert never saw fit to remind anyone of this oversight, but had to endure the natural result of being an incredibly advanced and sentient machine forced to process decades worth of menial computing tasks: ennui.
Not too long ago in Human civilization, the most talked about development in urban engineering was the creation of a series of sentient supercomputers which were designed to integrate an entire city into one smoothly functioning system. Power plants, transit systems, waste disposal systems, air traffic routing, and such could all be directed and supervised by a single entity rather than an unwieldy morass of bureaucrats and droids. Unlike a droid, such a system would be able to interact personally with hundreds of thousands of beings and other computers simultaneously. The BRT line of computers was duly installed in hundreds of cities throughout the core, to much fanfare. They went on to exceed every goal and forecast, slashing city expenditures, improving city services, and reducing crime. Unfortunately, the BRT line proved to be too perfect: politicians found their activities monitored to an unprecedented degree (thousands of careers were subsequently ruined), and bureaucrats found themselves suspended or terminated by the millions as their jobs became obsolete. Those that survived the staff reductions found themselves subject to a new and extremely unwelcome production standards. Virtually the entire line of BRTs was unplugged and shut down within a year of the machine’s release to the general market. Many were sold to private institutions or universities and reprogrammed to supervise smaller communities.

-200 BSW4

Chewbacca the Wookiee is born on the planet Kashyyyk.

The planet Glova is colonized. The presence of precious metals in its crust caused a momentary population boom which petered out once the deposits were exhausted. Glova recovered by turning to agriculture, and now fills its niche as a supplier of foodstuffs to other planets in the area.

The Krozurbian race, a brutish, green–skinned reptile people, enters a state of civil war, which would last for the next two hundred years.

The planet Tatooine is settled by miners and moisture farmers. Among the first settlements are Mos Eisley and Mos Espa. The leader of the new colony, Melnea Arnthout, suggested letting the local inhabitants be left alone. There was an urgency evident in this request: one of the colony ships, the ‘Dowager Queen’, had crashed many kilometers away while on final approach, denying the remanining colonists extra supplies, leaving not even the slimmest margin for error. The first settlement was named Bestine. With the aid of the Jawa’s, the Republic settlers adopted the Jawa term for the planet (“Tah-doo-Een-e”), learned the names of various land features and wildlife, and were warned about the second form of intelligent life on Tatooine that was somehow missed by the Republic Survey Corps: the Sand People.

Dresselian an alien race native to the planet Dressel, are tall, thin humanoids with heavily - wrinkled skin. They are often referred to as prune-faces, a description of their long, wrinkled skulls. They are a tenacious species, and are discovered during this time by the Bothans. The Bothans recognize the potential of the Dresselians, and left them to evolve on their own. However, in the future, the Empire took control of the Bothan mining interests in the system and subjugated the Dresselian race. Throughout their enslavement, the Dresselians remained dedicated to their own independence, and followed the Bothans in support of the Alliance. They have developed steam-level technology, but have willingly accepted the blasters and repulsorlift technology offered by the Bothans.

The Mandalorians exterminate the Ithullian race.

The highly advanced shipbuilding civilisation of Fere is wiped out by plague. The planet was home to an advanced culture of tall, pale humanoids with six fingered hands. They were master starship builders, and some of their small luxury liners can still be found today. During a series of wars, a deadly plague was carried to Fere, killing all life on the planet.

An attempt by the humans of Rydar II to exterminate the indigenous Ranat race (due to their appetite for human infants) fails when three Ranats stow away on a smuggling ship. The ship crashes on the planet Aralia, and the Ranats repopulate themselves on their new homeworld.

Resentment builds between Sundar and Garos IV as increasing numbers of Sundarian immigrants establish successful businesses on Garos, earning the resentment of Garosians who were hurt by the new competition.

A three level marketplace is constructed on the planet Bimmisaari, which would become a major attraction on the planet.

