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-96 BSW4

Inevitably, as the number of member worlds increased, the Republic found itself saddled with too massive a bureaucracy. It had grown too large, gotten too old, and corruption had set in. A few unscrupulous, greedy Senators had started a destructive chain reaction of malaise. They saw the first lingering problems as cracks in the system of government that could be exploited for personal gain. These beings found that their colleagues were far too occupied by the day to day running of the Republic to monitor their activities adequately. The corruption was too small to be noticed at first. But as soon as the opportunities grew, so did the number of Senators who were seduced by the lure of illegitimate power and wealth. These Senators found an easy alliance with some of the mammoth corporate interests that were constantly on the lookout for easier ways to make a profit. A few arrogant, self–serving bureaucrats fell to seduction, and suddenly, a virus was in the stars.

Every instance of instability, each uncertainty in government action, every wrinkle in senatorial policy and procedure became a means to foster larger opportunities. Senator turned on Senator, values eroded, trusts were broken, and fear gripped the Republic. What was once thought to be immortal suddenly saw the approach of its own destruction, and the Old Republic was afraid. Corruption and fear spread like a mutant disease, quickly reaching epidemic proportions without any visible cause. The Old Republic’s troubles multiplied, and no one seemed to know what was happening – or why.

As often happens when wealth and power pass beyond the admirable and attain awesome, then appear those evil ones who have greed to match. So it is with the Republic at its height. Like the greatest of trees, able to withstand any external attack, the Republic rots from within though the danger is not yet visible from the outside.

The planet Danoor, located in the Nah'Malis System of the Kathol Outback, is colonized. The colonists are scientists who want to dedicate their research to studying the Kathol Rift. When word reached other planets in Kathol Sector of Danoor's natural beauty and resources, other groups established settlements there as well.

-95 BSW4

The political climate on Lwhekk (home planet of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium) changes when the new political ruler of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium assumes power. His Potency, the Shreeftut of Lwhekk, apparently seizes power after years of internecine fighting between his political allies and the factions that supported the former ruler. (The former ruler's name has been removed from all Ssi-ruuvi records). His Potency represents a more expansion minded faction of the Ssi-ruuvi population, and expresses his desire to move the Ssi-ruuk outward, not for exploration, but rather as a means of capturing more "energy resources". His Potency proposes the capture of other worlds as sources of energy (‘entechment’), and indicates his desire to consecrate these worlds according to Ssi-ruuvi custom.

-94 BSW4

Tem Chesco is born, world unknown.

The Jedi Master T’un becomes caretaker of the records of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a role he will hold for over fifty years.

-92 BSW4

The mining industry of the Outer Rim world Halmad, which includes ground, lunar and asteroid belt - fails, leaving the facilities abandoned. Halmad was the trade center at the hub of several well-travelled trade routes.

Ki-Adi-Mundi is born on the planet Cerea.

Qui-Gon Jinn, a future Jedi Master, is born on Malastare.

-91 BSW4

Qui-Gon Jinn begins his training to be a Jedi.

-89 BSW4

Eol Sha is settled by the Old Republic by entrepreneurs who intended to use ramjet-mining ships to plow through the Cauldron Nebula and scoop up valuable gasses. With the collapse of the Old Republic more than half a century later, Eol Sha was just one of thousands of forgotten colony worlds.

-88 BSW4

A female Jedi Knight known only as “The Dark Woman” comes to Cerea to see four-year old Ki-Adi-Mundi, who has shown signs of Force sensitivity. His father refuses to allow Ki to go to Coruscant for testing by the Jedi Council -- but an attack by raider Bin-Gardazon changes his mind. The Council approves Ki as a Jedi Padawan Learner, and he begins his training under Master Yoda.

The Jedi Master Plett builds his house and laboratory in the Plawal rift on the planet Belsavis that serves as a safe haven for the Jedi and their families. He names it Plett's Well.

Jedi Ashka Boda obtains Master Bodo Baas's Holocron.

-87 BSW4

When a Garosian grain - processing factory is destroyed, full scale civil war breaks out between Sundari and Garos IV.

-86 BSW4

Locus Geen is born. He would become an Old Republic General.

-84 BSW4

Jorus C'Baoth is born on the planet Bortras.

Lord Weston Warsheld begins ruling House Calipsa.

-83 BSW4

Riga Lanchenzoor is born. She would later become and Executive Viceprex of the Financial Division of the Corporate Sector Authority.

-82 BSW4

Doman Beruss is born on the planet Illodia. He will later become a New Republic Senator.

The future Emperor Palpatine is born on Naboo, the planet he will later represent in the Senate.

-81 BSW4

Nejaa Halcyon is born on the planet Corellia. He would later become a Jedi Master and an unsung hero of the Clone Wars.

-80 BSW4

Nejaa Halcyon begins his Jedi training.

Lud, of the Rakaan species is born on the planet Raakaa IV. He would be a major future crime boss in the Elrood sector.

Chewbacca is sold into slavery by the relatives of Tojjevvuk. On a Trandoshan slaver ship, he single-handedly incites a revolt between the Wookiee slaves and the Trandoshans. The Wookiees overwhelm the slavers and either kill or cripple them.

-79 BSW4

13-year old Qui-Gon Jinn becomes a Padawaan Learner. On a visit to his homeworld, he finds a small, smooth rock at the River of Light that he keeps as a personal memento for years to come.

-78 BSW4

Rostek Horn is born on the planet Corellia. He would later become one of CorSec's best officers, as well as a skilled botanist.

Scerra, future wife of Nejaa Halcyon and later Rostek Horn, is born on the planet Corellia.

-77 BSW4

3.13: Ki Drayson is born on Corellia to Jedi Knight's Valin and Sylvn Drayson. Even though there will be a second Ki Drayson later on, this is the real, original Ki. He will later take on the name of Kody Sarin.

-75 BSW4

King Cana begins ruling Gala.

-73 BSW4

Kassar Kosciusko of the Tarro race, and a future deep cover agent and assassin, is born.

-72 BSW4

Stalnus, a future murderer of repute (wanted 35,000 dead or alive) is born on the planet Rior.

Mace Windu, a future Jedi Master, is born.

Shmi Skywalker, future mother of Anakin, is born. Birthplace unknown.

Tem Chesco marries Maia, his love for years. Tem is hired by miners on Cirus II to haul syntonium crystals to Tatooine. Shortly after hitting hyperspace, his hyperdrive and comlink are destroyed by a rogue asteroid. Marooned, he sets his course for the nearest planet using his sub-light engines.

-70 BSW4

The Haik expedition discovers a reliable hyperlane through the Kira system, which they name the Kira Run. The Kira Run connects the Lazerian and Ropagi systems, and also links the Harrin Trade Corridor with the Enarc Run. It was originally seen as a risky, uncertain route, but recently small shipping companies have begun servicing the Run and bringing it into the company of established trade routes.

Tal Anavere, a Ho’Din and a future information collector, is born.

Seti Ashgad is born.

-69 BSW4

Clat’Ha is born.

-68 BSW4

Andreas Pell is born.

Nejaa Halcyon is taken as a Padawan Learner.

-67 BSW4

Jorus C'Baoth attends Mirnic University.

Ki-Adi-Mundi completes his training under Master Yoda in the ways of the Jedi, and returns to Cerea to bring Bin-Garda-Zon to justice -- or perhaps to kill him. He arrives at Bin’s camp, and challenges him to a fight -- with Ki’s hands tied behind his back. But what he finds instead is a woman leader who beat Bin years ago for command. Bin himself is now blind and used for feeding the animals. The woman has Ki tied up anyway, and beat him to a bloody pulp...

He wakes up tied in a hut, where the elderly Bin taunts him. Ki breaks free, and attacks only to be accosted by the woman chief again. This time the fight's to the death -- but when Ki gets the upper hand, he spares her. Bin has at Ki himself, but Ki shrugs off the ineffective assault and heads home, content that justice has been served...

-66 BSW4

(Future Captain) Dorja is born on the planet Coruscant.

(Future Captain) Gilad Pellaeon is born on the planet Coruscant.

The Republic Cruiser ‘Radiant VII’ is built and launched by Corellian Engineering Corporation – the great orbital shipyards of Corellia. Once construction is completed, the ‘Radiant VII’ begins service in the diplomatic corps of Coruscant. The striking red color of the Republic Cruiser sends a message to all who see it. Red is the color of ambassadorial relations and neutrality for spacecraft of the Galactic Republic, and has been for generations. Scarlet delcares the ship’s diplomatic immunity and serves as a warning not to attack. The ship has endured many adventures, bringing Jedi Knights, ambassadors and diplomats to trouble spots around the galaxy on missions of security and vital political significance.

Nields’ cousin (who will later be his caregiver) is born on Melida / Daan.

On a voyage in the Outer Rim, the Skywalker family’s ship is boarded by pirates.The family is separated and (including 6 year old Shmi) sold into slavery.

-65 BSW4

Cryle Cavv, an acquisitions specialist, is born.

-64 BSW4

Wilhuff Tarkin is born on the planet Eriadu in the Seswenna sector. He would be the instigator in the ‘Ghorman Massacre’ and become the first Grand Moff.

Tem Chesco discovers Millie, a droid, on his ship. She provides him with companionship.

-62 BSW4

Xanatos is born to Crion on the planet Telos.

-61 BSW4

Followers of the H’kig Religion, in the face of religious persecution, prejudice and open hatred, purchase two colony ships and go in search of a suitable Rim world to settle on. They found the planet Rishi.

Qui-Gon Jinn discovers Xanatos and his Force potential on Telos. After a brief hesitation, he brings the boy to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to begin training.

-60 BSW4

The ‘Millenium Falcon’, a YT-1300 Corellian light stock freighter, is constructed.

Conjecture based on circumstantial evidence that the Falcon had been quite old already when given to Lando Calrissian, and then to Han Solo.

Jorus C'Baoth begins a two - year study at the Jedi academy on the planet Kamparas, and then begins private training under an unknown master.

Prince Beju Tallah is born on Gala.

Nejaa Halcyon is approved by the Jedi Council as a Jedi Knight. He returns to his home, Corellia, to serve his people. Shortly after he returns, he meets a woman named Scerra, and the two fall in love.

-59 BSW4

Almost a year after they met, Jedi Knight Nejaa Halcyon and Scerra are wed.

-58 BSW4

Bossk is born to Craddossk on the planet Trandosha.

Jorus C’Baoth is declared a Jedi Knight.

Retter Lewis, future Director of the Alliance Agent Protection Network and an artifact appraiser, is born.

-57 BSW4

Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi is born on the planet Tatooine.

Bruck Chun is born.

Nield is born on Melida/Daan to the Daan, Micae, and his wife.

Cerasi is born on Melida/Daan to the Melida, Wehutti, and his wife.

A young Zabrak boy (possibly named Khameir Sarin?) is born on Iridonia. The child is strongly Force-sensitive. But before the Jedi can discover him, the baby is kidnapped from his family by (unbeknownst to anyone) Darth Sideous. Bringing the child to Coruscant, Sideous begins raising him as a Sith Apprentice. He renames the child “Darth Maul.”

The Old Republic base on Dweem is abandoned. Its security is left in the care of sentry droids known as Iron Knights, who remain undisturbed (except for intrusions by local wildlife) for the next sixty years.

-56 BSW4

At the tender age of one, Obi-Wan begins his Jedi training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, under Master Yoda.

A pair of Duinuogwuin star dragons decide to reproduce on the planet Shatuun, a largely uninhabited world found in the Kathol Outback between the Uukaablis and Nah’Malis systems. The star dragons create a home for themselves, but were quite reclusive in their ways. They would accept visitors they believe they can trust, since they didn't want the rest of the Outback to know they were there.

-55 BSW4

Chewbacca is on Kashyyyk, his homeworld, for the last time before meeting Han Solo.

Ansan Talam, a grizzled miner, is born.

Yeorg Captison is born on the planet Bakura.

-54 BSW4

(Future Moff of the Lambda sector) Par Lankin is born on the planet Desstious. His crimes against the New Republic will earn him a 65,000 credit price on his head.

Bant is born on the planet Calamari.

-53 BSW4

Tarn Innis is born. He will become an Imperial supply officer.

Kassar Kosciusko is marred by one huge scar, the result of an encounter with a group of five Loag assassins in the seedy East Side of Luj City on the planet Novor 23. Both he and the Loag party had been sent by different parties to eliminate the same target – Kassar survived to speak of the tale.

-52 BSW4

Garm Bel Iblis (future Rebel General) is born on the planet Corellia.

Del Hunter is born.

Oppo Rancisis begins teaching at the Jedi Order, located at Coruscant, after becoming a Jedi Master under the tutelege of Yaddle. Rancisis is a master of Malacia, a Jedi technique that induces a powerful dizziness and nausea in enemies. It is completely incapacitating like a hammer blow, but does not cause any lasting physical damage. Only a few other Jedi have come close to mastering the difficult discipline. When peaceful negotiations fail, Rancisis ensures that Jedi-counseled military tactics are cunning and effective using his artful strategies and battle plans.

Bolabo Hujaan, a Sullustan and future starship mechanic, is born.

(Future) Imperial Admiral Gaen Drommel is born on the planet Oplovis. His crimes will net him a 75,000-credit bounty.

On Melida/Daan, Micae and his three eldest sons (i.e. all but Nields) go into battle with the Melida. All four die.

On Melida/Daan, Micae’s widow (Nields’ mother) leaves Nields with a young cousin and goes into battle against the Melida. She dies. Shortly thereafter, the Melida invade the cousin’s village, but Nields and his cousin escape.

An identical bounty will be posted on future Imperial General Arndall Lott, born this year on the planet Kwenn.

Jar Jar Binks is born in the underwater city of Otoh Gunga, located in the swamps of the planet Naboo.

After years of neglect, the Tasar system is finally considered worthy for exploration or colonization. The system, too far from standard shipping lanes, indicated from long–range scans that only one world could support life, and that it was barely fit at that.

(Future tax defrauder) Gornt Seron is born on the planet Korbin.

-51 BSW4

(Future terrorist) Lohn Genden is born on the planet Alderaan.

Jorus C'Baoth serves as the personal Jedi adviser to Senator (and future Emperor) Palpatine.

-50 BSW4

(Future Rebel general) Airen Cracken is born on the planet Contruum. He grew up on his parent’s farm, and was particulary adept at modifying and fixing machinery. He later opened a mechanic’s shop, and repaired everything from landspeeders to holoprojectors. He married a Corellian woman namde Josta, and they had two children before the Empire took control of Contruum.

Noncomformist Anomids surface in Anomid society – those who look down on their brothers’ and sisters’ cumbersome clothes and pacifist ways – are fierce “nationalists”. They shun the customs of the past and regard violence as a sometimes necessary means to protect the rights of the Anomid people.

Ohran Keldor is born. He is one of the designers of the original Death Star, and he taught at Moff Tarkin's Omwat orbital school. Ohran and his colleagues were on the first Death Star when it destroyed Alderaan. They were dropped off on Carida as the Death Star made its way to Yavin IV.

