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Miscellaneous Items
Climbing Gear
Tools & Tool Kits
Planetary/Orbiter Housing
Buying Passage

Price is in standard credits, and will vary by location.
Availability is in the following scale:
1 Common item Readily available throughout the known galaxy.
2 Uncommon item Available in large cities or spaceports.
3 Specialized item Available on planet of origin, but difficult to find elsewhere.
4 Rare item Difficult to find anywhere.
F Fee or permit often required for purchase.
R Restricted item on most planets, purchase/sale requires Imperial or other relevant license.
X Illegal on most planets, possession or use violates Imperial/local law with possible severe penalties. Specific permits may be available for authorized individuals.

General Price Guidelines
Animal, common 30+/-
Animal, livestock 500+/-
Animal, exotic 2000+
Artwork varies by type, etc.
Bacta 100/liter+/-
Fuel 50/kg+/-
Gemstones See list
Holovid 20+/-
Ore, common 200/kg+
Ore, rare 2000/kg+
Spice (illegal) 1000/kg+
Textiles 10/yard+
Water 4/liter+

Food (1 kg) Common: 10+/- Quality: 20+/- Exotic: 50+/-
Average human consumes 3kg per day
Lodging (1 day) Poor: 20+/- Good: 80+/- Luxury: 200+/-
Medical Care Medpac Treatment: 150 Long Term Care: 250/day Bacta Tank Healing: 300/12 hours

To be used during Character Creation, and then only as a reference after the campaign starts.


1 Plescinia Entertainment's CS-Mark 10
A. Computerized Holographic Combat Simulator 2 350 5
The Siege of Trasemene! The Assault on Vardoss IV! The Battle of Galboron! Names that will forever live in the annals of Imperial military history ... and now you can see if you have the brilliance to match those who fought there!.
With Plescinia's newest addition to its "Great Battles of the Empire" series, you can holographically recreate these and other landmark military engagements in striking detail. Play against another opponent or against the computer. Micro-manage individual units or expand your horizons to the strategic level to direct operations of entire assault groups. Fighters, repulsor tanks, walkers and elite troop units are all here, awaiting your orders. This latest version allows for remote access links capable of accommodating multiple players. Take control today!

Skill: Tactics
Game Notes: In addition to the 12 "stock" historical simulations build into this unit, a "scenario editor" feature allows the user to custom create additional historical or hypothetical engagements. An Easy Computer Program/Repair roll is required to install the system. Game scenarios require various Tactics rolls (difficulty varies by scenario).
2 Lakan Industries DHS-2
A. Holographic Dejarek System 2 1500 8
Since its inception, no other game has withstood the test of time as has dejarik. While the exact origin of this board game continues to generate debate among scholars and game aficionados, few will argue about the challenge and pleasure of a good game of dejarik.

Skill: (s)Scholar: Dejarik
Additional data modules cost 100 credits each.
3 Wethen Amusements, Unlimited Declination Holographic Game
A. Strd 3 3500 .2
Do you enjoy challenging mind games? If so, then you'll love Declination by Wethrenn Amusement. Declination is a mental game that is taking the Empire by storm. The object of the game is simple: maneuver a replication of an Imperial TIE fighter through a holographic asteroid field while eluding your opponent's vessel, which is attempting to negociate the same field from the opposite side.
The actual maneuvering, and indeed the power behind the game itself, is what sets it apart. Each Declination controller is controlled by the player's thoughts instead of mere manual reflexes! Headset controllers react at the speed of thought, propelling the holographic ships through an increadibly intricate holographic asteroid field. The winner in Declination can truly say that he or she has the superior mind. -- at least until the next game!
Special adaptors allow up to eight players, allow play against the computer and controls allow asteroid field difficulties to range from beginner to challenging for even the most experienced pilot.

Skills: Starfighter Piloting and Starship Gunnery or Perception.
Game Notes: Characters may use either Starfighter Piloting and Starship Gunnery or Perception to play. Difficulties for navigating the asteroid field can range from Very Easy to Heroic (+10, +20 or more). Actual combat rolls are opposed skill rolls, with additional modifiers based on the difficulty of the terrain.
4 Sarno Technologies Home Spheroids Simulator
A. Strd 2 500 6
Extract from Galactic Games And Competitions
... Delindras Axt paused to line up the spherical hologram in her hand with one of another hue circling several centimeters to her right and above her head. After confirming the proper angle, the three-time spheroids champion huried the sphere.
The oval image moved swiftly from her hand, speeding forward to strike its intended target. The second sphere then angled high above her head and impacted with a third. The latter collided with two more, all three of them careening into the brilliant sun at the center of the holo display.
That was the "impossible" shot the crowd had been waiting for. The difficult shot executed to her satisfaction, she smiled smugly at her Twi'lek opponent before responding cheerfully to the crowd. Gadsle glared back but made no sound. With the applause of half the star system ringing in her ears she regarded her opponent one last time.
Spheroids is a sport that is gaining popularity every year. How you can be the first to own the Sarno Tech Home Spheroids Simulator (HSS), the only spheroids home hologlobe officially sanctioned and endorsed by the Interstellar Professional Spheroids Association. Sarno Tech's HSS offers all the latest features including customized image selection, game storage and replay, black hole options, and two, three or more player versions, as well as automated computer opponents.

Skill: Thrown Weapons.
Game Notes: Different game maneuvers are accomplished with various Thrown Weapons totals. The GM may set target difficulties or have opponents simply make opposed skill rolls to see who wins a given contest.
5 Nen-Carvon Sport Lifter CSL-1
A. Strd 2 12,000 12
The sport of grav-ball is one of the most popular aerial sports in the Colonies and Core Worlds today. Now you too can compete in style with the newest sport lifter from Nen-Carvon. The Nen-Carvon grav-ball sprot lifter offers both rapid acceleration anf high maneuverability. Reinforced hull bracing resists damage caused by those sudden impacts that are part of the game. Twin repulsor pods increase your chances of making that difficult shot. Complete with onboard diagnostics for pre-flight checks and a two year warranty against mechanical defects. It's just the thing you need for those close encounters 50 meters up.
"Grav-ball started out as a Rodian hunting competition that was supposed to hone an individual's marksmanship and agility in a three-dimentional combat situation. The object of the game is to propel a small spheroid across your opponet's goal line using low-power repulsor blasts to nudge the object along. Far from being a simple childs game, this spectacular sport is played with repulsorlift harnesses on a fiels 150 meters long, 50 meters wide and 50 meters high! A small repulsor module inside the ball itself keeps things rolling with random and erratic motion. In the typical Rodian fashion, each member of the 15-member teams is expected to carry personal weapons with which to 'discourage' their opponents in close quarters. At the organized level, the emphasis is placed on non-lethal, melee stun weapons, but some local games are a good deal more bloodthirsty.