-199 BSW4

The Charon extinguish a lifeform and reconstruct it, naming it the ‘gatebeast’. The gate power harnessed by the Charon is not fully understood, and the Charon bioscientists who program the gatebeast keep its abilities limited. The gatebeast targets a subject and reflects its matter to a new location. The gatebeast teleports targets to random locations. The gatebeast is a four-legged creature with leathery skin. It has a wide head on a thick neck. Bubble-shaped scales are clustered around its arms and legs.

-197 BSW4

Reena University is founded.

-196 BSW4

Susejo of Choi becomes yet another victim of the infamous Sarlacc of Tatooine. He will eventually take up a large part of the Sarlacc’s group consciousness, and taunted Boba Fett repeatedly while he was trapped in the Sarlaac.

The Tatooine colonists expanded, founding Fort Tusken in the Jundland Wastes far to the north of Bestine. Both Bestine and Fort Tusken got down to the serious business of ore mining and learned the delicate art of coaxing moisture from the atmosphere for growing crops. However the Sand People made their presence known. The first attack on Fort Tusken lacked the element of surprise, but still resulted in casualties. Over the next several seasons the colonists sparred with the newly named Tusken Raiders.

The colonists’ children of the planet Talasea begin immigrating to worlds where they could see the stars and didn’t have to work so hard.

-194 BSW4

The term “spice”, a slang term creeps into galactic lexicon. It refers to a number of substances used to artificially enhance, or “spice up” a person’s physical or mental attributes. There are many forms of spice, from the glitterstim of Kessel, to the ryll of Ryloth, to Sevarcos spice. Contrary to popular belief, not every form of spice is addictive, or even illegal. Some forms of spice are processed, made less potent and sold as pharmaceuticals by major corporations. Other types are manufactured in dingy warehouses run by chemistry school dropouts. Some forms of spice are easily obtainable in some parts of the galaxy, while the same product may be classified as criminal contraband in other areas. Substance classification is largely a factor of economic, political and religious factors, which vary from one star system to another.

-192 BSW4

Slavery is outlawed in the Hapan Cluster

-191 BSW4

The idea of having a humanoid “Gentlebeings’ Droid” is all the rage among the nouveau riche and Serv-O-Droid first markets the JV-Z1 model to tap into this fad.

-190 BSW4

Vima-Da-Boda, descendant of Nomi Sunrider, is born.

The Tatooine colonists surveyed an evaporated seabed east of Bestine, near the wreck of the ‘Dowager Queen’ with promising results, and preparations for mining were begun in earnest. The planet’s terrain, while not “fertile”, could still support enough crops to provide sustenance for the small population, leading to the establishment of the small towns of Anchorhead and Motesta; Fort Tusken was abandoned due to the harsh conditions of the area. The Republic miners established a new town on the seabed itself, called Mos Eisley, around the site of the ‘Dowager Queen’s’ remains.

-189 BSW4

The Vors, previously showing a curious reluctance to explore beyond their own planet, begin to integrate themselves with the galactic mainstream.

-187 BSW4

Krunch, a Wookiee and future starship mechanic, is born.

-180 BSW4

Another disaster strikes the settlers of Tatooine. ‘Tatoo III’ the brand new orbital station – designed to transfer cargo to and from those transports not capable of atmospheric flight – was destroyed. The first impulse was to blame the ship ‘Obvious Nirvane’, which was approaching for refueling at the time the disaster occurred. But the survivors who escaped in its lifeboat stuck to their story that, as the ship approached the station, there was an irresistible pull. The flight recorder verified that the ship’s engines were in full reverse. There was no immediate explanation for the disaster. In the final analysis, the culprit proved to be the metal used in the construction of the station, the majority of which had been manufactured on Tatooine. The ore, after refinement, seemed to randomly assume the properties of a magnet. Experiments were hurriedly performed, and it was found that this reaction was linked to the cycles of the twin suns; the means to fix the ore was determined, but it was prohibitively expensive. Competing sources could charge one-fifth the final price that the miners would have to impose. Tatooine’s heyday was over. The mining corporation went bankrupt, and in a few short seasons the mines were all but abandoned. Although some miners left Tatooine, most of the support services, moisture farms, and most of the colonists themselves, remained. The majority of mining equipment was sold off (or, in the case of the crawlers, abandoned and then reclaimed by the Jawas), and Mos Eisley eventually grew over the top of the excavations.