A conflict arises between two Bith cities, Nozho and Weogar, concerning the patent rights to a new stardrive. In accordance with the laws of their society, the two cities submitted their claims to a neutral arbitrator. However, an agent from Nozho uncovered some compromising information about the arbitrator and blackmailed him. Subsequently, Weogar’s mayor learned of the blackmail and refused to honor the arbitrator’s decision, and soon both cities were producing the stardrive, resulting in severe trade competition and the first Bith war in nearly a million years. Unfortunately, when sophisticated technology such as that available to the Bith is involved, wars are almost always of a genocidal level. Nozho launched a chemical attack against Weogar, wiping out 90 percent of the city’s population and garunteeing that the Weogar industries would no longer be capable of producing stardrives. In retaliation, Weogar unleashed against Nozho a biological agent that altered the basic DNA structure of anything it contacted. The unforeseen result was a planet–wide wave of evolutionary degeneration and mutation that turned their garden world into a monster–filled wasteland. The surviving, untainted Bith were forced to contruct and retreat into hermetically sealed domes, where they live to this day, afraid to venture onto the surface of their own planet.

The m’Yalfor’ac is a native military service of the planet Guiteica, home of the Bitthaevrian species. Bitthaevrians are naturally and culturally inclined to use direct conflict to resolve disputes. This has led to a warrior ethos and intense dislike of aliens who use diplomacy, political process or indirect methods. This led to a military confrontation between the Order and the Republic. This short war was settled by the efforts of a band of Jedi, who used their powers to the Republic’s advantage. The Republic and Jedi were therefore condemned by the Order and declared perpetual enemies of the Bitthaevrian people. This was regarded as a formality by the Republic, since the Bitthaevrians rarely ventured offworld and lacked the military technology to be a real threat.

Abav Ghart, an average sized Gotal male with numerous cybernetic enhancements such as his repulsehand, becomes a pirate. He would later be leader and founder of the notorious Void Demon pirates of Isen IV. Ghart is unscrupulous, and would do anything for profit.

Qui-Gon Jinn takes Xanatos to be his Padawaan Learner.

Valin Halcyon (or as he is later known, Hal Horn) is born on the planet Corellia to Jedi Knight Nejaa Halcyon and his wife, Scerra.

Soon after the birth of his son Valin, Nejaa Halcyon is partnered with CorSec officer Rostek Horn, in an effort to better police Coronet City and all of Corellia. Their successes would later make them feared by criminals all over Corellia.

Fabritech becomes a leader in starship sensor technology.

-49 BSW4

Pter Thanas is born.

Jorus C'Baoth plays an instrumental role in quelling a Dark Jedi insurrection in the Bpfassh system.

On Melida/Daan, Nields’ caregiver/cousin is called to fight for the Daan. She dies in the battle, leaving Nields alone in the world, except for the Young, whom he meets after a short while.

A quarter of a million people are killed when the mining dome on Varristad is damaged. The culprit, a Hutt named Jemba (who works for Offworld Mining) buys up the mineral rights and makes a fortune when the mine’s owner goes bankrupt.

About a year after his birth, a very young Valin Halcyon begins to learn the ways of the Force from his father, Jedi Knight Nejaa Halcyon.

-48 BSW4

Mon Mothma is born on the planet Chandrila. Her father is Arbiter - General of the Republic, and her mother is Chandrilan governor. Her father taught her respect for all beings, while her mother taught her how to administer, organise and - most important - how to lead.

Sylvn, daughter of Ki-Adi-Mundi, is born on the planet Cerea.

Leger Demain, a future entertainer, smuggler and Rebel informant is born.

<>Grumby becomes a career officer in the Republic and later, the Imperial Navy, that would last for over thirty years. He would fight in the battle of Ogorth Tiir.

-47 BSW4

(Future kidnapper and) Imperial Lieutenant Lon Donell is born on the planet Prefsbelt.

Sena Leikvold Midanyl (future aide of Garm Bel Iblis) is born on the planet Corellia.

Qui-Gon is ready to accept Xanatos as a full Jedi Knight -- but Yoda isn’t so sure. He sends the two to Telos. En route, the ship is attacked by pirates -- pirates apparently helped by Xanatos. When Xanatos sees how powerful his father (now Governor) Crion has become in his absence, the boy becomes resentful. When Crion tries to set up a war with a neighboring planet, civil war breaks out instead. Xanatos leads his father’s army, but Qui-Gon personally murders Crion in front of his son. Now completely in the Dark Side, Xanatos sears the mark of his father’s white-hot ring into his face, and vanishes. Shattered, Qui-Gon vows never to take another apprentice.

Veruna is elected as King of Naboo, who would become embroiled in outworld politics. Senator Palpatine never favored King Veruna, even after the stubborn ruler heeded Palpatine’s suggestions to become more involved in foreign affairs.

5.31: Eloise Knightsbridge is born.

Ozz, future King of the Ugnaughts of Cloud City, is freed from bondage after being a slave for the first 100 years of his life.

Jedi Knight Sharad Hett, increasingly haunted by the lack of a family in his life, turns to his old master Eeth Koth for guidance. Koth arranges for Hett to visit his parents. He finds upon his arrival that his entire family was murdered by an alliance of offworld rivals who devastated the planet. Shattered by this tragedy, Hett flees into the Outer Rim and crashes his cruiser on Tatooine. He wanders out into the Jundland Wastes to become a hermit. He is eventually found and taken in by the Sandpeople, who accepts him as one of their own. He marries a Tusken named K’Sheek. Tragically, she is killed a year later in a desert storm – but not before giving birth to his son, A’Sharad. Finding the baby strong in the Force, Sharad begins to train him in the ways of both the Jedi and the Tuskens. The Jedi are unaware of all of this, and eventually presumes Sharad dead.

-46 BSW4

Padme Naberrie Amidala, future wife of Anakin Skywalker (and mother of Luke and Leia) is born on the planet Naboo to a pair of humble villagers in a small mountain village, where her exceptional abilities are recognized early in life.

The ‘Smoking Blaster’, a modified Loronar medium transport ship measuring 75 meters in length and armed with four twin laser cannons, begins service.

Blaine Harris (future Defence Minister of Bakura) is born.

The Bandorian Colonies are wiped out by an outbreak of the Candorian plague. The epidemic was contained before it reached beyond the colonies, and the plague was thought to have been eradicated.

The Melida girl Deila is last seen by her mother, having joined the Young on Melida/Daan.

A fleet of two hundred Dreadnaughts, slave-circuited together, is launched, called the ‘Katana’ fleet after its commanding vessel. (It was also known as the 'Dark Force.') Due to a hive virus that infiltrates the crew, the ‘Katana’ fleet jumps into hyperspace and vanishes for the next half-century.

Jorus C'Baoth assumes the title of Jedi Master.

The Ssi-Ruuvi Ivpikkis joins the Ssi-Ruuvi military, eventually becoming an Admiral.

-45 BSW4

Senator Palpatine funds and promotes long-range exploration into the Deep Core. He commissions the launch of thousands of probots programmed to chart safe hyperspace routes into and through the Deep Core. Combining the apparent fatalism of a political realist with the shrewd and subtle power moves of a chess master, this senator from a humble provincial planet is a consummate performer in his chosen arts. The Senate Chamber is Palpatine's stage, and he takes advantage of everything it has to offer in order to drive his points home. The way sound bounces off the walls, the seating arrangement, the lighting that plays differently from one area to the other, the lines of sight everyone has or lacks - Senator Palpatine does not miss a single detail that might help him attain his goal. Which is to help Naboo, of course.

Jorus C'Baoth is sent to help determine the proper line for Viceroy of Alderaan. It takes less than a month for C'Baoth and the other Jedi to decide that Bail Organa's father has the proper claim.

Obi-Wan Kenobi accidentally causes fellow Jedi student Bruck to carry a grudge against him by tripping him up in a temple corridor. Bruck takes to calling him “Oafy-Wan.”

King Cana of Gala dies, but not before revealing to Queen Veda that he has an illegitimate daughter named Elan.

Berren Sid Te is born. He would later become a Rebel cell operative and information gatherer.

(Future Captain) Brandei is born on the planet Mantooine.

Due to his growing skill as a Jedi and the effectiveness of his police work, Nejaa Halcyon ascends to the level of Jedi Master. As is the tradition of all Corellian Jedi, he gives Corellian Jedi Medallions signifying his ascension to his friends and family, including Rostek Horn.

-44 BSW4

Irenez (future aide to Garm Bel Iblis) is born on the planet Corellia.

Ulric Tagge is born, place of birth unknown. He would later become an Imperial General.

Six-year-old Hal Horn throws a temper tantrum over a toy that had been broken. His father takes him back out into the yard and tells him that he can’t let his emotions run wild that way, that it disturbed the universe. He then begins to teach Hal simple exercises to calm himself, and drills him until it becomes second nature.

(Future thief and spy) Tord Gamb is born on Port Evokk.

Ackbar, future Rebel (and New Republic) Admiral, is born on the planet Calamari.

Jedi student Obi-Wan Kenobi is just four weeks away from his 13th birthday... and from losing his last chance to become a Jedi Knight. His only hope is that Master Qui-Gon Jinn will take him as a Padawan apprentice. But when a jealous student named Bruck provokes Obi-Wan into a fight, the young man is forced off the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and shipped off to the planet Bandomeer to become a farmer. Yet strangely enough, Qui-Gon is going there too on orders of the Supreme Chancellor.

En route to Bandomeer, Obi-Wan is beaten senseless by a Hutt. He learns later about Offworld Mining’s war with Arcona Harvest over the planet. When Arcona’s mining machines are sabotaged, Obi-Wan sets out to find the saboteur. With the aid of an Arcona named Si Treemba, he discovers that Offworld (in the form of Jemba and Grelb the Hutt) were the ones at fault. The transport they are all on is attacked by Togorian pirates, the two Jedi join forces to fight them off. The transport crash-lands on a water planet, and Jemba tries to force the Arcona to agree to serve him by stealing their life-essential dactyl. Obi-Wan wants very much to kill Jemba, but Qui-Gon forces him to realize how anger is overwhelming him. Qui-Gon takes back the dactyl, while Obi-Wan fights off an attack by draigons. Trying to kill the Jedi at the same time, Jemba and Grelb are killed. The ship is repaired, and the trip to Bandomeer completed.

When they arrive, they receive a note: “I have been looking forward to this day.” It was written by a Dark Jedi named Xanatos -- Qui-Gon’s first apprentice...

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan learn the letter from the Supreme Chancellor bringing Qui-Gon to Bandomeer was faked -- probably by Xanatos. Qui-Gon bundles Obi-Wan off to the farms, forbidding him to interfere in any way in his mission. Not long after, he learns that Xanatos himself is Offworld’s representative in a business meeting. A mine explosion alarms the people, but it turns out to be a natural disaster. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan discovers a secret Offworld base at the farms, as well as the logo of a broken circle -- Xanatos’s facial scar. Qui-Gon, refusing to place his trust in the boy, shuts him out. Xanatos tries to sway the resentful Obi-Wan to his side, revealing his version of how Qui-Gon betrayed him.

The mineexplosion reveals an unexpected bonus -- ionite, a valuable mineral that can save Bandomeer from corporate takeover. Qui-Gon, on a hunch, infiltrates Offworld headquarters and learns that Xanatos is the owner of Offworld. He informs Yoda, who urges caution -- and also urges Qui-Gon to use Obi-Wan’s aid. But Obi-Wan has been captured by Xanatos and bundled off to work in an Offworld deepsea mine. After a fight with the dark ex-pupil, Qui-Gon goes after Obi-Wan. Freeing him from the mine, he finally reveals the truth about Xanatos to Obi-Wan. They chase Xanatos into the ground mines, where they have to fight him in the dark. Xanatos rigs the mine to blow (as he did last time) and leaves the Jedi to die. Working together, they find the ion bomb Xanatos was going to use and defuse it. Qui-Gon finally yields to the inevitable, and accepts Obi-Wan as his Padawaan Learner.

Obi-Wan’s birthday has finally arrived. He’s supposed to receive a meaningful gift from Qui-Gon as well as spend the day in quiet meditation. He can’t quite manage the latter, but does get the former in the form of a... rock. But there is little time to meditate, as the two Jedi are sent on their first official mission -- to oversee the democratic election of a new ruler on the planet Gala. They are surprised when their transport mysteriously diverts to the planet Phindar instead. They find themselves on a world where everything is scarce, and the populace is terrorized by assassin droids. The transport pilot reveals himself to be Paxxi Derida, thief and brother of Guerra Derida -- a friend of Obi-Wan’s who helped him on his adventure on Bandomeer. They reveal that they want to overthrow the evil Syndicate that has turned their world into a dictatorship. In addition to the above tactics, the Syndicate has “renewed” – memory-wiped -- certain members of the populace and left them to die on strange worlds. The people are too scared and beaten-down to revolt -- but that will change, Guerra explains, once the Jedi help them break into where the Syndicate is hording the planet’s resources. Now is the perfect time, since the evil Prince Beju of Gala was coming to Phindia for a visit. The Syndicate is helping him to rig the election and do to his world what was done to Phindia.

The Jedi come along in the break-in, but are discovered -- and Obi-Wan is captured, sent to be mind-wiped by Terra, the ‘renewed’ sister of Guerra and top officer of the Syndicate. Baftu, leader of the Syndicate, is planning to doublecross Beju and take over the system one planet at a time. With the Force as his ally, Obi-Wan resists the mind-wipe, but acts wiped as a ruse. He is sent to Gala, where he becomes part of Beju’s visiting entourage. In no time he’s back on Phindar, with Beju as a hostage. Meanwhile, Qui-Gon, Paxxi and Guerra prepare to reveal the warehouse to the people as the Prince arrives. Obi-Wan appears posing as the Prince to Baftu, stalling for time so that the others could loot Baftu’s treasury. When the theft is discovered, Baftu mistakenly thinks Terra betrayed him and has her shot. She regains her memory just in time to die in Guerra’s arms. The Jedi join forces and help incite a revolt, destroying the assassin droids. A panicked Baftu tries to flee, only to be arrested by his own people when it is shown where his loyalty lies. Prince Baju does manage to escape. Within a week, Phindar is on its’ way to recovery. Guerra and Paxxi find themselves contemplating political careers. And the Jedi are back on their way to Gala and a rematch with Beju.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan finally reaches Gala, which is bubbling over with political rallies as the planet’s first - ever democratic election nears. They find that Queen Veda is dying, and she desperately wants the Jedi to monitor the elections to ensure fairness. She does not want her son, Prince Beju, to win (if he does, he will retain the monarchy – and civil war could result). She fears the other candidates, Deca Brun and Wila Prammi, may not be up to leading the planet either. She thinks the best ruler may be a tribal leader of a hill people named Elan – who is in fact the love child of the late King Cana. She wants to meet with her, to reveal her royal heritage – then Prince Beju bursts in and orders the Jedi to leave at once.

Veda compromises – she doesn’t want the Jedi to leave, but Beja is terrified of them. She appoints a guide/spy, a young boy named Jono Dunn, to accompany the Jedi while on Gala. Qui-Gon senses there is more to all this than meets the eye, but is determined to find Elan anyway. He will go out into the hill country to search for her while Obi-Wan covers for him at the royal palace. Jono befriends Obi-Wan, while off-the-cuff remarks by the Queen makes the young Jedi wonder if Veda is being poisoned. He investigates, and (with the help of substance analyser Mali Errat) learns there’s a strange substance in the Queen’s tea.