--Extract from Galactic Games And Competitions, 27th edition, V.F.G. Corvallin, editor.

Type: Repulsorlift sport vehicle
Length: 1.4 meters tall
Scale: Character
Skill: Repulsorlift Ops.
Crew: 1
Cover: 1/4
Altitude Range: Ground to 50 meters
Maneuverability: 1D+2
Move: 60; 220 kmh
Body Strength: 3D+2
  Twin Grav-Ball Repulsor Pods (fire-linked)
    Fire Arc: Front
    Crew: 1
    Skill: Vehicle Blasters
    Fire Control: 1D
    Range: 1-3/4/5
    Damage: 1D
Game Notes: The image provided is a common grav-ball sport lifter. Other variants exist, with longer-ranged repulsor pods for professional tournament play. Personal units may sport any number of customized modifications, depending upon local league rules.
6 Farbreini Microelectronics Limited Coruscant Crusader BPEA-1A
A. Strd 4 5000 .1
The throng outside the Imperial Cavalcade of the Stars last night waited nearly six hours in near-freezing rain to get a glimpse of holo-viv siren Quintana Trill. It was well known that Lady Trill never missed an opening night screening of her new holofilms. Similarly, few doubted that when she finally did appear, "Quinta" (as she is known to her fans) would make a spectacular entrance.
Quinta's fans were not disappointed. A bare three minuted before the holo's opening sequence, with an eight-man escort, Quinta Trill's speeder settled down outside the Cavalcade and the actress emerged to a thunderous round of applause. The hearty ovations were cut short, however, by the unexpected display that greeted the crowd.
Quinta emerged from her speeder covered in liquid fire. Rivulets of blure, red and amber flame seemed to dance about her person while a halo of yellow moonbeams flowed down her shoulder-length black hair. As she moved toward the theater's entranceway, with every fluid motion the sparkle of a hundred miniature novas rippled around her. When she waved to her astonished admirers, flame danced from her fingertips and the trail of her gown reflected a soft ashen glow that gave the illusion of Quinta gliding along the path like some mythological heroine of old. The net result was a spectacular entrance few will ever forget. Regrettably, Quinta's latest holo-vid, Denizens of Dakaret IX, has met with less than spectacular reviews.

-- From "Your Stars And Mine," Morgraine Delefrnquin, Society News Editor, Chandrilan Daily Messenger.

Developed by Farbreini MicroElectronics Limited, Coruscant, the Coruscant Cascader can be incorporated into any piece or clothing. When activated, it produces a dazzling matrix of custom-designed light shapes that highlight the figure and accentuate the positive! Essentially a controlled, low-power "static lightning" show of ever-changing hues. the Cascader responds to the slightest movement, with spectacular light sequences flowing off and around the user. The Cascader is perfectly safe; those touching it receive only a slight charge that's barely a tingle!
7 zZip Product Concepts Ltd. Deluxe Sun Room
A. Standard Artificial Environment Booth 3 22,500 N/A
Feeling a little depressed lately? Tired of weeks of deep-space travel under artificial light sources? Do you long for a little "natural" light? Well, we may not be able to provide a sandy beach, but we can give you a sun room, which closely approximates natural lighting conditions on any number of worlds. Each unit (an immense 20 square meters and three meters tall) is custom configured to suit specific radiation, light and tempurature levels as specified by the owner, allowing the owner to receive any needed or desired lightiing condition.
8 Gafladen Lounger 432GLM
A. Repulsor Lounge Floater 2 350 12
The boss rejected your schematics without even looking at them. Who does that predsill think he is anyway? Still, after five minutes in your new repulsor lounge floater, the world seems almost tolerable after all!
The 432GLM is a perfect unit for relaxation after a tough day on the corporate battlefield. With adjustable repulsor fileds from one to 30 centimeters and micro-inducers for a relaxing massage. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.
9 Borliss Automation Concepts Inc. HVP-200
A. Hover Shopper 3 400 65
Not everyone can afford to have a droid do one's shipping. There are those who enjoy wandering through commercial districts spending the entire day shopping their hearts out, but still find the crowds and bustle oppressive. There is no reason why a routine shopping jaunt should become an arduous affair.
Now from Borliss Automation comes the "hover shopper" - a convenient way of maneuvering through crowded shops and stalls. With the hover shopper you can have an avian's-eye view of all the best mark-downs. And at the end of a busy shopping adventure, you can honestly say you were above it all.

Craft: Borliss Automation Concepts Inc. HVP-200
Type: One-person personal cargo carrier
Scale: Character
Length: 3 meters Skill: Hover Vehicle Ops
Crew: 1
Cargo Capacity: 300 kg
Cover: 1/4
Altitude Range: Ground level-2 meters
Maneuverability: +1
Move: 20; 60 kmh
Body: 3D
10 Falkenharn Repulsors Mk V14 Baggage Handler
A. Personal Repulsor Conveyor 1 250; 50 (infrared guide stick) 10
For over half a century, Falkenharn Repulsors has been the leader in producing quality repulsorlift cargo handlers for business and personal needs. Whatever you have to move, Falkenharn helps you get there with a minimum of exertion.
One of the more commonly sought after items in the extensive Falkenharn product line is their Mark V14 baggage handler. Built of lightweight, composite plastics with long-term use rechargeable power cells, this collapsible repulsor carrier can support up to 500 kilograms to an adjustable height of 1.8 meters above surface level. Built-in inertia dampeners allow for seemingly near-frictionless motion that can be guided manually or with the aid of a palm-sized infrared controller.
Once your goods have been safely secured at their destination, the Mark V14 conveniently folds down to reduce storage space and can be easily reassembled in minutes.
Game Notes: When fully extended and locked into place, the carrier is 1.75 meters long, 80 centimeters wide and 65 centimeters tall. Left and right sections are hinged and can be folded back for storage. Manual steering handle (manual) and lift control studs are located at each end. Three miniaturized repulso inducers and inertia dampeners are located along bottom surface layers and coverd by a protective grill. When fully charged, this carrier provides continuous lift capacity for 100 standard hours.
Flotaion height distance is adjustable up to 1.8 meters. An optional infrared guide stick allows for hands-off control of the carrier within an effective range of 10 meters.
11 zZip Product Concepts Ltd. Refresher Booth
A. Personal Hygienic Refreshment System 2 2500 9
The refresher booth is a fully automated and self-contained ultrasonic shower system that invogorates while it cleans. By incorporating minute amounts of specially-formulated bacta, it promotes cellular repair and mucular stimulation. Low-frequency heat induction coils provide a warm drying cycle that leaves the user refreshed. All it takes is 10 minutes!
12 Synergentics Rapid Recipe Food Management Systems
A. Automated Food Preparation Unit 2 250 8
"What do you mean you've just invited your supervisor to dinner? I can't get ready for another party at such short notice..."
More than a simple food processing unit, the Synergentics food management system is a fully automated food preparation system capable of replicating thousands of recipes from across the galaxy. A built-in ingredient equivalency module suggests alternate foodstuffs to approximate rare ingredients when preparing exotic dishes. An automated menu planner will advise you of specific quantities required, whether you are feeding one person or a platoon of stormtroopers. Just add the ingredients and the system takes care of the rest.
Skill: Culinary Arts
Game Notes: A Very Easy Culinary Arts roll is required to locate a specific recipe from the unit's database. A Moderate (or higher) roll is necessary to incorporate a new recipe from scratch.
13 Quarlitech Aergronics, Inc. GRGC-800
A. Grav Treadmill Incline 2 700 7
Work off that excess stress. Give yourself a good workout in the privacy of your own home with a Quarlitech gravity treadmill. Perhaps you need to acclimate yourself to working in higher (or lower) gravity environments. Now, nothing could be simpler with the grav mill from QAI.
Game Notes: Dedicated training on the grav mill for an extended period of time (anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending upon the severity of gravity change) can help elimitate any penalties due to higher or lower gravity worlds.
Below is a list of metals, minerals and precious stones available in the Star Wars Galaxy. See pg. 37-38 in Pirates and Privateers or ask the GM.