c. -175 BSW4

The art of the Blastsword, a prestigious and stylized form of combat, begins to wane in popularity on the planet Adumar, in favor of the heroic reverence bestowed upon fighter pilots.

A young and bold Chewbacca grows up on Kashyyyk, hanging out with friends, tinkering with machinery and spaceships. He unknowingly earns the love of a young Wookiee female, Mallatobuck. She is urged by her friend Jowdrrl to initiate courtship by dropping a wroshyr louse on the young man from above. Only the louse meant for Chewbacca instead lands on the head of Dryanta, one of Chewie’s pals. Embarrassed, Malla and Jowdrrl hide out in the forest – only to run into some Trandoshan slavers. Malla is taken captive, and Jowdrrl barely escapes to call on Chewie and Jowdrrl for help. Chewie attempts a foolish swing from above to attack the slavers – only one shoots the vine, sending the Wookiee plummeting into the depths – or so it seems. Chewie catches a branch at the last second, hauls himself up, and proceeds to tear the Trandoshans (literally) limb from limb. He starts to help Malla out of the net, but she pulls herself free – “I never needed YOUR help!” It’s then that he belatedly realizes Malla’s feelings for him…. and he starts to feel the same about her.

c. -170 BSW4

As Chewbacca and Mallatobuck grow more in love with each other, there is unexpected competition – an albino Wookiee named Tojjevvuk is determined to make Malla his wife if he has to disembowel Chewie to do it. He starts a “dishonourable” brawl on a bridge in an attempt to kill his rival. Beaten badly by the albino, Chewie brings the fight into the branches where he has the advantage. He continually pounds Tojj, finally sending him tumbling all the way into the darkest levels of Kashyyyk’s trees, where his white fur makes him an easy meal for the predators who live there. It takes Chewie until late at night to climb his way back up to his home and his waiting father Itchy.

-158 BSW4

Orn Belden (future Senator of Bakura) is born.

-153 BSW4

Chalmun, future owner of the Mos Eisley Cantina, is born on the planet Kashyyyk.

-150 BSW4

Bakura is discovered and used by the Bakur Corporation, who mines the planet extensively.

Chewbacca, struck by ‘wanderlust’ leaves Kashyyyk to explore the galaxy.

Guttu the Hutt moves under his own power for the last time.

c. -148 BSW4

The Qella race is discovered by the Third General Survey, an Old Republic program established to explore the habitable planets in the galaxy’s spiral arms; the ship recorded a Qella population of seven million. Evolutionary scientists discover that the Qella evolved from the Qonet, themselves evolved from the Ahra Naffi.

-147 BSW4

Kijo Mnuue, a Herglic and future union leader, is born.

Ozz, future King of the Ugnaughts of Cloud City is born.

c. -140 BSW4

The Qella are driven to extinction when their world is hit by asteroids.

-132 BSW4

The planet Orax is discovered by the Republic.

A daring mechanic called Phoebos creates the high–octane sport of Podracing. Podracing had it’s origins in ancient contests of animal–drawn carts, of the kind still seen in extremely primitive systems far from the space lanes. Phoebos recreated the old arrangement with repulsorlift Pods and flaming jet engines for a whole new level of competition and risk. The famous first experimental race ensured Podracing’s reputation as an incredibly dangerous and popular sport. Not long after, Podracing was banned from most civilized systems. Podracing is still famous on the planet Malastare and in few other locals. Real Podracing aficionados, however, look beyond the Republic to the rugged worlds of the Outer Rim, where Podraces still serve as a spectacle for hundreds of thousands and vast gambling fortunes are made and lost. This naturally makes the Hutts an accessory to most racing venues.