Up in the mountains, Qui-Gon is attacked by swoops and speeders. He fights them as best he can, even when wounded, and is rewarded by meeting Elan. She brings him to her tribe, where he reveals her parentage to her. She won’t believe him and won’t come with him to the palace. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan compare notes via comlink, then Obi-Wan confronts the Queen about the poisoning. When Beju accuses Qui-Gon of being the poisoner, the Queen reveals the Jedi’s secret mission to her son. Beju won’t believe it, and the royal adviser Giba (who knows full well of Elan’s parentage) accuses the Queen of lying as well. Beju calls the guards, and Obi-Wan races out of the palace with Jono, who leads him to Deca Brun. At that candidate’s headquarters, Obi-Wan discovers that Offworld – Xanatos’s company – has been funding Deca’s campaign. He is suddenly rounded up by guards and thrown into a meat locker.

Elan’s tribe is attacked by the Galacian royal guard. Qui-Gon protects her people as best he can as they flee. Elan proves herself to be an even better leader than imagined, as she leads the attacking tanks into a drift. Qui-Gon learns from the captured royal guard that Giba had sent them to attack. He also finds evidence that Elan’s mother did indeed know the Queen. With this new info, he is finally able to convince Elan to come back with him. Jono gets Obi-Wan out of the meat locker, and tells him that Beju has jailed the Queen, who is starving herself to death in response. The rest of the ruling Council has unified against Beju and Giba. Obi-Wan gets proof of the poisoning and an antidote from Mali. Then it hits him like a thunderbolt – the only person who could prepare the herbal poison and give it to the Queen... is Jono. He rushes away from him, into the Palace, toward the Council. He runs into Beju, who challenges him to a good old-fashioned (metal) sword fight. The protracted fight is stopped by Council member Viso, who proves conclusively that Beju is not the royal heir -- The Mark of the Crown, a special sigil, is not on his skin. Obi-Wan talks the shattered prince into opposing Giba, as Qui-Gon arrives with Elan and the hill people. Giba is arrested, and he is shown to be in league with Deca (and thus Xanatos). With him gone, it’s all over but the voting. Wila Prammi is elected Governor of Gala. Elan (who does have the Mark) returns to her people, but will never be out of touch again. Jono is sent back to his family to learn to farm. And Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan set off on another mission, having left a stable new world as their legacy.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan fly to the planet Melida/Daan, a planet wracked by war between its’ two native peoples so long that no one even remembers the cause – they now live only to avenge generations of dead. And now the Melida have captured Dahl, a Jedi mediator who was once a student of Yoda’s. The two Jedi fight their way to their contact, a Melida named Wehutti. He takes them to their headquarters, where he tries to capture them as well – but these Jedi are not so easily tricked. They are given an escape route through the sewers by a group of young people led by a boy named Nield and a girl named Cerasi. It seems the young of this world, both Melida and Daan, are rebelling against the old people (the only kind left – all adults are dead) who want to continue the war. In return for helping to free Tahl, the Young want the Jedi’s help in their battle to bring peace to Melida/Daan.

This cuts to the very heart of Jedi philosophy – they can mediate and defend, but taking sides in a war is something the Jedi can’t do. Obi-Wan is all for helping. Qui-Gon will not. The Young decide to create an illusory fight to set off a battle between the old Melida and Daal, giving the Jedi the chance to grab the severely wounded Tahl. Obi-Wan, against the Jedi rules and without Qui-Gon knowing, agrees to join the Young in setting off the fight. Cerasi insists on joining the Jedi in their rescue attempt. They find Tahl in a Melida prison cell, blinded and barely alive. Cerasi, who turns out to be Wehutti’s daughter, is instrumental in their successfully getting away with Tahl. Qui-Gon is growing uneasy at how close Obi-Wan and Cerasi are getting.

The Young attack the weapons warehouses on both sides, effectively disarming the warring peoples. Qui-Gon brings Yoda up to speed via Holonet, then confronts Obi-Wan. As their furious argument reaches a peak, Cerasi suddenly announces the Young have declared war on both sides. They ask Obi-Wan to fly them in the starfighter the Jedi used to arrive to knock out the deflector shield towers on both sides. He agrees and flies them the next morning. Unbeknownest to them, Qui-Gon secretly meets with the leaders of the Melida and Daan and tries to negotiate a peace settlement between them, even as news of the Young’s attack reaches them. They finally agree, but Nield will not meet with them – he doesn’t trust them. He is stunned when he learns of Obi-Wan’s betrayal. Obi-Wan is unrepentant, too– he’s found something among these young people he never had with the Jedi. Before either can think of something more to say, Nield’s prediction comes true – the Elders attack the Young. Obi-Wan rushes to the starfighter to counterattack – only Qui-Gon is about to use it to take Tahl to Coruscant. Qui-Gon issues an ultimatum – come with him to Coruscant now, or... you will no longer be a Jedi.”

And in answer, Obi-Wan gives him his lightsaber and walks away.

Seek is born.

Two weeks have passed since Obi-Wan Kenobi abandoned the Jedi Order. He and the Young of Melida/Daan are now hiding in the underground catacombs, under constant bombardment from the Elders. Obi-Wan plans to attack the Elders while they are repairing and refueling their aging starfighter fleet. The stealth operation almost immediately goes wrong, and Obi-Wan saves Young saboteur Roenni from death at the hands of the Elder guards. They manage to escape, having crippled the starfighters and gaining the support of the Middle Generation (what’s left of them). The war, it seems, has been won. Obi-Wan, Cerasi and Nield are now de facto leaders of Melida/Daan. Nield declares that the top priority is to tear down the Halls of Evidence, starting with the one of his own ancestors. In fact, he personally destroys the markers of his own parents. He declares the ruins will be recycled into new housing for the people.

At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Qui-Gon practice-duels with Bruck Chun. Qui-Gon wins, but just barely. Afterwards, he unburdens himself to Yoda in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. To his surprise, Yoda rebukes him for making Obi-Wan choose between Jedi training and the deaths of innocents – then he stuns him with the news of the war’s end. Qui-Gon is later summoned to the Jedi Council. He expects more rebukes on his conduct; he is instead told of a series of mysterious thefts in the Temple. He is put in charge of the investigation, along with the blinded Tahl. Tahl now has a seeing-eye droid, 2JTJ.

Obi-Wan and Cerasi go to disarm some Melida holdouts. One of them turns out to be Cerasi’s father, Wehutti. Cerasi despairs afterwards, wishing she had a family again. Obi-Wan reassures her, saying “We’ll be each other’s family.” The people’s thoughts are turning to survival and rebuilding – but Nield is more interested in tearing down Halls than organizing reconstruction efforts. The people are starting to have second thoughts about all this – by tearing down the Halls, Melida/Daan is effectively erasing its’ history. Wehutti and the Elders force a showdown with Nield over the destruction of the Halls. Obi-Wan and Cerasi advise Nield to let the Elders win this one – and he finally, angrily agrees. Cerasi hopes she and Wehutti can reconcile – and she suggests Obi-Wan can return to the Jedi, whom he’s missing. He’d like to, except there’s one who would never welcome him back – Qui-Gon.

The thefts at the Temple grow more ominous – now lightsabers are being taken, Obi-Wan’s among them. And a message mocking Yoda’s style of speaking. The Temple goes on alert, and Qui-Gon and Tahl begin interrogating students. They can’t imagine one of them doing this, though. Tahl senses there is something more to all this – some unseen enemy is trying to fracture and distract the Jedi, she fears. The Temple soon is thrown into panic when an intruder is spotted. Now healing crystals are being taken. Who is doing this – and why?!? When Tahl smells that someone has been in Qui-Gon’s room besides him, he suddenly realizes a way to catch the thief. Tahl and Qui-Gon learn that what she’s smelling is lake water – the thief’s hiding the stolen items in the lake in the Garden. Bant dives in to check, and finds a crate filled with all the stolen items – except the crystals. Now a trap can be set...

In a council meeting, Cerasi calls for a stop to the Hall demolitions. The vote ends in a tie, and Obi-Wan’s vote is the tiebreaker. He votes to stop it. Nield suddenly calls for another vote – to remove Obi-Wan from the Council!! Cerasi stops that idea cold, but the unity of the Young is clearly disintegrating. War, it seems, is about to break out again – and what can Obi-Wan do now? Fighting breaks out between Elders and Young again, as Nield moves to destroy the Hall without the Council’s permission. Cerasi puts herself between Wehutti and Nield – and is hit by blaster fire. She dies in a tearstricken Obi-Wan’s arms. No one sees who fired the fatal shots. And no one needs to. Her death is the excuse everyone needed to go to war again. Shattered, Obi-Wan faces off against Nield. The young man rages at Obi-Wan, blames him for Cerasi’s death, vows to kill every single living Elder, and orders Obi-Wan to get the hell off the planet. He sounds just like the holograms in the Halls of Remembrance. Obi-Wan has nowhere left to go…or does he?

Qui-Gon and Tahl hide in wait for the thief. It turns out to be none other than Bruck. He meets with some….unseen figure. Someone who is apparently at home here. Thanks to the blabbering TooJay, Bruck and the figure manages to escape. Qui-Gon braces himself to tell Yoda – only to have Yoda bring him before a holotransmission of Obi-Wan, who tells the whole sad story of Cerasi’s death and Melida/Daan’s disintegration. He begs Qui-Gon to return, to help. Realizing just how non-understanding he had been of the boy, Qui-Gon agrees to help. When he arrives, Obi-Wan realizes that he wants to be a Jedi again. Qui-Gon promises he and Obi-Wan will sort out their personal problems later. He forces a meeting with Wehutti, who’s in total shock over the murder of his daughter. He can’t, won’t help. They then meet with Nield, who walks past them without even talking. Qui-Gon realizes that Obi-Wan, Nield and Wehutti each think they killed Cerasi – and the identity of the killer may decide the outcome of this crisis. He assures Obi-Wan it was not his fault, then asks him to replay those tragic events in his mind, using the Force to sharpen his memory. It reveals that Cerasi’s killer was a sniper on a roof. Qui-Gon also asks – how did the Elders get rearmed?

They start by examining the arms warehouse. They learn from there that Mawat, one of the Young, armed the Elders in hopes of overthrowing Nield. They split to find Nield – Qui-Gon returning Obi-Wan’s lightsaber to him before they do.

Obi-Wan finds him at Cerasi’s grave. He tells the grieving Nield what he learned, and convinces him of the truth. Suddenly, they spot Mawat outside rigging explosives to the Hall. Friends again, the two vow to stop Mawat any way they can. Along with some other Young, they attack.While searching for Nield himself, Qui-Gon finds a holodisk by Cerasi’s things. He races to the battle outside the Hall and plays it. She recorded it the morning of her death, as she had feared she would that day. Cerasi begs all to stop fighting and to work together as one people. Moved by her words, the people of Melida/Daan – even Mawat – lowers their weapons. The war is – finally – over. A peace agreement is quickly reached, Mawat moves to the country, and Obi-Wan joins Qui-Gon on the return trip to Coruscant, where he hopes to be reinstated into the Jedi. He likely will, but being Qui-Gon’s Padawan again…that’s a good question. Suddenly, an emergency call from the Temple comes in – an assassination attempt has been made on Yoda!!!

Afyon (future New Republic captain) is born on the planet Alderaan.

-43 BSW4

(Future smuggler and slaver) Gaor Tembon is born on the planet Sullust.

-42 BSW4

(Future criminal) Qell Tepine is born on the planet Coruscant.

-41 BSW4

Anakin Skywalker is born and raised by his mother, Shmi Skywalker, perhaps on Tatooine. His father is... unknown.

(Future criminal and) Imperial Captain Iolan Gendarr is born on the planet Commenor.

Kitster Banai is born, the son of Rakir Banai.

Sarchen Snyle, a future Lieutenant and customs inspection officer in Brentaal starport, is born.

Gilad Pellaeon joins the Republic Navy.

Jorj Car’das enters the smuggling business.

-40 BSW4

(Future gambler and murderer) Estero is born on the planet Adner.

The ore veins in the planet Dega of the Elrood Sector dry out, leaving Radell Mining Corporation little choice but to close operations on the planet.

The Koqus Design ‘Syndic’ starship class goes into production. It is based on an old Republic Seinar Systems design, created as a short-route liner capable of carrying 58 passengers.

Diskio Khzrry, a Xi’Dec, is born.

Evram Darkmere, a future underworld informant, is born.

A young female bounty hunter is double-crossed by her lover, Nikk Zavod. Zavod sends her out to inspect the malfunctioning thrusters on her ship – then ignites those engines, horribly burning her. He steals her ship and leaves her to die. That night, her twisted body is found by Chewbacca, who brings her to his ship and heals her. As he sleeps that night, she overhears him mutter the words “Malla…..Malla…” She then decides to change her name to Mala Mala in honor of him. She leaves Chewie when she is well enough.

Devon Fuller is born on the planet Arkanis. He would later become a Rebel operative and a skilled pilot. Imperial High Inquisitor Tremayne would set a large bounty for his capture.

Ebareebaveebeedee a Squib reclamation ship Commander who is also known as the "Illustrious Chieftain of the Junkyards" begins to rule as the Squibs King. He would later be responsible for the placement of Squib spies on capital ships, creating a network of informants who could inform the Squibs of the location of Imperial garbage dumps and battle sites. This allowed the Squib race to flourish during the later years of the New Order. He commanded the momship Thrifty, and negotiated with the Alliance for information on the whereabouts of a gravity - well projector that could be used to detain the Elusive.

Kabe, the Chandra-Fan is born. She would be orphaned in the streets of Mos Eisley by a group of smugglers who thought she was too small to be of any value, and be taken in and looked after by Muftak, a Talz.

Princess Arawynne is born on Datar.

Panaka gains combat experience in a Republic Special Task Force fighting against space pirates in the sector containing the Naboo system.

-39 BSW4

Dengless Rinn is born (future corrupt politician).

(Future criminal and) Imperial Captain Dor Reder is born on the planet Pirralor.

(Future smuggler and racketeer) Corf Sarb, an Enu, is born on the planet Deylerax.

Darth Maul begins undertaking secret missions for his master, Darth Sideous.

Serdif Tount, future Imperial Governor of Rintonne system (and traitor), is born on the planet Coruscant.

-38 BSW4

Chirpa becomes chief of the Ewok tribe on Endor.

Tiion Solo marries Randil Sal. Tiion is far from attractive, especially in her old age.

Wald is born.

Diric Wessiri is born.

Amee is born.

The old spacer who will come to befriend Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine leaves the Republic pilot corps after years of service, including stints flying Jedi Knights on missions, and taking Republic soldiers to Makem Te during its rebellion.

A new Naboo Royal Starship is constructed, replacing the old one. It is based on a J-type Nubian 327, and is built by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps. Expressing the Naboo love of beauty and art, the dream – like shape of the ship, together with its extraordinary chromium finish, make it a distinctive presence in any setting. The Royal Starship is completely unarmed in accordance with the Naboo philosophy of peaceful existance, an ideal growing increasingly rare as undercurrents of discord ripple through the Galactic Republic.

Ohwun De Maal, a Duros, is born on the planet Tatooine. Along with his future wife Cachi, they would own the infamous docking bay 94 of Tatooine, which during one time housed at one time the equally infamous Millenium Falcon.