Metal/Mineral Price p/ Gram Price p/ Kilo Notes
Agrinium .9-1.2 900-1200 This lightweight metal is used to create a coating in the repair of solar sails.
Alantium .04-.07 40-70 This natural ore is an important component in the formation of starship hull plating.
Allacrete N/A 150-200 This building material is strong yet lightweight, being composed of synthetic concrete and aluminum.
Alumabronze .08-.1 80-100 An alloy used in making door casings and other interior structures.
Alusteel .7-1.2 700-1200 An alloy used in making starship hulls.
Ardanium 1.5-3.5 1500-3500 This mineral has the unique property of growing stronger in the presence of radiation. This makes it a perfect material for creating fuel canisters for starships, especially capital-scale ships, which require huge amounts of power. This mineral was found in large quantities on the planet Questal. The Emperor raided the planet in an attempt to expand his fleet of Super-class Star Destroyers.
Aurodium .1-.2 100-200 This valuable ore was refined and used for currency by the Trade Federation, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Federation would only accept bribes in the form of aurodium ingots, since they could be easily moved about without interference from the Republic.
Berubium N/A 2000-3000 A precious mineral, berubian was a frequent tool of con-artists who would "salt" a mine, giving it the impression of having found a valuable cache of berubian. Lando Calrissian was fooled by such a ruse in the Borgo asteroid belt in the Oseon system. This ore is found only in the asteroid belt that surrounds Borgo Prime.
Bronzium 3-5 3000-5000 Durable bronze-colored metal. Its most notable use has been in the Trade Federation droideka battle droids, whose tough layers of bronzium armor supplemented by optional reflective deflector shielding and twin dual blasters make them formidable enemies.
Chromium 2-4 2000-4000 This mineral acts much like Chrome in that it is very reflective and often used in mirrors that are not digital in nature. This metal was rumored to exist in great quantities on Aduba-3, but the rumor was proved false.
Clyriz N/A 10-20 This material has a clean, clear smell and is often used in the creation of cleaning supplies.
Cortosis 150-200 150,000-200,000 A rare mineral that is a somewhat fragile that looks like a light grey, chalky rock that has the strange property of being impervious to both heat and energy. It is highly resistant to blaster bolts, and cortosis alloys are capable of resisting or outright deactivating lightsabres, the only mineral to do so other than phrik. The process of mining cortosis requires the use of hydraulic jacks, since its properties rendered plasma torches useless.
Cortosis is common in weaponry and many melee weapons are made from cortosis to fight lightsaber wielders. In the ancient times of the Old Republic, during times of war with the Sith, it was common for fighters to carry cortosis-weave vibroblades and vibroswords, which could be used to fight Jedi and Dark Jedi in close-range combat. Sith in ancient times commonly carried a vibrosword rather than a lightsaber as it would wound opponents in a more painful manner, due to the dicing way the vibroblades cut.
Cortosis has also been described as causing a feedback loop with a lightsaber by "shorting out" the blade, requiring it to be reactivated (but not damaging it permanently). The sources that describe it as "shorting out" the lightsaber blade also describe it as a brittle mineral; bladed weapons used a cortosis alloy to incorporate the mineral's lightsaber-blocking capabilities without its fragility.
Crystasteel 40-60 40,000-60,000 This is an incredibly tough, transparent material used to create highly secure windows and viewscreens.
Cubirian .6-1 600-1000 This metal is one of a few other metals that are considered acceptable substitutes for meleenium, in the process of making durasteel.
Diatium 2-4 2000-4000 This metal is used in the creation of miniature power sources, such as those used in the lightsabres of the Jedi Knights.
Duralumin N/A 75-125 This thin, fabric-like metal sheeting was used in the formation of hovercraft skirts. It gave vehicles more durability when traveling over rugged terrain.
Duranium 1.5-2.3 1500-2300 A metal with an incredibly high tensile strength, often used to make the bars for prison cells or cages.
Durasteel N/A 900-1200 Durasteel is one of the most used alloys in the Star Wars galaxy. It is a brown, heavy substance, yet very flexible and can resist heat, cold and monumental physical stress. Because of its properties, it is an important material for the manufacturing of spacecraft hulls. It was seen in Knights of the Old Republic and mentioned in the Jedi Apprentice book series as well as casual references throughout almost all of the books.
Durelium .1-.2 100-200 Durelium was a type of precious ore used in the construction of starships as part of the hyperdrive. Durelium was used in the construction of hyperdrives[1] and was mined from the Tava Yagen asteroid belt.
Dylinium 1-5 1000-5000 This is a valuable ore which was mined some 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin. It is now mined less frequently, but is used in metal products for the creation of childrenís toys that are durable.
Flexiglass .9-1.1 900-1100 This flexible material was used to form membranes which could seal off a breach in a starship hull.
Frasium 800-1500 800,000-1,500,000 This is a relatively rare, natural ore, which is used in a number of modern alloys. It is also very expensive.
Glasteel N/A 200-300 This alloy is as strong as durasteel but is also transparent. This made glasteel perfect for use in forming the large windows of skyscrapers and other large buildings, making the windows part of the overall superstructure.
Gold 10-15 10,000-15,000
Havod 1.5-2.4 1500-2400 This deep red alloy is made up of chanlon and hfredium, and is used in the formation of custom starship hulls. It is too difficult to mass-produce, and is rarely used unless specifically ordered by the buyer. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial Admiral Kendel had 100 Star Destroyers specially commissioned with havod plating.
Helixell N/A 6000 A key ingredient in Duro hyperdrive fuel.
Hfredium N/A 110 Hfredium is a mineral used in the construction of starships. It was combined with chanlon to make a deep red alloy known as havod. It is mined on Brosi, Nkllon, and Shiffrin, among other planets, as well as the Tava Yagen and Pembric asteroid fields. The price of Hfredium during the Galactic Civil War averaged at 110 credits per kilogram. Hfredium was among the minerals captured from Nomad City in Thrawn's raid on Nkllon.
Hibridium 60-80 60,000-80,000 Found only on the western coastline of Garos IV's main continent, this ore was discovered to have a natural ability to cloak other objects. Thus, when the Empire discovered it, Garos IV was garrisoned and the mining of the ore strictly regulated.
Hollinium 750 750,000 This is a moderately valuable metal ore, which is used in the production of hyperbarides.
Hollinium Chloride .01 10 This was a contaminant formed on the planet Goroth Prime in the wake of The Scouring. It was essentially a hyperbaride salt that was toxic to any being or creature not native to the planet.