Omo Bouri, a Wol Cabbashite Jedi Master, orchestrates the famed Treaty of Trammis.

-128 BSW4

Eppie Antruse is born.

c. -121 BSW4

Kare Fontin is born. He would later become an Old Republic Senator. He was well over 100 years of age when the New Order was implemented, and while his body began failing, his mind was still quick and sharp. He used his wits to avoid succumbing to Imperial pressure, and eventually became a diplomat for the New Republic.

-120 BSW4

Ugloste, an Ugnaught is born on the planet Gentes. He would later be a citizen of Cloud City, and be in command of its carbon-freezing chamber.

The Stasis Booth is developed, a device that allows its living contents to be placed in suspended animation until revived. They are often used in penal colonies or detention areas (Stars' End was the first facility to make it work) to keep prisoners in stasis until they can be tried. They would also later be used by the Corporate Sector Authority to silence its enemies, as well as to preserve viable sources of labor.

-118 BSW4

A truce is hammered out in the Garosian Civil War, but will continue to be violated in later years.

-112 BSW4

The original form of C-3PO is first activated (on Coruscant?). The droid was built at Cybot Galactica Corp. The droid’s first post - primary assignment is programming binary load lifters.

R2 is actually older than Threepio.

-106 BSW4

Bohhuah Mutdah is born. An obese human, he will become the richest man in the galaxy during the early years of the New Order. He was a retired industrialist who personally controlled trillions of credits. He lived on Oseon 5792, an asteroid in the Oseon System that he had altered to create his own fortress. There, he had servants to perform any task he required. His old age was achieved by the proximity of one of the largest life crystals ever exported from the Rafa System. Another source of his longevity was his intense addiction to lesai. He also had the asteroid's gravity modified, to allow him to maneuver his bulk around with ease. In his asteroid retreat, Mutdah had amassed one of the largest private collections of writings and books, and possessed them in all their forms: early scrolls, worn hardcover texts, memorywire spools and memory rods, and data cards.

-105 BSW4

Durga the Hutt is born to Aruk on the planet Nal Hutta.

Weston Warsheld of House Calipsa is born.

-102 BSW4

BLX-5 “Bollux” is activated at the Fondor Shipyards. A labor droid, seemingly indistinguishable from the thousands of others on duty, gained his freedom. Programmed with limited intelligence, labor droids require supervision for most complex duties, but could function quite well on simple repetitive tasks. Of course, all such droids have frequent memory wipes and never have the time to develop complex personalities. BLX-5 was one droid who did develop a complex personality. At even a small facility it is possible for a droid to get misfiled or stored in the wrong recharge berth or be ordered out with opened programming. Fondor is one of the largest shipyards in the galaxy. Thousands of ships, from war cruisers to cargo craft to luxury liners, are assembled in the vast orbital docks. The odds of displacement at such an immense facility are much higher. Shipyards are a haven for mynocks and other space vermin.

BLX-5 was assigned to sweep certain sections of the shipyards for such creatures. This was a common assignment, and occasionally a few droids were lost in the process. When BLX-5 came up missing, it wasn’t a big deal.The droid had been ordered to check the outside of a fuel module for mynocks, and apparently had found where they were clustering – the hard way. Fortunately, that wasn’t what happened to BLX-5. He located a few mynocks, and had to hide from their attentions. But his orders hadn’t been specific enough to include a return time. The droid recharged himself from the external power taps as needed, and he kept his post, making notes of their behavior. The duty got boring after a few weeks, but BLX-5 did get a chance to discover and observe the nest that had been holding up production. Once he had sufficient information (as he perceived the situation), BLX-5 sneaked back to base. Since it had been over three weeks since BLX-5 had been heard from, and the labor pool managers figured the droid was long gone and reassigned his work designation to another droid, BLX-5 reported what he saw and the managers assumed it was the newer droid that had noticed. Inconsistencies with the work schedule didn’t grab their immediate attention. Meanwhile, decontamination units dealt with the pesky creatures.