Shmi Skywalker and her son Anakin are sold into slavery under Gardulla the Hutt. Some time later, Gardulla loses a bet on the Boonta Eve Classic pod races on Tatooine, and is forced to sell the slaves to the Toydarian junk collector Watto.

-37 BSW4

The Z-95 Headhunter, the immediate predecessor to the X-Wing, is designed and built by Seti Ashgad for Incom Corporation and Subpro Corporation.

Future Governor of Tatooine Tour Aryon is born on the planet Treylon II. One of her future most notable appointments was for the prefect of Mos Eisley, Eugene Talmont (featured in ‘Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina’).

(Future counterfeiter) Pendor Gyrr, a Givin, is born on the planet Yag'Dhul.

Darth Maul is finally ready for the test that will declare him a full-fledged Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Sideous puts him through two weeks of gruelling physical tests, then sends Maul to an Outer Rim planet to face three matches on desert, swamp, and mountain terrain against assassin droids programmed to kill. Wounded in the final battle, Maul unexpectedly faces one more duel – against Sideous himself. Stoked to insane rage by Sideous, Maul holds his own and even manages to sink his teeth in Sideous’ hand. Pleased, Sideous grants him the title of Sith Lord. He shows Maul the Sith Archives and suggests Maul adopt a weapon used by Exar Kun millennia ago – a double-bladed lightsaber. Maul builds the weapon himself.

Gilad Pellaeon graduates from the Academy in the top third of his class. Ensign Pellaeon’s first command assignment is to take a squadron of transport vessels to the planet Garvyn. They are stopped by pirates, but Pellaeon manages to trick and destroy the pirate vessel. Pellaeon avoids capture by flying his vessel into Gavryn’s magnetic pole, fouling the enemies’ sensors. For his quick thinking, he will be eventually promoted to the command crew of the Imperial Star Destroyer ‘Chimaera.

Lobot is born, the son of a slaver.

(Future thief) Tardon Golor, a Twi'lek, is born on the planet Ryloth.

Danaan Kerr, a rumoured Dark Jedi is born, place unknown.

Tandra Pryl is born. She would be future Captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer ‘Thunderflare.

Kolor Delan (son of General Delan) is born on the planet Pendarr III. General Delan was the leader of the Pendarran Warriors, an independent group that fought with the Jedi Knights and the armies of the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. As Emperor Palpatine eliminated the Jedi Knights, so did the Pendarran Warriors nearly face destruction. Kolor Delan's crime of unauthorised military activity earned him a 12,500 credit reward for his capture.>

Zothip (future captain of the Cavrilhu pirates) is born on the planet Bestine.

(Future) Admiral Hiram Drayson is born on the planet Chandrila.

-36 BSW4

Crix Madine (future Rebel General) is born on the planet Corellia.

(Future bounty hunter and murderer) Tantor is born on the planet Esooma.

The Anomid, Magris Quill, is born (future dealmaker).

Rogret Jiriss is born (future smuggler).

K’lial Khzrry, a Xi’Dec, is born.

Ilo Jev is born on the planet Wyloff, in the Wyloff sector which is part of The Colonies. Jev eventually becomes an Imperial Colonel. After the death of his father from the orders of Moff Varnier, Jev becomes a Rebel sympathizer, providing them with valuable information.

Pertaal Shenvehr, future Assistant Features Editor for the Colonial News Net is born.

The Tonheld Mining Corporation buys the rights to mine ores and minerals from the asteroids within the Halmad System. They efficiently stripped all the marketable material from the asteroids and then left, taking their machinery by leaving hollowed - out balls of rock in their place.

At the age of 10, Padme Naberrie Amidala -- by sheer skill and earnestness -- becomes Governor of Theed, capital city of Naboo. She moves from her country home to Theed, where she lives with her grandmother Winama. As a going-away present, her father presents her with an amulet fashioned out of transparasteel. She proudly wears this amulet wherever she goes.

King Veruna is introduced to the ways of the outer galaxy by Senator Palpatine. Over the next two years, he becomes decadent and corrupt, neglecting his duties to his people. The Naboo become enraged at his behavior and demand his ouster.

-35 BSW4

Callista is trained by Jedi Master Djinn Altis on a Jedi training platform hidden in the clouds of Bespin.

(Future bounty hunter and murderer) Andov Syn is born on the planet Kerest.

Graf Yonna is born.

“Pepper” Flarestream, a liaison and occasional smuggler is born.

Burellion Tiy, a Sullustan and future used starship trader and Rebel Alliance informant, is born.

Ebe Endocott, an arrogant rotund humanoid Tiffian of small stature, finishes first in the semi – pro Pod racing tournament on Malastare. His round, white and blue fleshed face is framed by two large upward curving fur covered thermo – regulating flaps.

During the time he is away, Nejaa stays in contact with his family on Corellia. His wife grows closer to Rostek Horn in Nejaa's absence.

Thrackan Sal-Solo is born on Corellia to Tiion Solo.

Tremayne is born.

Over the millennia, beings involved in commerce and trade found it useful to create organizations to further their interests. Whether in the form of trade unions, labor collectives, merchant’s associations, or one of the countless guilds, these groups have promoted their interests in the various legislative bodies of the Republic. While their have been occasional cases of corruption, for the most part these associations have been law – abiding and responsive to their consumers. Some groups and individuals had grand visions of the future of the galactic economy. These individuals joined to form the innocuously named Galactic Corporate Policy League. Few suspected it was, in fact, a cabal of plutocrats with ties to Palpatine and his New Order vision. Not content with the vast trillions in wealth they had gained legally, or the uncountable sums netted in their shadier dealings, they hungered for more. They resented prohibitions against slavery, world – gouge mining and other “altruistic idiocies”. They longed for a free hand in the outer fringes, where less advanced worlds and civilizations couldn’t stand against the might of greed. They found a new ally in Palpatine. As the ambitious Senator secretly devised his plans of conquest, he enlisted amoral factions in the Transport and Power ministries and those long tired of Republic meddling in their economic plundering. He used his position to award contracts and funding to those secretly sympathetic to his cause.

Cachi De Maal, a Duros, is born in the Duro System - on Jivv Space City. With her future husband Ohwun, they would own the infamous docking bay 94 of Tatooine, which during one time housed the equally infamous Millenium Falcon.

-34 BSW4

Talon Karrde (future smuggler chief) is born, birthplace unknown.

(Future thief, racketeer, and smuggler) Jor Idrall is born on the planet Ryloth.

Venlyss Pnorr, a Gand Findsman, is born.

Teela Panjarra is born, presumably on Corulag. Her parents die shortly there after during an accident at an archaeological dig, and she is left in the custody of Chief Scientist Frexton of the Corulag Academy’s Science Service division.

At an official banquet for the Old Republic’s Hewett senators, Adi Gallia keeps Qui-Gon Jinn from eating Konkeel pie, which is poisonous to humanoids. He believes that Adi Gallia has saved his life, just as if she’d saved him from attack.

Pike Angeles, a future Rebel shipjacker and starship engineer, is born.

For the second year in a row, Ebe Endocott finishes first in the semi–pro Pod racing tournament on Malastare. Ebe pilots a sleek rust and silver Pod with large 10-meter long JAK Racing J930 Dash 8 split X configured engines, sporting angular cooling.

The corrupt King Veruna of Naboo abdicates his throne, resulting in a general election for the planet’s next leader. At the tender age of 12, and by an overwhelming majority vote, Padme Naberrie Amidala is crowned Princess.

The Sullustian, Magar Jaros, is born (future counterfeiter).

Veruna, former King of Naboo goes into hiding upon his abdication. Captain Magneta, Head of Royal Security fails to prevent the “accidental death” of the former King, and quietly resigns. Veruna’s “accidental death” is covered up, even from Queen Amidala. Panaka (known as “the quickest eyes on Naboo”) is appointed as replacement to Magneta as Captain of Security. Captain Panaka is an expert in his field, and he knows it. Even in the presence of awe inspiring Jedi Knights, he relies on his own experience and instincts to guide his actions.

R2-D2, owned by the Royal House of Naboo, is assigned to Queen Amidala’s ship because of his outstanding performance record.

The Kogus liner “Star Morning” is built. It will later be used in the Fallanassi evacuation from Lucazec.

While repairing a racing pod (a job assigned to him by Watto), Anakin Skywalker takes the pod out for a little ride. Impressed at the boy’s skill, Watto allows Anakin to become a full-time Pod Racer. A dishevelled seven year old with blue eyes, Anakin Skywalker is an earnest and hardworking boy who lives in the slave quarters of Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine. A natural mechanic, he has a keen intuition with equipment and machinery. He can sense what makes an engine work. Leading a very humble life, Anakin dreams of becoming a starpilot and longs for a world of adventure. Good at heart, hopeful and optimistic, this young boy little suspects the destiny and fearful challenges that await him.

-33 BSW4

Padme Naberrie Amidala’s grandmother Winama dies.

Increasingly, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum is influenced by Senators such as Palpatine to compromise what he knows is right for the sake of approved procedure.

Sebulba the Dug purchases the expensive blue Rutian Twi’lek twins Ann and Tann Gella as masseuses, partly to put him in best form for the race, but mostly to irritate his fellow racers and steep them in jealousy. This tactic has been resoundingly effective.

Glongfurrp, a Gamorrean, is born. He would later be employed by Jabba the Hutt.

Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi walk through the jungles of Arorua, with a freed Moggonite named Mosko Bolpa in tow. They treat the rude and recalcitrant Bolpa at their camp, where the little creature quickly drives Obi-Wan up with the wall with his behaviour. He can’t understand why Qui-Gon’s being so nice to this guy – who later leads a group that drives them out of the camp that night. Qui-Gon just as calmly kills the whole bunch. The two Jedi set out from the ruined camp, with Obi-Wan more confused than ever. Qui-Gon explains that he lets the “Living Force” controls his actions, whatever they be. And right now, the Living Force is telling him to travel into a mountain and kill a dangerous Dark Side creature named a Silan. Obi-Wan thought he had learned his lesson, but the slaughter of the Silan disturbs him. Qui-Gon says, “The ways of the living Force are beyond our understanding. As a Jedi Knight, you will be called upon to do many things you don’t want to do, Obi-Wan.”

Ebe Endocott wins the semi – pro Pod racing tournament on Malastare for the third year in a row. With his cumulative winnings, he purchases a new Corellian freighter to take him to Tatooine so he can enter the professional Boonta Eve Pod race the following year.

After finally having enough, Boss Nass, leader of the Gungan city of Otoh Gunga banishes Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar had previously accidentally flooded most of Boss Nass’s mansion and several adjoining bubbles while working as a waiter at a high–class party. As this was not Jar Jar’s first serious flooding accident, Boss Nass was furious, and Jar Jar was exiled from his own city under pain of death. Jar Jar is well known to the city patrol of Otoh Gunga, which has extricated him from all kinds of trouble in the past – from petty squabbles over food theft to the commotion Jar Jar caused when he inadvertently opened half of the Otoh Gunga Zoo bubbles.

A mystery attacker starts to plague the Tusken Raiders of Tattooine. Several camps are attacked outright, wells are poisoned, food and toys are poisoned. Over the next year, at least a hundred Sandpeople die. Furious over the chain of events, the Tuskens discover evidence that a Hutt, possibly Jabba, is behind the assaults. Determined to keep events from spiralling out of control, Jedi–turned-Tusken Sharad Hett takes control of the Sandpeople and starts a controlled attack against Jabba’s interests.

On the advice of Captain Panaka, Queen Amidala selects a group of handmaidens to act as her loyal bodyguards. They include Rabe, Eirtae, Sabe, Sache and Yane. Dedicated and low key, the Royal handmaidens shadow Queen Amidala at all times. This select group maintains Amidala’s regal image, assisting behind the scenes with her elaborate gowns, hairstyles and makeup. They also quietly protect Amidala, acting as secret bodyguards. Upon Amidala’s coronation, the handmaidens were hand–picked for their intelligence, courage, fitness and resemblance to Amidala.

Tem Chesco begins to have heart problems.

-32 BSW4

As of this time, there are only 10,000 Jedi Knights left in the galaxy serving the Galactic Republic.

The Tapani Sector enters into what is later known as the Imperial Era (12,689 - 12,724 by their domestic calendar).

Kant Aryon (future husband of Tour) is born on the planet Bethars.

(Future bounty hunter, thief, and murderer) Yarr Gatonne, son of bounty hunter Resh Gatonne, is born on the planet Bonadan.

Vin Northal is born. He would become one of the Alliance’s most impassioned operatives as a deep cover extraction specialist.

Saren Llalik, a future doctor and cyborg technology researcher is born.

Siro Simto, a future smuggler, is born.

Padme Naberrie Amidala is coronated queen of Naboo. During her coronation, Amidala meets Senator Palpatine for the first time.

Qan Gindoch, a (future) spice smuggler, is born on the planet Tralfin.

(Future smuggler and traitor) Bom Vimdin, an Advoze, is born on the planet Riflor.

6.14: Annika Song is born. Location unknown at this time as her background is clouded due to her memory being erased by her Imperial Masters.

When the neutral, anti - technological world of Cerea refuses to join the Republic, an underhanded plot is implemented to force Cerea in -- by luring the planet's youth with the promise of technological wonders. The Twi’lek Republic representative Silais arrives to make an ill-fated presentation to the planet’s elders, but is shot down by Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi, who compares their pristine world to the polluting citadels the Republic built on it.

Ki returns home to deal with his many wives, as well as his troubled daughter Sylvn, who’s fallen in love with a “techrat.” He finds her at a pro-tech rally, where a mysterious “diplomat” named Bron whips the youths into a frenzy. When Ki tries to calm them, Sylvn’s boyfriend Maj-Odo-Nomor leads an attack on him he takes Ki’s lightsaber -- and accidentally skewers a young man with it. An all-out riot begins, as the crowd mistakenly thinks Ki killed the boy. Which is just what Bron wanted...

Silais produces evidence that exonerates Ki, but the Jedi is still untrusted by all, his lightsaber kept away from him. He returns to his honor-wife Mawin’s home, to find Sylvn and four others stealing food for Maj and running off in swoops. Ki deducts the reason, and searches out the Ortolan snoop Ydde, who is too scared of whatever’s going on to talk to him. Ki is jumped immediately thereafter by a gang. He beats them, only to find Ydde’s corpse nearby. He’s pleasantly surprised to discover that Ydde slipped him a note beforehand...

Meanwhile, in the Outsider Citadel, Maj is protected by Ephant Mon and Bron, but Bron tells Mon to kill Maj when he says. Two of Maj's buddies are killed in a swoop accident. Fed up with the runaround, Ki goes after Ephant Mon himself. But Mon is already gone when he reaches the Citadel, along with the others. As Ki tries to figure out what he's not seeing, a destroyer droid almost takes him out. It's only with the aid of a messenger that he successfully destroys it, when the messenger gives him back his lightsaber. As he convalsces later in a bacta tank, an Elder contacts the Jedi Council, who gives Ki full permission to pursue Mon, Sylvn and Maj anywhere in the galaxy.