Hyperbarides 2.2 2200 This artificial material has the unique property of being able to withstand incredibly high temperatures, flux densities, and radiation levels without being damaged. This made hyperbarides a requirement in the production of heavy turbolasers as well as the immense lasers used on the Death Stars. The Empire spent a great deal of money developing and manufacturing hyperbarides, for without them the firepower of the Imperial Navy would have been greatly reduced. However, the production of hyperbarides required incredible amounts of thermal energy, and the process releases highly toxic by-products in its wake. Thus, the production of hyperbarides was often relegated to lifeless worlds or moons. The huge, powerful plants that produce these materials are almost always staffed with live workers, as the process of creating the hyperbarides produces electromagnetic waves and radiation which affects the operation of most droids. Note that Goroth: Slave of the Empire indicates that there are certain hyperbarides, which occur naturally in the galaxy.
Hypermatter 500 500,000 This material was used in the huge reactor cores which powered the first Death Star. It was first devised some fifty years before the Battle of Yavin, when Raith Sienar and his Advanced Projects team began working with a kilometer-wide ball of plasma contained within an implosion core. Sienar's designs were eventually usurped by Wilhuff Tarkin and used to create the first Death Star.
Illinium .5-1 500-1000 This is an inexpensive natural ore used for many applications.
Katrium N/A N/A It is believed that asteroids with large deposits of the mineral katrium are favored by space slugs. Currently, there are no know uses for 1this mineral other than a food source for the space slugs.
Kiirium 3-5 3000-5000 A very common metal used in the formation of artificial shielding, kiirium is transported in large ingots for smelting. Xim the Despot, realizing the need to kiirium to help protect his forces, had planned to stockpile kiirium in his vaults on Dellalt. Thus, the Queen of Ranroon was loaded with kiirium when it was hidden on Dellalt. When Han Solo discovers the starship, he finds that the rumored treasure of Xim was really just a vast supply of military supplies.
Lamina 1-3 1000-3000 This translucent material is used as a form of clothing, indicative of extremely high social and military rank.
Larmalstone .1-.2 100-200 This milky, nonfabricant stone is quarried in the Roche Asteroid Field. It is used in the making of tiles and other flooring materials.
Lume Rock .2-.4 200-400 This unusual form of rock gives off light and heat, but is not hot enough to burn flesh.
Mantium 1.2-4 1200-4000 This ore, mined almost exclusively in the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, is used in the formation of starship hull plating.
Maranium 2-3 2000-3000 This is a relatively abundant natural ore, which has a number of modern uses.
Marde 15-20 15,000-20,000 This was a wondrous, white stone used in the carving of expensive columns and pillars.
Meleenium .4-1.2 400-1200 Found only on the planet Af'El, meleenium is the primary component of durasteel.
Mythra 12-18 12,000-18,000 Mythra was a type of precious metal. It was sometimes sought after by pirates.
Nutorium 25-50 25,000-50,000 This specialized hull plating material was developed to defeat sensors systems, allowing a ship to move about with relative stealth.
Permacrete N/A 100-300 Permacrete is a substance used to pave roads and walkways. It is also often used in the construction of buildings. It was developed at least 4000 years previous to the Battle of Yavin. Like Durasteel, permacrete is implied to be stronger than its real world equivalent.
Phobium 1-5 1000-5000 A metallic alloy based on the ore chanlon, phobium was used to coat the power core of the Death Star.
Phrik 40-70 40,000-70,000 Phrik is a very dense alloy in Star Wars. It gives resistance to lightsabers. General Grievous traveled with his droid bodyguards, a set of IG-100 series MagnaGuards, who wielded electrified staffs made of Phrik. Darth Sidious' lightsaber had a Phrik alloy covering. The dark troopers also had body armor made of the alloy.
Phrik is mined, as portrayed in Star Wars Droidworks. The alloy was also featured as a component in Dark Trooper manufacture in the game Dark Forces.
Plasteel N/A 500-1500 Plasteel is a durasteel-reinforced plastic substance in Star Wars. It is mainly mentioned in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game series, in which many items can be found stored in "plasteel cylinders".
Plastifibe 15-20 15,000-20,000 This tough, plastic fiber is used in the manufacture of scrub brushes and exploratory agitators. It is effective in removing debris, but the fibers themselves did little damage to the underlying surface material.
Platinum 15-20 15,000-20,000 Similr to white gold, but much stronger and usually more pure when found in its natural state.
Plexite .9-3 900-3000 This ore, mined almost exclusively in the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, is used in the formation of starship hull plating.
Plexalloy 1-5 1000-5000 This material is used as a stronger replacement for transparisteel in starship viewports.
Quadrillium .05-.075 50-75 Quadrillium is a mineral found in abundance in asteroids, particularly within the Tava Yagen asteroid field. During the Galactic Civil War, it was valued at approximately 50-75 Credits per kilogram. Quadrillium was also mined on the planet Essowyn.
Quald Runium .2-.4 200-400 This valuable ore is often found in meteors.
Rethin .7-.95 700-950 A metal which is molten at relatively low temperatures, it forms the core of the planet Bespin, and is mined for various uses. At slightly higher temperatures, rethin melts and eventually dissipates as a gas. It is very light in its gaseous form, and rethin is consumed by the beldons of Bespin to help them remain bouyant and float. The beldons then produce tibanna gas as a waste product. The unique space beldon, however, can produce its own rethin by digesting the interstellar gases of nebulae and gas clouds.
Silver .15-.2 150-200
Steristeel .35-.5 350-500 This is a super-clean form of steel used in the creation of medical implements. It maintains a level of sterility with minimal cleaning, virtually eliminating any chance of spreading disease or bacteria.
Thoranium .3-.9 300-900 This metal is one of a few other metals which are considered acceptable substitutes for meleenium, in the process of making durasteel.
Transparisteel 1.7-2.3 1700-2300 Transparisteel is a transparent metal alloy used in Star Wars. It is used to make windows and viewports on all manner of ground, air and spacecraft.
Trimantium 1.2-1.5 1200-1500 This material is used to plate starship hulls. It is extremely durable, and provides a great deal of protection when used in combination with shields.
Varmigio 25-29 25,000-29,000 A valuable ore that is used to manufacture hyperdrive cores.
Vintrium 10 10,000 This fairly common ore is used in a number of modern applications.
Vonium 9-11 9000-11,000 Vonium was a precious metal used in the behavioral chips of several expensive droid models. Vonium traces were found on Ando Prime by an agent of Kaeline Ungasan. He then used his podrace as a cover for illegally mining the planet's reserves, until the front was discovered in 27 BBY. This valuable ore is found mainly on the planet Ando Prime.
Vors-glass .1-.2 100-200 This is a delicate, glass-like material used to create intricate vases and sculptures.