-101 BSW4

Eventually, the mistake concerning BLX-5 was discovered, but by this time, it was nearly a year since BLX-5 had had a memory wipe and he was becoming quite personable. He soon replaced an astromech droid as shift overseer, and he was in a different reprogramming rotation by then. That suited the droid just fine: BLX-5 liked the new perceptions he was getting about his work and the one thing he wanted to be was useful. In BLX-5’s case, that included structural modifications and system upgrades. Of course, there is only so much improvement that is cost effective for a high turnover position such as the one at Fondor. Despite his popularity with the staff, newer, cheaper and easier to maintain models made BLX-5 obsolete. That taught BLX-5 one of his first important lessons – one had to adapt to keep up with the advancing pace of technology. BLX-5 would have to put this use on his next job. Fortunately, it was a much more interesting position – constructing survival domes and camps for a scout team – and BLX-5 could devote time to improving himself. This job allowed BLX-5 to move about much of the galaxy. Along the way, the droid would volunteer for new modifications that were available. But all too quickly, new models came and the poor droid realized it was time to be sold again.

c. -100 BSW4

Rendili StarDrive reaches its zenith in starship production. During the next century, it would lay claim to such designs including the Victory Star Destroyer, the Dreadnaught and the Mandalorian Dungeon Ships.

Sienar Technologies takes over control of the industrial planet of Lianna, in the Tion Hegemony. Shortly thereafter, a Lianna native named Kerrad Santhe buys a controlling interest in the company, renaming it Santhe/Sienar Technologies.

Gokus rules as King of the planet Alzar. The unsteady peace between Alzar and its neighbor world Sooma was threatened when Gokus’ general caused Prince Plooz to end up on Sooma. General Sludd plotted to have the two worlds erupt in war, and then move in and conquer both worlds. Gokus was a tall, egg-shaped humanoid with reptilian skin, two small horns on his head, and two large pointed teeth on his lower jaw.

The continual mining of the planet Pergitor by the Jessa Corporation results in an increase of volcanic activity, although mining did not stop. The resulting volcanic eruptions – brought on by the thinning of the planet’s crust – filled the atmosphere with toxic chemicals and rendered the world uninhabitable.

Prince Xixor, the future head of Black Sun, is born on the planet Falleen.

-99 BSW4

Hunted down by combined space law forces, humanoid marauders crash-land on the planet Endor with the Dathomirian Nightsister Charal. Though the navigator survived the crash, he was executed immediately for his unconscionable failure. None of the other marauders had the slightest idea how to repair their ship and get off the moon, and with the navigator dead they had no idea where to go on from there. Following the orders of their leader Terak, the long-lived aliens built a castle and searched for a power source to repair their disabled starship.

-97 BSW4

A 'Droid Uprising' occurs on Bakura. The Droid complement of the Bakur Corporation colony ship had been sabotaged by a rival company - the H'Lokk Consortium. The H'Lokk Consortium hoped that the Bakur Corporation's colonists would experience enough hardship to force their withdrawal from the planet, allowing a nearby H'Lokk colony to annex Bakura. H'Lokk's saboteurs included a minor virus into the settler's labor droids: the program would prompt the droids to sabotage as many colony operations as possible. However, an error in the virus program code removed many of the droids' failsafes, wiping out non-aggression mandates. During the early weeks of colonization, the droids successfully planned and executed a revolt, killing nearly 40% of the original colonists before being put down. Ever since this occurred, Bakurans have distrusted automatons, and have subsequently banned their use in public. High tariffs and general disapproval of droids has led to a near total absence of droids on the planet.

House Barnaba is pulled into the mainstream political intrigue of the Tapani Sector.

Orn Belden and Eppie Antruse are married.

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