Ephant’s ship is detained in orbit by Tatooine militia when it is discovered to be loaded with 2,000 divvik pupae (snacks for Jabba) that have already hatched. With Bron claiming a vendetta on the part of the Jedi, Ki takes a small ship and a trio of “prototype” droids (including the supposedly reprogrammed destroyer droid) and rushes to Tatooine. When he gets there, he senses Ephant -- and vice versa. Ephant reveals to the young passengers that Ki is coming, and he’s going to use them as bait to make Ki get them through the pupae and off the ship.

As Ki hacks his way towards them, he receives a message from the Elder, who informs him that the death of Maj’s two friends was no accident. He reaches the last door to the group, where Ephant informs him that he will eject the escape pod the group is in, killing them all unless Ki manually opens the outside hatch. He then cold-bloodedly blasts Maj. With no other choice, Ki opens the hatch and lets them go. Ki tries to pursue them, only to held up by a Trade Federation ship.

Ephant reaches Jabba’s palace, where he informs him that he was unable to buy the malium he was going to buy with the pro-tech group’s money. With Jabba’s “customers” empty-handed, and Ki pursuing him on the ground, Ephant decides on a distraction -- chaining Sylvn and Twin up outside to die in an approaching ion storm...

Fighting past atmospheric fighters, Ki drops some decoy debris as well as one of his droids. He has his ship limp toward Jabba's, and just barely saves the girls just as Jabba and Ephant launch a shuttle. Ki's dropped off droid infiltrated the shuttle before launch, and reveals a ton of illegal war-related items inside -- items intended for the Trade Federation. He returns home, where Sylvn reveals the truth to Cerea's people. The hysteria dies down, but something else seems to be afoot. Senators are going into seclusion, Silais and Bron are in hiding -- what's going on? For Ki, that's for the future to discover. For right now, he's spending badly needed time with his reunited family, including Sylvn, his other six daughters and his (finally) pregnant fourth wife Shea. He's also mulling an offer to join the Jedi Council on Coruscant...

Qui-Gon Jinn watches as his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi dispatches three armory droids in 17 seconds – blindfolded. He tells Obi-Wan that the Jedi Council has summoned them. On their way there, they pass by Senator Palpatine’s Jedi advisor, Jorus C’Baoth. Once they meet the Council, they learn why they have been summoned – Adi Gallia, a Council member, has vanished on a covert mission to the planet Esseles. The Jedi had gotten a mysterious datacard stating that 50 experimental, hyperdrive-equipped droid starfighters were being built there, and Gallia went to investigate. C’Baoth was asked not to tell anyone in the Senate any of this. Qui-Gon is ordered to take fellow Knights Vel Ardox and Noro Zak with him to find Gallia – and to leave Obi-Wan behind at the temple. Qui-Gon defies them and takes Obi-Wan with him and the others on the Radiant VII anyway.

The Jedi arrive on Esseles and quickly travel to Trinkatta Starships, Inc., where the starfighters are reported to be. They arrive as the factory is cleared out and poison gas (for “vermin”) is pumped in. The Jedi rush in, sensing Adi nearby. The security droids move in to kill (not capture, as they’re supposed to be programmed) them. Qui-Gon fights his way into the factory alone, facing a variety of obstacles. He finds the factory’s owner, Boll Trinkatta, chained up and with a missing arm in one room. It seems the droids of the factory went berserk and took over. Qui-Gon frees him and interrogates out of him the mystery buyers of the starfighters – the Neimoidian Trade Federation. Someone’s already taken the starfighters. He leaves Trinkatta to escape and continues after Adi. He senses she’s up in a tower – where a skyhopper just landed. He fights his way up the tower, to find Gallia battered and barely alive. Now chased by every droid in the factory, Qui-Gon runs into another enemy – Bartokks, bloodthirsty mercenaries with a hive mind. Having rigged the tower to blow, Qui-Gon fights through the two Bartokk assassins and gets Adi to safety barely in time. The other Jedi meet up with him, and he fills them in. Vel and Noro take Adi to a Jedi chapter house on Rhinnal for healing, while Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan stay behind to get to the bottom of this. Qui-Gon realizes that Barkokks travel in hives of 15 – that’s 13 unaccounted for. They must still be here – and so must the starfighters!

Meanwhile, near the Ringali Nebula, Neimoidian Viceroy Nute Gunray talks via holocomm with the mysterious Darth Sideous. Sideous, angry that the Trade Federation hasn’t received the starfighters, orders Gunray to send someone to Esseles at once to confirm the starfighters left the factory, and to find and kill whoever it was who tipped off the Jedi to their actions…

Believing that the Bartokks are not behind the theft of the enhanced droid starfighters, and with the suspicion that Boll Trinkatta’s test pilot, Bama Vook, may have been behind it, Qui-Gon Jinn decides that he, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Trinkatta should head for the Ion Sandbox, a spaceport cantina where they might learn where the starfighters are hidden.

Unbeknownst to them, Darth Sidious has dispatched Rune Haako and Daultey Dofine, two Neimoidians, to Esseles to find the starfighters. They arrive and make a stop at the Ion Sandbox. They are noticed by Bama Vook (who, by the way, is not dead), who slips out slowly. As he exits, he runs into Trinkatta and explains that he did not wish to be party to the building of war vessels for the Trade Federation, so he “vanished” with his son, Chup-Chup, and his droid, LE-PR34 (Leeper). When the Bartokks arrived and stole the starfighters and the prototype hyperdrive, they put them in an over-sized freighter, which Bama subsequently stole, not knowing that it was owned by Bartokk assassins. He hid it in Docking Bay 28, along with his brand new YT-1300 freighter, the ‘Metron Burner’, and a modified Z-95 Headhunter that can carry two passengers. They head for the docking bay, followed by the Neimoidians, who recognized them as they left the Ion Sandbox.

Upon arrival, they are attacked by Bartokks before learning from Leeper that Chup-Chup has been taken hostage aboard the Bartokk freighter. A Bartokk gets the drop on them and stuns everyone but Obi-Wan, who battles several other assassins before they escape in the freighter. He gets the others out of the stun net, and leaves Trinkatta to oversee their safety. Obi-Wan then takes the Z-95 Headhunter after the Bartokks (after disabling a bomb they had placed on the starfighter). He finally catches up to the Bartokk ship and battles one Bartokk starfighter and then three droid starfighters before boarding. Once aboard, he finds twenty-two droid starfighters. Considering the three he just destroyed, that means that twenty-five are missing. He finds and frees Chup-Chup, who tells him that the Bartokks had transferred the other twenty-five droid starfighters to another Bartokk freighter.

Obi-Wan defeats and uses the Force to probe the mind of another Bartokk assassin. He learns that the Bartokks were indeed on a mission, but the target of their assassination is on Corulag. They were stealing the droid starfighters to carry out that mission. Obi-Wan then sets the ship to explode and he and Chup-Chup escape with the prototype hyperdrive just before the ship is destroyed. They return to Esseles, where Obi-Wan informs Corulag that the other Bartokk freighter is on the way. Reunited with the others, they determine that they should go to Corulag, but Obi-Wan reports that they cannot get a message through to Rhinnal (the planet they sent Noro Zak and Vel Ardox to with the injured Adi Gallia). This could mean that there is trouble on Rhinnal, so they must go there before attempting to catch the Bartokk freighter. Bama offers to take them to Rhinnal aboard the Metron Burner. They prepare to leave.

In another part of the galaxy, Neimoidian Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray contacts Darth Sidious via hologram. He informs the Sith Lord that the two Neimoidians on Esseles overheard that the droid starfighters and prototype hyperdrive were aboard a Bartokk freighter that took off from Esseles. Gunray offers to personally pursue the Bartokk freighter (not knowing that it was destroyed, but we can assume that he would’ve just wound up chasing after the second freighter), but Darth Sidious denies him permission to do so. Sidious has someone else lined up for that duty…

Darth Sidious calls his Sith apprentice, Darth Maul. He informs Maul that their droid starfighters (with hyperdrives) have been stolen, which interferes with their plans to take over Brentaal and control the Permelian Trade Route and Hydian Way. Maul is to find and recapture the ships, so the Bartokks who stole them cannot use them to carry out an assassination or attack that would discredit the Neimoidian Trade Federation, which Sidious is controlling. He is to leave the Bartokk’s employer to live in fear, but the Bartokks lives are forfeit. As Darth Maul and his specially programmed and built droid, C-3PX, head for Esseles, Bama Vook, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Leeper leave Esseles for Rhinnal to learn the fate of the planet’s Jedi chapter house. They land on Rhinnal and learn that the communications blackout was the result of a severe storm, confirming Obi-Wan’s fears that they had deviated from going after the Bartokks when there was no real crisis on Rhinnal. They will leave again as soon as the next storm subsides.

Maul arrives near Esseles and determines which freighter belongs to the thieves, who then divert course from heading to Corulag to heading to Ralltiir. Maul follows them there and allows himself (and alter C-3PX) to be captured in order to learn from them and be in position to defeat them. After destroying the interrogator droid in his cell and taking its truth serum capsule, Maul rages through the Bartokk’s fortress, killing many of them and using the truth serum on one to learn the story behind their assignment. The Trade Federation had hired Groodo the Hutt to design a prototype hyperdrive engine for the NTF, which he did. The NTF took the hyperdrive and did not pay Groodo. When he learned that the prototype hyperdrive had been taken to Trinkatta and Bama Vook on Esseles for the creation of fifty hyperdrive-enhanced droid starfighters, he saw his chance to seek revenge on both the NTF and Corulag Academy, which had refused to admit his son, Boonda the Hutt. Groodo hired the Bartokks to steal the starfighters and prototype hyperdrive and then attack the Corulag Academy. Now that the prototype is in the hands of the Jedi Knights and half of the starfighters are destroyed, the Bartokks still intend to use the remaining 25 droid starfighters to complete their mission. Maul uses a thermal detonator to blow up the fortress’ armory, unfortunately having to leave C-3PX to perish (as far as can be told) in the explosion.

Maul races back to his Sith Infiltrator and heads for Corulag to stop the attack on Corulag Academy, which was about to be carried out by the droid starfighters and one Bartokk fighter that had left the fortress during Maul’s rampage. Maul arrives in the Corulag system just before the starfighters. He then uses a droid starfighter control device given to him by Darth Sidious to turn the droid starfighters against the Bartokk starfighter, destroying it. He then spots the ship that can only belong to Groodo and turns the starfighters on it. Groodo and his son, Boonda, use an escape pod to head for Corulag’s surface, and Maul lets them live, as per Sidious’ instructions. The Hutts land on Corulag and Groodo prepares to place a call that might enable him to strike back at the Trade Federation that Maul represents. Maul, in the meantime, heads back to Ralltiir to search for C-3PX. He finds the droid’s restraining bolt, but no sign of the droid itself and resigns himself to C-3PX’s destruction. On Rhinnal, Obi-Wan reports that he has spoken with Corulag and learned of the firefight and that the droid starfighters escaped into hyperspace after the battle, leaving the question of who now has the starfighters up in the air. The Jedi (including Noro Zak and Adi Gallia) confer on the issue, and Qui-Gon then receives a call from Yoda on Coruscant. Yoda informs Qui-Gon that he will meet Qui-Gon and the others at Corulag. “Matters most urgent” await them at the Corulag Academy...

Bartokks assassins steal a new-model SoroSuub space yacht from Ausec Grogle of Trandosha.

As Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Bama Vook, Leeper, Vel Ardox, Noro Zak, and Adi Gallia head from Rhinnal to Corulag to meet with Yoda and Mace Windu, Groodo the Hutt, angry over the Bartokks’ failure to destroy Corulag Academy, gives the Bartokks one last chance to fulfill their assignment. The Jedi (aboard the Radiant VII and the Metron Burner) arrive in Corulag’s vicinity at the same time that a new model SoroSuub yacht (registered to Ausec Grogle of Trandosha, but piloted by the Bartokks with six X10-D droids, three of which are modified with plasma bombs) enters the system as well. Leeper notes that this is odd since the new model should not be for sale yet. (The Bartokks stole it, of course.) All of our heroes meet on Corulag, and Windu and Yoda are not angered that Obi-Wan is with Qui-Gon against their original wishes. Yoda and Mace Windu tell them that their mission is to help secure a Force-attuned child, Teela Panjarra. It seems that when the six-month-old’s parents died, she was placed in the care of Chief Scientist Frexton of the Corulag Academy’s Science Service, the same division that rejected Boonda the Hutt’s application. Frexton knows the child has a high midichlorian count, but refuses to turn her over, preferring to run his own tests (AKA preferring to make her his own personal lab rat, not an individual with rights). The Jedi are there to save the child from Frexton.

The Jedi soon run into two X10-Ds and realize that the Bartokks are trying to complete their mission. Yoda orders the other Jedi to evacuate the children in the Science Service tower’s nursery (where Teela is nowhere to be found), while he takes out the X10-Ds. He does so, but is locked into a different section of the tower, with only a shot-up security droid nearby to help. Yoda has taken out both droids and finds a bomb inside one of them. The security droid disables it while Yoda rushes to the lab where Frexton has Teela. He finds Frexton and Frexton tries to evade Yoda, carrying Teela in a Live Organism Comfort Conveyor (LOCC). A few Bartokks and two more droids arrive, and Yoda defeats them. They confirm that their intent is to destroy the Academy, and Yoda deactivates (well disintegrates—in a trash unit) another bomb droid. There are two droids left, one of which has a bomb. Yoda chases Frexton (who has ran off with Teela) to another room, where the girl is taken by several Bartokks and the remaining two droids. Yoda defeats them all, and then takes the last bomb and the LOCC aboard the Bartokks’ skiff and flies to the SoroSuub yacht. Once there, he races aboard, sets the bomb to detonate (it had a fail-safe timmer), and then battles (and kills) the Bartokk queen before escaping with Teela in the LOCC. The ship explodes, taking the rest of the Bartokks with it. Victorious, the Jedi prepare to return to Coruscant on the Radiant VII, while the furious Groodo and his son, Boonda, hitch a ride back to Esseles with Bama Vook and Leeper aboard the Burner.