Prescious Stone Name Price p/ CSC (1/5 gram) Price p/ Gram Price p/ Kilo Notes
Adegan Crystals 300-3000 1500-15,000 1,500,000-15,000,000 These minerals emit powerful bursts of light when induced by resonant frequencies. This trait makes them the most common crystals used to construct lightsabres.
Alzoc Pearls 10-60 50-300 50,000-300,000 Gemstones often used in knife handles.
Andurite 8-40 40-200 40,000-200,000 A semi-precious stone often cut into small shapes for rings.
Bothan Glitterstones 500-5000 2500-25,000 2,500,000-25,000,000 Fervse, also known as Bothan Glitterstone, is a form of mica-flecked granite used in building faÁades and countertops, visually spectacular in direct sunlight. Created in the formation of the planet Bothawui.
Chrystopaz 5-2000 25-10,000 25,000-10,000,000
Corusca Stones 10,000-1,000,000 50,000-5,000,000 50,000,000-5,000,000,000 The most expensive and hardest natural stone on the market and worth every credit. Ten times harder than a diamond. Formed from the intense heat and gravity inside Yavin's core, these extremely hard stones have never been found or duplicated in other gas giants. Individual stones are formed from carbon and metallic hydrogen, which are compressed by millions of atmospheres of pressure near the planet's core. The intense pressure actually removes electrons from the hydrogen and carbon, fusing them together and securing the metallic hydrogen's silvery-gray brilliance. The harsh environment of Yavin often sweeps gems off the core's surface, as does the foraging of grazers in Yavin's lowest atmosphere. The turbulent storms pick them up and actually polish them, and some of these jewels eventually land on the planet's fourth moon.
Crystalline Vertices 2000-30,000 10,000-150,000 10,000,000-150,000,000 Used as hard currency in the Corporate Sector.
Diamonds 1000-3000 5000-15,000 5,000,000-15,000,000
Dragon Pearl 25,000-100,000 n/a n/a Krayt dragon pearls were lustrous, colored stones found in the last chamber of the gizzard of krayt dragons. The stones were used to help crush food eaten by them, and over time, they became rounded because of how much they moved around. They could be found in colors such as blue, green, red, white and black. Due to a refractive quality peculiar to the pearl, they could be used in a lightsaber if properly cleaned, prepared and installed, though it was a difficult task. The pearls were seen as exceptionally valuable by the public (easily worth upwards of one hundred thousand credits each), as well as proof a person had killed a krayt dragon (to Tusken Raiders, a sign of bravery).
Emeralds 5-25,000 25-125,000 25,000-125,000,000
Falasian Liquid Crystal 75-800 425-4000 425,000-4,000,000 This unusual form of gemstone appears to be made from liquid stone, because its wondrous patterning seems to move and reshape itself.
Gallinorean Rainbow Gems 20,000-500,000 100,000-2,500,000 100,000,000-2,500,000,000 A Gallinorean rainbow gem is a type of precious stone. They are often sought after by pirates. Due to their great value and untraceable nature, these gems comprised part of a Huttese bribe to Admiral Winstel Greelanx to purchase the battle plans for his impending assault on Nar Shaddaa. The Huttese bribe of gemstones was delivered by the young Han Solo.
Garnib Crystals 1000-10,000 5000-50,000 5,000,000-50,000,000 Gemstone art from the world of Garnib. They are often sought after by pirates.
Ilum Crystals 1000-5000 5000-25,000 5,000,000-25,000,000 Much like Adegan crystals, Ilum Crystals were favored by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic for use in the creation of lightsabers. Found growing on the remote world of Ilum, each crystal had to be located and harvested by a Jedi padawan who faced the challenges of weather and nature to obtain the crystal.
Jasse Hearts 1000-5000 5000-25,000 5,000,000-25,000,000 Gemstones that can be found on the planet Baralou.
Jorallan Opals 2000-20,000 10,000-100,000 10,000,000-150,000,000 Precious stones found on the planet of Joralla.
Kuggerags 250-15,000 1250-75,000 1,250,000-75,000,000 Found on the planet Baralou
Lalmy'ashian Pearls 500-20,000 p/ pearl n/a n/a A precious stone often sought after by pirates for its high value.
Lowickan Firegems 200-12,000 1000-60,000 1,000,000-60,000,000 The mining, sale, and distribution of these precious minerals was monopolized by the Empire, following the blockade of the Pa'Lowick System. They were known to be found in only one place: the Lowick Asteroid Belt, near the planet Kessel. How or why these unusual gems form is unknown, but they are usually deep red in color and seem to glow from within. The molecular structure of the firegem vibrates constantly, creating a heat source that makes the gems feel warm to the touch. Criminal and terrorist organizations discovered that the vibration of the firegem has an adverse reaction when placed near a hyperdrive reactor, causing the reactor to explode when the ship enters hyperspace. For this reason, they were outlawed during the Old Republic
Memory Stones 100-2000 500-10,000 500,000-10,000,000 Found on the planet Ventooine, these unique stones are used to absorb audio information. The sounds could later be played by touching the memory stone to a special mineral.
Mytag Crystals 1-5 1000-5000 1,000,000-5,000,000 A very common crystal vertex used as oscillators in old subspace communications and detection gear. Xim the Despot, realizing the need for wide-ranging communication for his forces, had planned to stockpile mytag crystals in his vaults on Dellalt. Thus, the Queen of Ranroon was loaded with crystals when it was hidden on Dellalt. When Han Solo discovers the starship, he finds that the rumored treasure of Xim was really just a vast amount of military supplies.
Nova Crystals 5000-30,000 25,000-150,000 25,000,000-150,000,000 "Excellent. You found some nova crystals. These are a valuable commodity used as currency throughout the galaxy."
-Qui-Gon Jinn