On Datar, several Ghostling children are kidnapped by Djas Puhr and Gondry under orders from Sebulba the Dug. They are then transported to Tatooine where Pala, a Twi’lek slave of Madame Vansitt, is being shown to a prospective buyer, Lord Tantos. Tantos agrees to purchase her, and she will be leaving soon. She goes to give the bad news to her friends Anakin Skywalker, Kitster Banai, Wald, Amee, and Dorn. Watto sends Anakin to sneak a peek at what Sebulba is bringing into Mos Espa. He and Kitster rush off and see Sebulba’s newly modified Podracer. After other crates are brought inside a storehouse, the boys sneak in to check on the crate contents. There they see the Ghostling children, including Princess Arawynne. They have not had the explosive anti-escape transmitters installed in them yet. The boys are sent away by guards but want to help the children, if possible. The Ghostling children are soon sold to Gardulla the Hutt for use as garden decorations (which would be killed by more ferocious garden decorations). Anakin is then sent on a trading mission to the Jundland Wastes where he meets with some Jawas and reluctantly purchases what appears to be a small cube with Jedi markings and something evil trapped inside…

Soon Kitster, Pala, Anakin and Dorn (disguised as Jawas) break into Gardulla’s complex and find the Ghostlings. Using the unimplanted transmitters as impromptu bombs, the Mos Espa children sneak the Ghostlings into the as-yet-empty garden to hide until they can come back and get them out of Gardulla’s palace completely. Anakin and the other non-Ghostlings make their escape (an escape that the Ghostlings, by their physical exhaustion and make-up, could not have made). They say their goodbyes to Pala as she prepares to leave with her new master. Shortly thereafter, Sebulba comes to Gardulla for his payment, but she refuses to pay until she has the Ghostlings in her hands again (since she fears duplicity on Sebulba’s part). Sebulba sets out on a personal (and business) mission to find the missing Ghostling children…

Gardulla the Hutt has sent Sebulba, Grondy, Khiss, and Djas Puhr to find the children who helped the Ghostlings. They find a skin bit left by Pala Kwi’teksa and pick up Anakin Skywalker’s scent and are on the move. At Madam Vansitt’s academy, Vansitt suggests that Pala escape. After meeting with Jira and deciding to collect money to free the slaves, Anakin, Kitster, Dorn, and Pala prepare a plan of action. Anakin is chased by Puhr, but the others help him escape. Anakin and Kitster escape in Sebulba’s Podracer, while Sebulba pursues in Brant Rumble’s. Anakin drops Kitster off so he can take a scrambler to Pala to save her if Gardulla sends people after her based on the DNA of the skin flake or try to destroy her using the implanted detonator. Anakin and Sebulba go head to head in Mos Espa (with Sebulba not realizing who he’s facing) and Sebulba is forced to wreck Brant’s Pod and Anakin escapes. Later, Kitster informs him that Pala is safely hidden with the Ghostlings and the scrambler is working to save her from scans and kill commands. Later, Anakin has a dream and seems to be being contacted by some kind of lifeform in the mysterious cube he got from Jawas earlier in the week. At Jabba’s Palace, Sebulba informs him that a bounty has been put on the head of Pala and her unknown accomplices, and Jabba tells him that he will put Dorn to tracking down the children (which will mean betraying his friends if he follows through)...

Another day of drudgery and slave work for Anakin Skywalker at Watto’s junkyard. But Watto has a special job for him today -- go to a Jawa Sandcrawler and gather parts for a wrecked pod Watto’s gotten a hold of. Taking the partially - built C-3P0 with him, he travels to the sandcrawler -- that he learns is badly damaged. In return for the pod parts, Anakin agrees to repair the sandcrawler. Not only does he get thrusters in return, but an entire pod engine! Anakin takes the rebuilt pod to a Boonta Eve Classic pod race, but Sebulba cheats, leaving Anakin crashed in the sand. He’s ordered by Watto to rebuild the pod. That night, he heads to the market, and meets a spacer who encourages him to follow his dreams. Thing is, the things Anakin’s been dreaming about haven’t come true... yet...

Podracer Wan Sandage hires Aldar Beedo, a Glymphid hitman to assassinate Sebulba. Beedo enters into the upcoming Boonta Eve Classic. Kam Nale enters into the Boonta Eve Classic under an assumed name, “Elan Mak”, in the hopes of exacting revenge against Aldar Beedo, who had murdered his father. Mars Guo, infatuated with Ann Gella, one of Sebulba’s masseuses, promises to help her escape Tatooine while he is drunk. Sebulba learns of Guo’s plans, and vents his rage by ensuring that Mars would never finish the upcoming race.

Darth Sidious sets into motion the final stages of his order’s 2,000-year-old plan to destroy the Jedi. Working patiently, Sidious has extended his power and influence deep into the galactic government. Using his grasp on psychology and bureaucracy to stifle justice, he brings about the crisis he needs to make his move for domination. The shadowy figure incites key individuals within the Neimoidian Inner Circle to take drastic measures in pursuit of profit. When the Galactic Senate imposes taxation on the former Free Trade Zones of the outlying systems, Sidious goads the greedy and bullying Trade Federation into aggressively blockading the planet Naboo in retaliation, one of the oldest, most revered planets in the Republic – a measure by which he intends to force an end to the new regulations. A standard month passes, and the situation on Naboo rapidly reaches crisis proportions. With no food being imported, the entire Naboo race is afflicted by starvation. Queen Amidala viciously harangues Chancellor Valorum over holochannel for his inaction, declaring him personally responsible for the suffering of her people. Shamed by Amidala’s bitter accusation, and alerted to possible war-like actions from the Federation by Jedi Knight Adi Gallia, Valorum takes the biggest political risk of his career – without the consent or even the knowledge of the Senate, he calls on the Jedi Council for help...

Obi-Wan Kenobi, almost a full Jedi Knight now, is sent with Master Qui-Gon Jinn to Naboo on the orders of Chancellor Finis Valorum in an attempt to end the blockade of the planet, brought on by the greedy Trade Federation. But when they arrive, the Neimoidian Viceroy Nute Gunray is ordered by a shadowy figure known as “Darth Sidious” to kill the Jedi, destroy the ship they came on (the ‘Radiant VII’), cut off Naboo’s communications, and invade the planet with a huge army of battle droids, hover tanks, and STAP vehicles. The Jedi repulse the attack on themselves and stow away on two Federation landers, determined to warn the Naboo and the Republic of the Federation’s heinous acts.

On the surface, the Jedi encounter a Gungan exile named Jar Jar Binks, who offers the two sanctuary from the invading army at his underwater home town of Otoh Gunga. Trouble is, Gungan leader Boss Nass doesn’t like “outlanders,” hates the Naboo, and absolutely depises Jar Jar. Qui-Gon is forced to resort to mind tricks to get themselves a “bongo” to the surface, as well as save the clumsy Gungan from being pounded to death. The underwater journey proves even more harrowing, as they dodge various sea monsters.

On the surface, the Federation army has swiftly overwhelmed the pacifist Naboo, herding the people into concentration camps. At the capital city of Theed, Gunray orders the teenage Queen Amidala to sign a treaty legitimising the Federation’s rule over Naboo (as well as avoiding Republic reprisals), or watch her people be systematically exterminated. She refuses to sign, and Gunray orders that she be taken to a camp.

As she is herded off with Security Chief Panaka and Governor Sio Bibble, the Jedi and Jar Jar arrive, barely avoiding a trip down a waterfall. Cutting down her captors, Qui-Gon recommends they take the Queen to Coruscant on her royal yacht to seek the aid of the Republic. He senses something more to all this, and suspects the Federation will kill Amidala and force a hand picked ruler to sign the treaty if she stays. Taking along a group of pilots and handmaidens, the small group boards the yacht and takes off. The yacht dodges the huge army in orbit of Naboo. When the shield generator is shot, the courageous acts of a single astromech droid -- R2-D2 -- enables the ship to escape capture.

Unfortunately, the yacht’s hyperdrive has been destroyed, and the ship needs to make repairs. The nearest likely world is a desert planet called Tatooine, home of Jabba the Hutt. After harassing the Neimoidians at Naboo via hologram, and ordering them to kill Naboo’s Council of Elders, Sidious sends his apprentice Darth Maul to track down the Queen, kill her Jedi protectors and return her to Naboo to sign the treaty.

The yacht lands on the outskirts of Mos Espa, and Qui-Gon goes in disguised as a farmer to find a new hyperdrive. Along for the ride is Jar Jar, Artoo, and a young handmaiden the Queen insisted go along named Padme Naberrie. They find their way to a junk shop owned by a Toydarian named Watto. He has what they need, but they don’t have the hard currency he needs. They also meet Watto’s slave, a nine-year-old boy named Anakin Skywalker. It’s love at first sight for Anakin as he introduces himself to Padme. A little later, he saves Jar Jar from the wrath of Sebulba the Dug and befriends the group. He brings them to his house as a sandstorm approaches, where the heroes meet his mother Shmi, as well as a protocol droid Anakin is rebuilding to help Shmi around the house -- a prissy and harried robot named See Threepio.

Meanwhile at the royal yacht, the Neimoidians use a holo - transmission of Bibble (who stayed behind to interfere with their actions) to try and locate the Queen themselves. Obi-Wan, who stayed on the ship, orders the crew not to reply to the message (which would give the Neimodians the trace they want). En route to Tatooine, Darth Maul is ambushed by Togorian pirates, whom he utterly wipes out.

Back at Anakin’s house, the boy offers to use his own hand built Podracer at the upcoming Boonta Eve Classic Podrace (hosted by Jabba) to win the money the heroes need to repair the yacht. Despite the great danger, no one can see any other way to get the hyperdrive. Qui-Gon becomes more and more intrigued by this strangely gifted boy. He is startled when Shmi reveals that Anakin has no father -- he was apparently conceived by the Force itself -- and downright shocked when a midichlorian count reveals Anakin to be THE strongest Force sensitive in existence.

The day of the Podrace arrives, as does Darth Maul (who immediately sends probe droids into the cities). As he waits, he takes on an entire Tusken raiding party singlehanded. A Trooshti steals the battery from Anakin’s Pod, but Padme and Jar Jar gets it back and helps the Trooshti save their nest in the process. Anakin’s chief competition is the nasty Sebulba, who sabotages Anakin’s Pod prior to race start. Despite this, a five - hundred mile an hour rush through horrendous obstacles, pot-shooting Sandpeople, and exploding fellow Racers... Anakin manages to win the Podrace and secure the new hyperdrive from Watto. And thanks to a bet Qui-Gon made with Watto, the boy has also won his freedom and a chance to become a Jedi Knight. Sadly, this means he will have to leave Shmi and Threepio behind on Tatooine. He tearfully promises to return and free them when he becomes a Jedi. Qui-Gon outwits a last ditch effort by Watto (at Gardulla the Hutt’s urging) to keep the boy, and has him disable the explosive slave chip inside him.

As the heroes return to the yacht, Darth Maul finally strikes. It’s all Qui-Gon can do just to hold him back as they take off from Tatooine. He introduces Anakin to Obi-Wan, who is jealous and leery of the young boy. >Anakin also meets pilot Ric Olie, who helps acquaint him with flying Naboo-style ships.

Finally, Coruscant is reached and the heroes can enjoy a brief respite. Qui-Gon reports the apparent existence of the new Sith to the surprised twelve-member Jedi Council, and then drops the bombshell about Anakin. They agree to meet the boy and test his potential. Although his potential in the Force is obvious, a little probing by Yoda highlights the glaring flaws in Anakin’s character...

Elsewhere, Amidala meets with Palpatine, who informs her that the corrupt and weak Senate probably won’t be any help at all -- unless she forces the ouster of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, Naboo’s most ardent supporter. She won’t hear of it -- until she presents her case to the Senate, and sees first hand how bureaucracy and the Trade Federation’s influence has destroyed the once - noble democratic institution, and any chance of saving her people with it.
With Palpatine’s lies about Valorum ringing in her ears, she loudly demands Valorum be impeached at once, and a new Supreme Chancellor elected.

While waiting for the Council to render their decision, Anakin and Jar Jar helps a young boy and his malfunctioning nanny droid return home. A little later, the Jedi Council decides Anakin is indeed not worthy for training as a Jedi.
Not only is he too old, but also he has far too much anger and fear in him. Incensed at this, Qui-Gon defies the Council and announces he will train Anakin without their permission -- Obi-Wan is ready to become a Knight, he declares. He believes Anakin to be the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, the “Chosen One” who will bring “balance to the Force.”
The Council, led by Mace Windu and Yoda, calms the tense situation down by stating they will reconsider Anakin’s fate at a later time. Right now, with Amidala resigned to returning to Naboo and sharing the fate of her people, they want Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to go with her and protect her -- and find out just what connection, if any, the Sith has with the invasion.
As they leave, Sidious tells the Neimoidians he no longer needs her help at all -- kill her when she lands.

But as the group returns to Naboo in the yacht, passing the sole remaining Neimoidian Battleship (a droid control ship -- the others were no longer needed), they learn Amidala has not given up. Thanks to an off-the-cuff remark by Jar Jar, she sees a desperate last hope for her world. She asks to meet with Boss Nass and the Gungans, now forced out of Otoh Gunga by the Federation and hiding in sacred ruins. Nass is still unwilling to listen -- until Padme the handmaiden reveals herself to be the true Queen Amidala, with handmaiden Sache acting as her decoy. She openly begs Nass for help, to take back what was both theirs. Nass, touched by her willingness not to belittle the Gungans, finally agrees to help them.

Sidious, suspecting some kind of attack, sends Maul to join the Neimoidians on Naboo. An attack is indeed what is on the Queen’s mind, but that is only a distraction.
As a now - promoted General Jar Jar and the Gungans face the battle droids on the ground, she and the Jedi will sneak back into the royal palace and free the main hangar, allowing Olie and the pilots to fly their N-1 starfighters into orbit and attack the droid control ship. Destroy it, and the droids will be disabled.
At the same time, she intends to capture Gunray in the throne room and end this war once and for all.

The battle proceeds as planned, except for two complications -- Maul is waiting for them at the hangar, drawing the two Jedi off for a savage duel.
At the same time, Anakin and Artoo hide in an N-1 only to find themselves taking off for the orbital battle on autopilot.
The tide turns against the Naboo/Gungan/Jedi fighters on all fronts, with the Gungans being captured by the battle droids and Qui-Gon being brutally slain by Maul before Obi-Wan’s horrified eyes.

Yet the tables are just as quickly turned. Amidala manages to capture Gunray and force his surrender. Anakin, guided by the Force without his even knowing it, flies into the droid control ship and blows up the main reactor, destroying the Battleship and cutting off the battle droids. And Obi-Wan, fighting down his rage and relying on the Force, delivers a fatal blow and watches the two cut halves of Maul tumble down a reactor shaft. With his dying breath, Qui-Gon asks Obi-Wan to promise that he will train Anakin. Obi-Wan agrees.

A few days later, the new Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Palpatine, arrives on Naboo with the Jedi Council. Gunray and his lieutenant Rune Haako are being shipped back to Coruscant for trial, the Trade Federation’s charter has been revoked, and the taxing laws that started the whole ordeal have been repealed. Palpatine praises Amidala’s bravery in saving their world, and tells Anakin he will watch his career “with great interest.”
Yoda informs Obi-Wan that he is hereby promoted to Jedi Knight, and -- over his own strong objections -- the Council will allow Kenobi to train Skywalker. He urges Obi-Wan to keep a close eye on the would-be Jedi, as the future of this boy is still very clouded. Obi-Wan promises to be careful.

A sombre funeral is held for Qui-Gon that night, as his body is cremated. Obi-Wan tells a forlorn Anakin of the Council’s decision. Yoda and Mace Windu mull over the remaining questions of this mess. Why was Naboo invaded? And was Darth Maul the Sith Master... or merely the apprentice? Those questions must wait for another day, as the next morning a grand parade and presentation of the Orb of Peace to Boss Nass allows the Naboo to celebrate their salvation, and cheer the heroes who delivered them from evil...

By this era, a more advanced version of the Jedi Code has come into existence. It reads as thus:

“There is no emotion -- there is peace.
“There is no ignorance -- there is knowledge.
“There is no passion -- there is serenity.
“There is no death -- there is the Force.”

At the request of Craddossk, head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, Aurra Sing travels to the Forest Moon of Endor to secretly meet with a blind priestess of the Order of Ffib. She is hired to kill a Twi’lek ex - Jedi turned pirate named Reess Kairn. And to get to him, she may have to go through two Shi’ido mercenaries masquerading as Kairn. She’ll know the real article by his ryll - spice addicted yellow eyes. The priestess gives Sing the coordinates of three worlds -- each representing Liquid, Flame and Sky. Kairn, she promises, is on one of those worlds.

Hoth, the (iced - up) Liquid planet. Aurra fights through Wampas and Tauntauns to get to the first Kairn -- a Shi’ido.
Tatooine, the Flame planet. A sniper shot to the head takes out another Shi’ido. She stops to chat with a kid named Wuher who’s kneeling over the corpse.
Bespin, the Sky world. A mid-air fight between Kairn on a thranta and Aurra on a STAP. Kairn loses. But -- he’s another Shi’ido?? Liquid... Flame... Sky... that priestess left one out.

Endor. The Land World. That priestess was the real Kairn, having had his brain placed in a female body. Now that his three decoys are dead, (s)he can seek redemption in the temples of Lorahn...
Just as she’s thinking this, Aurra sneaks up behind her and blows her head off.

Conil Barje, Camella Barje, and their son leave Corellia and proceed to Tatooine to begin a new family life.

A war - clan of Tusken Raiders attacks Anchorhead. Shortly thereafter, other clans join in - 13 clans all under one warleader. All in all, they killed six militiamen, set fire to the armory, smashed the central vaporator-cistern and escaped with a large amount of water.

Tatooine's natives are in a panic of gun-buying, because the Sandpeople are on the loose. Three days earlier, the Tusken Raiders smashed into Anchorhead in a fury, wiping out everything in sight. Even worse is their mysterious leader, a red-eyed Sandperson with a lightsaber(?!?) He seems the fiercest of all, but when they attack a trading post at Mochot Steep, he spares a young mother he just widowed a moment before.

On Coruscant, the Jedi think they know whom this mystery man is -- a Jedi Knight named Sharad Hett, who disappeared fifteen years ago. The new Council member, Ki-Adi Mundi, is ordered to go to Tatooine to find Hett and either bring him back to the Jedi -- or, if he has fallen to the Dark Side, kill him. Strangely, Yoda insists that he meet with Jabba first... the very Hutt who tried to kill his daughter not long ago. Unbeknownst to Ki, the mystery man has gained the attention of another, possibly more dangerous foe -- Force sensitive bounty hunter Aurra Sing...

As he prepares to leave, Ki is visited by the “Dark Woman,” the nameless Jedi who brought him into the Order years ago, as well as the one who trained -- and rejected -- Sing. To this day, she is haunted by her failure. She warns Ki that she’s had visions of his future -- dark visions. “Within the deserts of another’s heart, your life will be changed forever.” Ki then leaves in a Republic Cruiser for Tatooine.

As he arrives, Sing is watching him. She’s surprised that they sent him, but “it doesn’t matter.”
Ki meets with Jabba, treating him with barely disguised disdain. Jabba goes out of his way to apologize to the Jedi, offering him a skiff ride. Of course, it’s a one-way trip into a sandstorm, with the escorts ready to kill him...

Ki gets the upper hand on his would - be killers, but nobody bothers to drive the skiff, which capsizes in the storm. Ki survives -- barely -- with a broken arm. His comlink and medpak are gone, but he does have some water. Next stop: The Jundland Wastes. He begins a long, lonely trek, unaware that Sing is hot on his trail. By sunset he reaches the mountains.
He finds himself fighting womprats, tumbling down a chasm, and then facing the most dreaded creature on Tatooine -- the Krayt dragon. He finds Sharad Hett and his Sandpeople at the top of the chasm, ready to watch him get eaten... until Ki tells Sharad that his teacher, Eeth Koth, sent him. He then has his son A’Sharad attack and kill the Krayt dragon, thus formalizing the young man’s status as a Tusken Raider. The two Jedi talk, and Sharad reveals that Jabba had a very good reason to keep Ki from him – he has been the one pouring weapons into the hands of the human settlers. But he remains silent on why he’s been raiding the cities. He takes Ki to his camp at Gafga Canyon, while Aurra slices up womp rats with her ‘saber – a means of warming up to kill both Jedi...

Over breakfast, Sharad finally opens up to what he’s been up to – why he left the Jedi in the first place, why he joined the Tuskens, and why his leading role in the Tusken attacks – namely, to provide order and control, and prevent the offensive from becoming a bloodbath. Jabba the Hutt has stirred the Sandpeople into a foaming fury to provide a market for his outdated caches of weapons to the terrorized populace. He is stunned when Ki tells him of the Sith’s return and Qui-Gon Jinn’s death, but he steadfastly refuses to return to Coruscant – he is a Tusken Raider now, and he belongs with his people. Suddenly the camp is overwhelmed by a private army led by Gardulla the Hutt, whom Aurra has apparently been working for, and whom Aurra summoned when she spotted the camp...

Aurra contents herself with wiping out a squad of Sandpeople while Gardulla's group smashes head-on into the main force. Sharad rides right into the battle, using his Force powers and leadership skills to harness the Sandpeople into a dangerous foe. From a high rock, Aurra begins playing sniper, seriously wounding A'Sharad. The Sandpeople quickly gain the advantage in the battle, and Gardulla panics. Just as Sharad is about to fillet her, the cavalry arrives in the form of Jabba and his own private army.

Seems Aurra has been playing double agent. With that taken care of, she now concentrates on why she came to Tatooine in the first place -- nailing Sharad's shoulder with a sniper shot, then running the wounded Jedi through with her 'saber.

Before she can finish him off, however, Ki and A'Sharad arrive. Ki warns Aurra that while she is in the Dark Side, she's not all the way gone yet -- he remembers the girl she once was. Aurra moves to kill Sharad anyway, only to face his son. She taunts the young man, urging him to give in to his anger. Ki protests -- do that, and he'll become like her! A'Sharad is moved by his words -- moved enough for Aurra to kick him down and disappear into the dust.

Gathered around the mortally wounded Sharad, the Jedi take stock of the situation. Thanks to Jabba, most of the Sandpeople were massacred. Gardulla has been disgraced, and Jabba continues his rise to power in the underworld. A'Sharad has nowhere to go now, and he promises to join Ki as his Padawan Learner. Sharad gives his son his own lightsaber, then passes away. Ki and A'Sharad start the long journey back to Coruscant...

In gratitude to the Jedi for their efforts in freeing Naboo, the Gungans build the Jedi Monument -- a gorgeous building flanked by two eternal flame-orbs.

The Gungans erect a unique monument, the ‘Queen’s Monument’, built in honor of Queen Amidala. It symbolized the peace that had been forged between the Naboo and the Gungans, which allowed them to break the Trade Federation’s hold on their world. The center of the monument was a stone spire, atop which was set a single light representing the unified planet of Naboo. Five small globes encircled the spire, representing Amidala’s virtues of leadership, compassion, beauty, wisdom, and strength.

In the wake of the battle of Naboo, the Gungan underwater cities are facing dangerous overpopulation. As a way of cementing the relationship with the Gungans, Queen Amidala (with the help of Obi-Wan, Jar Jar, and Artoo) helps Boss Nass and the Gungans establish a colony on Naboo’s outer moon, Ohma-D’un.

(Future pirate and thief) Laerron Woern is born on the planet Elom.

(Future spy) Mol Hedron is born on the planet Swarquen.

Perhaps due to the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of their attack on Naboo, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine orders all battle droids and assassin droids outlawed.

Niles Ferrier (future starship thief) is born (on the planet Corellia?).

Upon his election as Chancellor of the Republic, Palpatine already had wealth and connections enough to guarantee him unlimited power. With support falling in line in the Senate, the Galactic Corporate Policy League (GCPL) threw its support behind New Order policies and gave credibility to its empty promises of restored glory and prosperity. Through contacts with powerful businesses outside the League, many other companies endorsed Palpatine’s plans. Payback came easily enough once Palpatine had complete control over the budgets of a galaxy. With the enormous military buildup Palpatine planned, the most lucrative contracts could be awarded to those captains of industry who had already proven their “loyalty”.
Of course, even these incalculable sums proved too small for the greed of these mega–corporate titans. It was then that the GCPL conceived its boldest gamble yet. It wished to develop and expand the Corporate Sector. The League members realized how much potential there was if these countless riches could be given their unrestricted attentions.

COMPNOR, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, is formed. Initially little more than a social group, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine aids it covertly, building it into a major political movement to help in the transition of the Republic into the Empire.

Akanah Norand Goss of the Fallanassi is born.

-31 BSW4

At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Dark Woman puts new Jedi apprentice A’Sharad Hett through the entrance exam from Hell – a combination lightsaber/verbal assault. Despite her best efforts, Hett holds true to the tenets of the Jedi. She urges him not to hold back, even when facing his friends. As she proves by doubling him over with a sucker punch, “Anyone can be an enemy.” Later, in private conversation with Ki, she agonizes over having created the anti-Jedi death machine Aurra Sing has become.

The Council meets, and a new mission is discussed – Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is sending half of the Jedi Council to Malastare, where a terrorist organization called the Red Iaro are willing to begin peace talks with the people of Lannik, whom they have warred with for years. As the meeting ends, Mace Windu has the Council witness the ‘Concordance of Fealty,’ an ancient ceremony involving Mace returning the lightsaber he borrowed from Eeth Koth, and Eeth doing the same.
After the meeting, Ki comes upon A’Sharad talking with fellow Jedi student Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is intrigued upon hearing where Ki is going – they still have Podracing on Malastare. Ki asks the young lad to tell him about Podracing...

On Malastare itself, the Phoebos Memorial Run is underway, and Sebulba the Dug (in the garishly repainted pod built by Anakin) is up to his old tricks, out to restore his tarnished reputation. And taking out an assassin hired to kill him in the process. Red Iaro member Myk’chur Finux wins a lot of money from Senator Aks Moe as a result. They note that with the race going on (hyped to epic proportions by Gran corporate sponsors), the peace summit will be all but ignored until they want the press there. The Ffib priests are also in on the conspiracy between the Grans and the Red Iaro. The Jedi arrive, and Senators Baskol Yeesrim and Aimlee Teem (along with some Dug “indentured servants”) greet them. A’Sharad is awed at this site of this lush, varied world. As they move toward their quarters, Evan and Adi hang back – they sense something’s wrong.
As a Red Iaro and an Ffib subpriest move in to ambush the Jedi, they are themselves ambushed by Evan and Adi. They manage to escape thanks to the incompetence of the Gran guards – or is it incompetence? Baskol and Aimlee move the Jedi into the Governor’s quarters – and right into the deathtrap to be sprung tomorrow by Senator Moe...

The rest to be detailed…

Lando Calrissian is born (on the planet Corellia?).

Aves (future smuggler and associate of Talon Karrde) is born on the planet Corellia.

The Nalronian, F’quallix is born (future smuggler).

A stuttering mining-vessel captain makes an emergency landing on Horn Station. After paying the repair costs, the captain relaxes at a cantina where he meets a blond named Kirry – and an alien named Kerlo, who’s interested in a brawl.
Incredibly, the timid captain outdraws the alien and stuns him. Impressed, a Rodian bystander extends an “invitation” from Lord Shoto Eyefire – a quick-draw duel to the death, tomorrow morning. Sure enough, the nervous captain faces the Shistavanen crimelord in his fortress the next day…and nails him through both legs, then yanks out a lightsaber and some stun grenades and cleans house!!

A few hours later, the wounded crimelord is hauled aboard the “captain’s” ship. He’s been taken to face the justice of the Republic. And Kirry bids a fond goodbye to the unnamed Jedi Knight...

Fynn Torve (future smuggler and associate of Talon Karrde) is born on the planet Corellia.

Borsk Fey’yla (future New Republic Senator and Chief of State) is born on the planet Kothlis, a Bothan colony world.

The Outbound Flight Project, a space voyage outside the galaxy, is launched. One of the six Jedi Masters aboard is Jorus C'Baoth. Fifteen Republic vessels with hand-picked units are sent under the secret orders of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to destroy the Outbound Flight -- and then are themselves destroyed by twelve Chiss vessels led by then- Commander Thrawn. Thrawn leaves only one ship intact, and interrogates Palpatine's main adviser, Kinman Doriana.
Doriana explains the situation to Thrawn. Two weeks later, Thrawn destroys the Outbound Flight.
Palpatine apparently has genetic material of C'Baoth that is later cloned. Thrawn’s actions do not sit well with the Chiss ruling families, and he is eventually exiled on an uninhabited planet on the edge of Imperial space.

The First Clone War begins.

Nejaa Halcyon, Corellian Jedi Master, is called away to fight in the Clone Wars. Meaning that he will be away from Corellia for an indefinite amount of time, Nejaa's partnership with Rostek Horn ends. He assures Rostek and his wife Scerra that the Clone Wars will not kill him.

Vima-da-Boda's daughter Neema falls in with rebellious Jedi who turns the young woman to the Dark Side. Neema ends up marrying an Ottethan warlord who mistreats her. She attempts to harm him with the Dark Side, but is unsuccessful and is imprisoned. Vima rushes to her aid, but finds her daughter already dead. Momentarily insane with rage, Vima kills the warlord. Horrified by what she had done, Vima regresses and loses contact with the Force, which saves her from the Great Jedi Purge.

-30 BSW4

The Old Republic funds an archaeological expedition to Dagobah. The expedition is lost, and the records themselves are lost for decades.

Syal Antilles (sister of Wedge) is born to Jagged and Zena Antilles on the planet Corellia.

The Lant Mining Corporation closes its last mine in the Demar system, on the planet Gart.

The Gamorrean, Ughok Snorg, is born (future enforcer).

The Devaronian, Sires Vant, is born (future loan shark).

The Rodian, Malak, is born (future slaver).

The Victory-class Star Destroyer is designed by Walex Blissex. It was before Thrawn was found.

Morna Faenarm, a future accountant for Incom, is born.

On the run from Ord Segra customs officials, Una Poot and her husband Drogue arrives at Machenry Station. Not long after, Drogue is killed prospecting in the Dragonflower Nebula. Una remarries some time later, to an engineer. Una and the engineer rename the station “Silver Station.”

The philosophy Tyia is brought to the planet Revyia by a trader. The Tyia holds a strong regard for life and peace, which struck a chord with the Revwien race. It has been described as an alterate method of coming to know The Force, as the Tyia teaches that introspective reflection is the way to learn the true way of the universe. Students learn to control their own personal Force (known as the Tyia) through meditation and ceremony.

Noa crash lands his starship on the forest moon of Endor. His co-pilot Salak leaves in search of something to power the ship, but he is captured by King Terak and his marauders soon later, and killed.

-29 BSW4

Han Solo, grandson of the 'false' King of Corellia Dalla Solo, is born on the planet Corellia. He has three known relatives; his father Jonash Solo, aunt Tiion Sal-Solo, and her son Thracken Sal-Solo. Due to as-yet unknown circumstances, the young Solo is orphaned, and spends his early years as a street urchin.

Ander Rendrake is born. He would later become a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, and act as a communications officer of the Imperial Star Destroyer ‘Vendetta’.

Kerri Lessev is born on the planet Alderaan. Her parents are diplomants, and when she is an infant, they move to Coruscant. She would later become an Imperial Intelligence Destab Agent. After she realizes what the Empire stands for, she begins to covertly help the Rebellion.