Nova crystals are a valuable commodity. Raw crystals freed from their rocky matrix are unstable (sensitive to jostling and heat) and highly explosive, and for further use they had to be bound to inert trace elements in refineries. The crystals themselves are bright green and easily crafted into gemstones for jewelry and decoration. Nova crystals are used as a makeshift currency in the Outer Rim and other places where Galactic Standard Credits are not accepted. Also, while still relatively volatile, they can be used as ammo or weapon components.
The planet Mygeeto holds immense deposits of nova crystals among, and contributing to its great mineral wealth, and the crystals are also the primary industry of the planet Cotellier.
Pikach 1200-24,000 6000-60,000 This is a valuable gemstone found on the planet Ansion.
Quella Gems 1500-25,000 7500-125,000 7,500,000-125,000,000 This gem is popular among pirates.
Quella Stone 600-8000 3000-40,000 3,000,000-40,000,000 This beautiful blue gemstone is most famous as the trademark of the master thief known as Tombat. Tombat always left a small blue quella stone at the scene of his crimes. Quella stones are known to be found only in the Alderaan System.
Rol Stone 300-40,000 1500-200,000 1,500,000-200,000,000 This is an extremely rare and beautiful gemstone.
Rubies 50-20,000 250-100,000 250,000-100,000,000
Sapphires 25-15,000 125-75,000 125,000-75,000,000
Sasho Gems .2-1 1-5 1000-5000 Sasho gems were gemstones native to the planet Baralou. A one-kilogram stone was worth approximately 5,000 credits. Often they could be found in trade with the native Multopos for as little as a blaster and a few power packs.
StarCrystal 5-100 25-500 25,000-500,000 A Bosph gemstone which is rumored to have mystical properties. GM Note: There is a 5% chance that a StarCrystal will have mystical powers. The GM will determine what that mystcal power will be.
Stygium Crystals 10,000-100,000 50,000-500,000 n/a In its pure, crystal form it is known to be suitable for use as a lightsaber crystal. When a Force-sensitive individual is wielding a weapon with this crystal in it, he is somehow more gifted in natural Stealth and Dexterity. Adds +1D to Dexterity and all skills and adds +2D to Sneak and Hide skills. The difference with stygium is that the stealth bonus works against all forms of sensors and cameras. The only way to negate this bonus is to use x-rays or ultrasound - this only reduces the bonus by 1D.
Tasar Crystals 5-100 25-500 25,000-500,000 These colorful stones held religious meaning to the ancient Tasari people. These beautiful stones were formed in the cataclysmic meteor shower that nearly destroyed the planet Tasariq, and refined in the volcanic upheaval that continued for many decades. Ritual blood sacrifices were made to the crystals, in the hopes of unlocking their mystical potential. The Tasari also believed that these sacrifices would appease the dark gods who rained meteors down on the planet Tasariq, causing massive destruction and relegating the Tasari to a primitive existence. Modern Tasari have abandoned the practice of ritual sacrifice, but pockets of believers still exist in the power of the crystals. Tasar crystals are found in a variety of colors and patterns, and all are believed to have some form of magical or healing powers. They were valued throughout the galaxy, and many Tasari families sold their crystals in order to survive.
Zipthar Hexa-crystal 100-1000 500-5000 500,000-5,000,000 This rare crystal is mined in the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, and all export of the crystals is strictly controlled by the Pentastar Alignment. These shimmering, round crystals were formed in a prism-like lattice that bent and reflected light in unusual ways. During the height of the New Order, Zipthar hexa-crystals were considered rare outside the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, and many smugglers made small fortunes transporting them to various individuals.