Morrina Reugus, a future starport traffic controller is born.

Par’tah (future smuggler) is born on the planet Moltok.

(Future murderer) Greldo Farnor, a Khil, is born on the planet Belnar.

(Future assassin) Morteos is born on the planet Nar Bo Sholla.

(Future Captain) Covell is born on the planet Corulag.

(Future Major) Bren Derlin is born.

Simmin Mandel is born.

Putten Beatus is born. She will be a future Customs Inspector of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine.

Soontir Fel is born in an agro - combine on the planet Corellia.

-28 BSW4

Beyla Rus, AKA "Gentleman Pirate" is born on the planet Tibro.

Bendoli Ballow-Reese, future member of ExGal, is born.

Halla Ettyk is born on Alderaan. She would progress in her career as a prominent criminal prosecutor. Later in her career, she became a member of Airen Cracken’s counterintelligence staff, and rose through the ranks to become a Commander for the Alliance and, later, the New Republic. When Tycho Celchu was brought to trial for the death of Corran Horn, Halla Ettyk was chosen as the state's prosecutor, and took the job immediately. Her case against Celchu seemed airtight, until Corran Horn escaped from Lusankya and revealed the traitor within Rogue Squadron was not Celchu. Halla Ettyk dropped the charges and made her apologies to Celchu.

Matt Turhaya is born.

(Future pirate and thief) Jerresk, a Quarren, is born on the planet Calamari.

Vimran Trell is born. He would become a Yeoman and chef of the Imperial Star Destroyer ‘Adjudicator’, but he is actually a spy for the Rebel Alliance.

Tandra Marelle, aka The Tombat – a jewel thief and semi–independent Rebel ally, is born.

(Future murderer and assassin) Londrah, a Defel, is born on the planet Af'El.

-27 BSW4

Seti Ashgad the First, a political opponent of Chancellor Palpatine, is kidnapped and stranded on the prison world Nam Chorios by Palpatine's agents. He overthrows the planet's Jedi leader, Beldorion the Hutt.

Motti is born, place of birth unknown. He would later become an Imperial Admiral.

The Twi’lek, Pratari Cinn is born (future black marketeer).

(Future spy and traitor) Lar Maendin is born on the planet Vastrip IV.

(Future spy) Ten Dorne is born on the planet Sluis Van.

(Future bounty hunter and murderer) Moxin Tark is born on the planet Bandonia.

(Future traitor and murderer) Rodin Baem is born on the planet Hoylin.

Fulkrehm Protial, a future information collector is born.

Resik, a Jillsarian, who would become a future information gatherer and safehouse operator, is born.

Samire Mandel is born.

Gallandro begins killing as a hitman.

Bria Tharen is born to Renn and Sera Tharen on the planet Corellia.

(Future) Captain Sarin Virgilio is born on the planet Masterra.

-26 BSW4

Yeorg Captison becomes a Bakuran Senator.

Three year old orphan Han Solo is picked up and recruited into Garris Shrike’s pirate ‘clan.’

(Future traitor and spy) Haanen Felean is born on the planet Klatooine.

Lord Galen Panos takes on the role of High Lord of House Reena.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, a series of Dark Jedi attack the area of space that includes the Bpfassh system and the planet Dagobah. The last of this Dark Jedi steals smuggler Jorj Car’das’s ship and flees to Dagobah. He attacks and is killed by Yoda, who nurses Car’das back to life and decides to live near the cave where he was killed, as his dark aura cloaked Yoda's own.

Reginna Bel Typolla, a Spaceport authority worker and information gatherer is born.

Aimi Loto, a future Rebel saboteur is born.

Ytavarg Aleema, a near – human (Keed) and future Rebel financier is born.

Daala is born.

Ki Drayson is born on Dargon V. His parents are killed when he is very young sending the boy to the local orphanage for several years.

-25 BSW4

As the result of an orbital battle of the Clone Wars, the planet Honoghr is devastated by chemical poisoning.

Fearing that Nejaa would not return from the Clone Wars, Rostek Horn begins to preserve the Jedi heritage for Valin Halcyon and for his future son Corran. Rostek would later store the Jedi knowledge in the genes of flowers.

Bracsk (future smuggler) is born on the planet Baros.

(Future spy, thief, and traitor) Lesle Andreya is born on the planet Neree.

A group of Yuuzhan Vong warriors infiltrate the galaxy, landing on the obscure planet Bimmiel. From there the warriors begin surveying the surrounding sectors for the coming invasion. The warriors, after gathering sufficient information, left Bimmiel to return to their own galaxy, leaving behind a lone warrior, Mongei Shai, to report to them further as they journeyed home. As the distance between the Vong craft and Bimmiel increased, the signal from Mongei Shai became progressively weaker, until it was lost altogether. Shai, who was broadcasting from inside a cave on Bimmiel, was later killed by slashrats, which are native to the planet. His body was buried inside the cave by sandstorms that ravaged the planet over the next fifty years, until his remains were discovered along with his weapons and tools by a group of xenoarcheology students from the University of Agamar.

(Future pirate and thief) Safonne Pendon is born on the planet Rodia.

Tav Breil'ya, future aide to Senator Borsk Fey'yla, is born on the planet Kothlis.

Cooper Dray is born. This future swoop racer maintained his popularity only as long as he was winning. When he decided to race just for the thrill of it, he discovered an audience on the planet Bescane who simply wanted to watch him race. He settled down there, and was eventually contacted by an Alliance operative. When Imperial agents killed the operative in front of his eyes, Cooper vowed to make the Empire pay. He joined the Alliance as an undercover agent, using his contacts on Bescane to move contract workers off the corporate world. It was Dray who helped the Alliance locate agent Tigress, because he had become aware of the kidnappings of workers by Imperial Forces.
During a swoop chase with Imperial forces, Dray was lost. Tigress, also known as the Lady Amber Comark, believed that he was kidnapped and cyborged as part of the Death-Hunter project. When the Alliance agents infiltrated Jesco Comark’s base on Zeta Zero Nine, they found Dray in the midst of an intense torture session. He was rescued by the Alliance agents.

Barthalemew Windslow, a future Rebel spy is born.

Flindor Tekkirl, a future Rebel scout is born.

Dash Rendar, future smuggler and Rebel hero, is born on the planet Corellia.

-24 BSW4

Lady Valarian, a Whiphid, is born on the planet Toola. Daughter of two gangsters, she would eventually make her way to Tatooine and make her base in the old crashed cargo hauler 'The Lucky Despot'. She would be a rival Tatooine crime boss to Jabba the Hutt.

A part of the First Clone War, the Battle of Dreighton occurs in the Dreighton System. The long, intense space battle in which many soldiers and Jedi died later spawned many superstitions and is avoided by many space travelers because of mysterious happenings there. Ever since the battle strange ghostly ships and disappearing starships were reported in the area. Spacers and casual travelers alike have dubbed it 'The Dreighton Triangle.'
Soon after the Battle of Hoth the Empire used this sector as a testing ground for a top-secret project that failed due to an intrusion on the part of the Rebel Alliance.

Blaine Hanscom is born.

Han Solo begins actively pick-pocketing for Garris Shrike.

The Mon Calamarian, Shenir Rix, is born (future informant).

Jan Strange is born. She would become an undercover operative for the Alliance and act as an Imperial Intelligence agent.

Arjon F.M.P is born on the planet Ord Mantell.

Even as the first Clone War ends, more wars and battles spring up across the galaxy. Already weary from their previous battles, Nejaa Halcyon and his Caamasi Jedi friend, Y'lenic It'kla, as well as other Jedi warriors are called again to serve. Moving from one battle to the next, the Jedi quell unrest and save billions of lives across the galaxy. This, however, prevents them from returning home to their loved ones. The wars continue to spring up until the end of the second Clone War.

(Future bounty hunter, thief, kidnapper and murderer) Tyrn Jiton is born on the planet Fenves.

-23 BSW4

Lieutenant Page, son of a Senator (future New Republic commando) is born on the planet Corulag.

In the wake of the first Clone War, the Old Republic Navy desperately needs to standardize and economize its starfighter branch. Republic Sienar Systems responds with the Twin Ion Engine starfighter – the T.I.E. Fighter. The small, fast and inexpensive short-range fighter soon becomes a fixture on Republic ships. The T.I.E. design was based on the earlier Sith Infiltrator secretly built for Darth Maul.

Platt O’Keefe is born on the planet Brentaal. As she grows up, she spends her afternoons at the starport, watching the freighters land and take off.

The Virgillian Civil War begins.

The Jedi Knights destroy the Iridium space pirates, raiders who were using “power gems” to disrupt Republic convoys’ shields. One, Laskar, goes into hiding with the last power gem.

(Future murderer, thief, and saboteur) Jarth Findo is born in the Corellian system.

Tremayne begins his Jedi training under Master Kylanu.

Fionna Flannis, a future journalist and rebel operative is born.

Lavek Talstin, a Devaronian and future freighter captain is born.

Maniac, a Krish and future starship mechanic, is born.

Hell’s Hammers, an elite squad created from the armor units of the Old Republic, is used by President Palpatine to crush his political opposition.

The Directors of the four organisations which gather and analyse intelligence for the Senate and other agencies of the Republic (Republican Security Organisation, Senate Bureau of Intelligence, Interstellar Consortium on Technology, and Special Acquisitions Branch of the Library of the Republic) meet in unprecedented negotiations in order to maintain an effective intelligence organisation for the government. But which government? The Directors felt the Republic to be unsalvageable. In their opinion, the rot had gone too far, a strong central government was needed – exactly the sort of government which Palpatine and his New Order promised. They agreed to merge their organisations. The Ubiqtorate was born.

-22 BSW4

The slaver ship run by Lobot’s father is besieged by a competing band of pirates. Lobot’s father is killed, and the ship is scuttled. Lobot is made a slave to the pirates.


The Second Clone War begins, as cloning technology is stolen and used by Mandalorian warriors, under the secret orders of Darth Sideous – a.k.a. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who sends his new Sith apprentice Aurra Sing to kill as many Jedi as possible. Over the course of these events, Padawan Learner Anakin Skywalker meets Queen Padme Amidala for the first time in ten years. This time, it’s love at first sight for Padme as well as Anakin. The Jedi Knights use all of their resources to defeat the Mandalorians, several of whom (including Boba Fett?) escape justice. The Jedi are left badly weakened and depleted. Mon Mothma becomes the last Senior Senator, and with Bail Organa attempts to stabilise the Republic. Palpatine, who has managed to eliminate almost all of his political enemies, begins to corrupt Anakin Skywalker. It becomes far easier for him to do so when Anakin leads a rescue mission to Tatooine to free his mother Shmi -- a mission that, thanks to Sing, goes catastrophically wrong and gives Anakin a murderous grudge against all Jedi. Sing is killed – but Anakin is now well on his way into the Dark Side.

Fighting alongside future Viceroy of Alderaan Bail Prestor Organa, General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are instrumental in the successful victory for the Old Republic in the Clone Wars. Citing the increasingly unstable situation of the Republic, Palpatine declares himself Emperor. The Republic is renamed the Galactic Empire, the Senate is scaled down in power, and Palpatine begins a massive build-up of the military.
He also orders that all Jedi be exterminated for a Clone Wars - related atrocity they did not commit (he did).
He also orders that all mention of the Jedi in galactic records be erased, as well as Jedi relics. He officially renames Coruscant “Imperial Center.” At the very time he does this, Anakin Skywalker marries Queen Amidala...

During his service in the Clone Wars, Nejaa Halcyon meets many famous individuals, including Jan Dodanna, Bail Organa, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon is killed in one of the last battles of the Clone Wars as he fights against three Dark Jedi, beside his friend Y'lenic It'kla and the great Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Y'lenic delivers his things to his family, lacking only Nejaa's lightsaber, which he donated to the Galactic Museum's Jedi collection. His wife, Scerra, remarries, (and his son is adopted by) Corellian Security officer Rostek Horn. Nejaa's son Valin Halcyon changes his name to Hal Horn, and Rostek erases his new family's connection to the Jedi.

Daelar vuv Tertarrnek is born. From the Covallon species, which has a bestial appearance, Daelar vuv Tertarnnek is a “pet” of Imperial Moff Jarnek. In fact, Daelar vuv Tertarrnek is a deep mole and spy.

Bron Kand’lar, a Bothan, is born.

Sapphire, a future freelance courier and smuggler, is born.

Mygo Skinto, a future information collector, is born.

Zu and Zan Pike (later Pikkel), a future team of sister bounty hunters, are born on the planet Epicanthix.

Mair Koda is born on the planet Vernet.

General Obi-Wan Kenobi is a passenger on a pleasure cruiser to Alderaan. Droid 68-RKO, on his way to serve Prince Bail Organa, befriends Kenobi. A criminal named Augustus Tryll tries unsuccessfully to hire Kenobi on a venture. As the liner nears the Merson asteroid belt, Captain Quasar asks for Kenobi's help to defend the cruiser against Merson slaver pirates.

As he defends the ship against attack, he learns that a signal from the cruiser is guiding the pirates to them. He has to defend Tryll from the angry passengers who think he sold them out. He finds and destroys the signal -- a fermenter machine. The ship goes on to Alderaan in peace.

Brahle Logris is born (future assassin).

An alien named Mitth'raw'nuruodo (exiled by his own people) runs a group of Imperial soldiers from the Victory class Star Destroyer ‘Strikefast’ (who was chasing smuggler Booster Terrik) in circles on a backwater planet just inside the Unknown Regions, killing troops, blowing up a TIE Fighter, and using both the environment and stolen technology to make a mockery of the troops. Impressed, Captain Voss Parck invites Thrawn to join the Republic fleet. Emperor Palpatine (who had twice tried to bring Thrawn over to the Empire before) stifles his xenophobia to allow this talented man in and provide private Academy schooling.

Kyle Katarn, future Rebel agent (and Jedi Knight), is born on the planet Sulon.

-21 BSW4

Bode Leobund XI takes on the position of High Lord of House Mecetti when his father is assassinated.

Isolder, future King of Hapes and father of Tenel Ka, is born on the planet Hapes.

The smuggler Samuel Tomas Gillespee begins piloting his modified freighter, ‘Kern’s Pride’.

Ta'ania, illegitimate daughter of a Jedi, gives birth to a son, Gantoris on Eol Sha.

Tycho Celchu is born on the planet Alderaan.

The Qektoth Confederation is formed by a group of scientists who wanted to find new uses for unusual bio–technology. They believe that modern technology is responsible for sapping the strength and spirit of any being it touched, and hoped to replace most items with biological equivalents. Gradually the Qektoth Confederation turned into a militant group that hoped to gain control by preying on those beings weakened by technology. Led by Trann Shoame, the Confederation unleashed a biochemical agent mated with a strange, biotechnology found near the Kathol Rift, on the crew of the ‘FarStar’ to test its effectiveness.

(Future suspected spy) Trell'yar is born on the planet Kothlis.

The Outer Rim planet Bakura is colonised.

The planet was settled during the final years of the Clone Wars.

Winter, childhood friend and later Rebel agent and aide to Princess Leia, is born on the planet Alderaan.
Winter says she's one year and a few months older than Leia.

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