1 Thermal Detonator Cases
A. Strd 1 200 Holds 1 .2
B. Strd 1 350 Holds 2 .4
The case keeps the detonators cold and in a neutral, non-static environment until needed. The battery lasts for two weeks on a single charge and can be re-charged anywhere.
2 Alien Language Translator w/ Ear Rcvr
A. Strd 1 2000 -- .5
3 Alien Language Disks
A. Galactic Strd 1 500 +1D to Languages .01
B. Rodian " 600 " "
C. Barabelian " 600 " "
D. Ithorian " 500 " "
E. Devaronian " 550 " "
F. Mon Calamarian 1,F 700 " "
G. Abyssinian " 550 " "
H. Nordian 3,R 1000 " "
I. Auqalishian 1 500 " "
J. Arconian 1 500 " "
K. Bithian 1 550 " "
L. Chadra-Fanian 1 500 " "
M. Defelian 1 600 " "
N. Durosian 1 500 " "
O. Givinian 1 500 " "
P. Antarian (Gotal) 1 600 " "
Q. Varlian (Hutt) 2,F 700 " "
R. Jenetian 1 550 " "
S. Kitonakian 2 650 " "
T. Kubazian 2 600 " "
U. Skorian 1 550 " "
V. Talzian 1 550 " "
W. Togorian 1,F 650 " "
X. Verpine 1,F 675 " "
Y. Whiphidian 1 500 " "
Z. Multoposian 2 600 " "
AA. Krikthasian 2 600 " "
AB. Nalronian 1 550 " "
AC. Saurtonian 1 550 " "
AD. Balinakian 1 550 " "
AE. Horansian 2,R 800 " "
AF. Gazaranian 2,R 800 " "
AG. Xanian 1 550 " "
AH. Carositian 2,R 800 " "
AI. Galidynian 2,R 800 " "
AJ. Gaseritian 2,R 800 " "
There are many other languages to choose from. This list is only a small representation. The maximum allowed bonus is +3D.
5, 10 or 15 languages can be purchased in one disk for a discount. 5 languages: 200 credit discount, 10 languages: 450 credit discount, 15 languages: 900 credit discount.
For all of the above - each additional dice added to the 1D base is an extra 600 for non-restricted languages, 800 per 1D for "Fee" languages and 1200 per 1D for "Restricted" languages.
4 Backpacks
A. Strd 1 20 N/A .5
B. Scout Multipack 1 400 " 4
Comes with 3 medpacs, 2 glow rods, 2 breath masks, 24 breath mask filters and one weeks rations. Special pockets and attachment points are included for the following: survey datapad, cutting blaster, vibroblade, thinhut, portable heater, universal recharger, hydroextractor and a thinsuit/thinhut patching kit.
C. Survival 1 500 " 4.5
Comes with 3 medpacs (or 1 fastflesh and 1 medpac), 1 glow rod, 2 thermal flares, 1 single-person di-chrome shelter, 1 breathmask (with 8 extra filters), 10 meters syntherope, 1 knife, a small portable fusion power generator and 2 weeks rations. Special pockets and attachment points are included for the following: vibropick, fusion cutter, pocket computer, recording rod, portable field scanner, macrobinoculars, standard explosive charge, exposure suit and a portable moisture vaporator.
D. Imperial Army Pack 4,R 500 " 5
Comes with 2 medpacs, 1 glow rod,1 breath mask (10 replacement filters), multi-use knife, vibroblade: STR+3D and one weeks rations. Special pockets and attachment points are included for the following: thinhut, portable heater, universal recharger, hydroextractor and a thinsuit/thinhut patching kit.
E. Alliance 4,R 500 " 6
Comes with 3 medpacs (or 1 fastflesh and 1 medpac), 1 glow rod, 2 thermal flares, 1 single-person di-chrome shelter, 1 breathmask (with 12 extra filters), 30 meters syntherope, 1 multi-purpose knife, a small portable fusion power generator and 2 weeks rations. Special pockets and attachment points are included for the following: vibropick, fusion cutter, pocket computer, recording rod, portable field scanner, macrobinoculars, standard explosive charge, exposure suit and a portable moisture vaporator.
5 Utility Belts
A. Strd 1 30 " 1
B. Alliance 2 50 " 1.5
Comes with 10 meters syntherope with grapple hook, 3 days concentrated rations and a comlink (50 km range)
C. Imperial 3,R 250 " 1.5
Comes with 10 meters syntherope and two grapple hooks, 3 days concentrated rations, one medpac, one frag grenade and a spare encripted/scrambled comlink (50 km range)
6 Scout Equipment
A. Survey Datapad 1 75 N/A .2
B. Thinsuit 2,F 1000 See Below 3
Lasts for up to 18 hours against most known atmosphere types. Comes with a built-in breath mask and extended filter (6 hours). Can store up to six more extended filters. Does not add to Strength for damage purposes. May actually be worn in space for one hour if breathing gear is added (cost is 200).
C. Thinhut 1 1000 N/A 2
Provides a 3 cubic meter shelter against cold and atmosphere. Lasts up to 18 hours against most known atmosphere types. Can be folded to the size of a datapad.
D. Portable Heater 1 100 " 1
Will provide heat for 5 days or up to two weeks if properly regulated. Works best in a three cubic meter area or smaller and down to temperatures of -75 degrees Celsius.
E. Hydroextractor 1 250 " .3
Will extract one litre of 100% pure water in five minutes or 4-12 hours in dry climates. Needs a one hour recharge after each use.
F. Minilab 2,F 1000 " 3
Not as accurate as ship-board labs. Can store up to one litre samples of most substances.
G. Repulsor Hitch 1 400 " 4
Can tow up to 200 kg objects. Can be attached to the Mule droid.
H. MechGill 2,F 500 " 2
Extracts oxygen from most liquids. Operates for 6 hours at depths up to 10,000 meters.
I. Claim Beacon 1 300 " 4
Sets up quickly and beams a message of ownership into the system. A thermal detonator can be hooked into the beacons stabilization mechanism and rigged to explode if someone tries to take it or download system information from it.
7 Chronometers
A. MicroThrust Clockwatcher 1 50+ " .1
Cost: 50 (+10 for thermo sensor; +10 for gravity sensor; +30 for atmosphere sensor; +50 for comlink; + 50 for droid linkup)
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (pages 46-47)
B. Alliwon Electronics Vennoc-x 1 55+ " .02
Belt version costs 65 credits. Cost: 50, 65 (belt version). Game Notes: Hidden compartment can hold items smaller than four by four centimeters.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 44), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 96)
C. Gorondin Chronometrics Time Piece Model 7643 1 300+ " .03
This time piece was created by Gorondin Chronometrics, and was capable of holding a variety of holographic messages in addition to telling the time. When queried for the time, the Model 7643 produced a small hologram from its stored images, and the voice of the being portrayed in the hologram spoke the time and a short message to the wearer. The Model 7643 was capable of maintaining the exact times on up to thirty different worlds, providing star travellers with instant timekeeping at their destinations.
8 Consolidated Learning Systems Transliterator
A. Language Interpretation 3 1200 " .4
Skill: Communications. Cost includes 500 most common languages, 500 for module with 500 additional languages. Game Notes: An Easy Communications roll is required to properly select up to 20 different languages to be tracked. Device is effective to a range of 10 meters, but aural receptors focus on nearest sounds first. Individual displays of phrase or word translations can either remain in place until manually cleared by user or clear after a pre-set delay period of 15 seconds. This unitís database contains 500 specific ďcommonĒ languages and dialects.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 47)
9 Bank of the Core GCC-1000
A. Currency Converter 2 300 " .2
Skill: Business. Additional sector modules cost 50 IC each. Cost: 300, 50 (additional sector modules). Game Notes: Base unit handles data for all major Core, Inner Rim and Colonies sectors. Additional program modules for additional sectors also available. An Easy business roll is required for normal operation.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 66)
10 SuriTech Foodstuffs Ez1 Analyzer
A. Personal Food Analyzer 2 250 " 1.5
Skill: Survival. Additional datachips cost 50 IC each. Customized datachips cost 100 each. Game Notes: A Very Easy survival roll is required for normal operation. The user will typically purchase additional data chips (up to a maximum of 5 can be added at any time) which provide information on additional entrees. Persons suffering from reactions to specific foods or food additives may purchase customized datachips designed to examine for specific components and warn against possible allergic reactions.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (pages 65-66), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 91)
11 Consolidated Learning Systems Synoptic Teacher
A. Subconscious Teaching 1 10,500 N/A .6
Skill: Perception. Information modules cost 200-1000. All information about this item can be found here.
12 Paradour Enterprises Signature Scent Synthesizer
A. Computerized Fragrance Synthesizer 3 1500 " .1
Refills cost 150. Game Notes: Some fragrances may contain biological ingredients (such as pheromonal additives) that may induce an exceptionally strong effect on some beings. In game terms, ďvictimsĒ of such pheromonal fragrances might suffer penalties to willpower rolls to avoid infatuation or resist the effect of command, con, persuasion and similar skills. Enterprising characters with the appropriate chemistry background may concoct all kinds of substances with a number of psychological effects.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 46)
13 Willienk Data Systems RTDS-1000
A. Remote Text Data Scanner 2 750 " 1
Skill: Communications. Game Notes: A Very Easy communications roll is required to properly scan hard copy datasheets; an Easy communications roll is required to transmit data.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 45)
14 Mahled Medical Services Servo Slippers
A. Repulsor Assisted Braces 3 5000 (set) " 3
Game Notes: On high gravity worlds, foot/leg braces alone negate Movement penalties and cut Dexterity penalties by two pips. Hand/arm braces alone cut Dexterity penalties by two pips. Both foot/leg and hand/arm braces completely negate all Dexterity penalties.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 45)
15 Iyranis Gravitics Ltd. Gravity Belt
A. Gravity Belt 3 500 " 2
Skill: Repulsorlift Ops. Game Notes: Slows free-fall velocity to a gentle landing.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 44)
16 MerenData IPI-1000
A. Electronic Identification/Credential Display 2,F 450 " .5
Skill: Security. Game Notes: An Easy security roll is required to properly scan document images. Holographically scans any document up to 30 centimeters long by 30 centimeters wide. Data storage is coded under one of 10 different security levels, personally coded. Stores up to 12 documents. Only certified officials may perform document scans.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 44)
17 Kamperdine Clothing Specialits CSC-5000
A. Luxury Temperature Control Suit 3 700 " 1.2
Game Notes: Upper torso to foot coverage. Normal wear adds +1 to any subsequent survival or stamina rolls in harsh environmental conditions.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 42
18 Ulqib MicroTronics BX-333 BioRecorder
A. Personal Recording System 3 5000 " 2.5
Additional holocubes cost 50. Game Notes: Matrix of sensors capture the feelings and emotions of the moment by recording the userís respiration, brain waves and bio-functions, as well as the words and holo-image.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 42), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 88)
19 Consolidated Learning Systems Model ES23
A. Emotion Supression System 3 750 " .06
Game Notes: Device uses micro-powered cells. Each pair must be worn a minimum of 24-30 hours to allow for proper calibration to the wearerís life function rythms. Device adds +2D bonus to any willpower rolls to resist emotionalimpulses. Note that this device could conceivably be used to help resist torture (although it has no effect on resisting Force abilities).
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (pages 36-37)
20 Traxes BioElectronics Ultrawave Sight Enhancer
A. Ultrasonic Motion Sensor 4 12,500 * " .5
* Implantation surgery costs about 5000 IC. Game Notes: Sensory motion system implant feeds input directly into the userís brain, creating a three-dimensional, black and white, sonic graph of the userís surrounding. An Easy sensors total is required to properly calibrate wave receptors once implantation nodes are in place. Otherwise, a Very Easy Perception roll is required periodically (varies according to species) for normal use. Normal operating range is 50 meters and function is equally good in all environmental conditions excepting those involving severe electrical disturbances.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 37)
21 Raflkind Industrial Radiation Screener
A. Energy Deflector 2 250-500 " .1
Game Notes: Miniature power cell must be replaced after 50 hours of continuous use. This item adds +1D to any survival rolls concerning low-level radiation. Bonus does not apply to high-energy radiation situations, but warning alarm will sound if radiation levels exceed specified amounts.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 36)
22 Udrane Galactic Electronics Universal Power Adapter
A. Power Adapter 2 100 " .4
Skill: Technical. Game Notes: The term ďuniversalĒ is not 100 percent correct: the user is required to make a Very Easy Technical roll to make the proper adjustments for the adaptor.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 33)
23 Valkrex Machinery Dispersal Canister
A. Waste Disintegrator 2 400 " 8
Game Notes: Canister is a round cylinder, 1 meter tall by 40 centimeters in diameter. Each canister contains 6 removable and rechargeable power packs, which are charged with the energy of disintegrated waste.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 30)
24 Kolocast Consumer Goods T-P-C4 Live Organism Comfort Conveyor
A. Small Animal Transport and Containment System 2 300 " 3
Up to 25 kg. Special orders can be made for larger needs.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 14)
B. Medium Animal Transport and Containment System 2 500 " 4.5
Up to 60 kg. Special orders can be made for larger needs.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 14)
C. Large Animal Transport and Containment System 1 800 " 6
Up to 100 kg. Special orders can be made for larger needs.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 14)
25 Farendress Defel Exports HR-1200
A. Heat Reducer/Energy Generator 2 500 " 4
Game Notes: When operating in an environment with high levels of ultraviolet radiation, the exchanger can produce enough energy to power several datapads or other small appliances.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (pages 29-30)
26 Ferisoliq Imports, Ltd. ABP-980
A. Aqualish Bio-Light Panel 2 250 " 2
Game Notes: Emmits light in an ever-changing array of fluid, picturesque patterns.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 28)
27 Dendratis Biological Exports, Inc. Bio-Cocoon
A. Biological Containment 3 2000 Special 1
Game Notes: Upon activation, the intended victim must make a Moderate Brawling Combat roll to avoid entrapment (for victims up to 150 kilograms; victims from 151-300 kilograms need only make an Easy roll, while 301-450 kilograms targets require a Very Easy roll; this unit has no effect on targets over 450 kilograms). Failure results in an immediate -1D to Dexterity and 1D stun damage. Increase the brawling parry difficulty to escape by one level each additional round and increase the Dexterity penalty by -1D and increase the stun damage by +1D. The target is fully cocooned when the Dexterity penalty matches or exceeds the characterís Dexterity or the stun damage is sufficient to knock out the character.
Source: Galladiniumís Fantastic Technology (page 53)
28 Flood/Water Lights
A. Strd 1 20 " .05
Light has a range of 50 meters above water, 30 meters below water.
B. W3 1 30 " .06
Range is 60/40 meters. Unit may change from white light to yellow, blue, red or green.
C. D2 1 60 " .08
Range is 70/50 meters. Unit may change from white light to yellow, blue, red or green.
D. HIFW 1 100 " .1
Range is 80/60 meters. Unit may change from white light to yellow, blue, red, purple, orange or green.
28 Light Panels
A. Strd 1 40 " 1.2
Light has a range of 60 meters and may change to any color via a control panel. Size is .3 meters by 1 meter.
B. MX 12 1 50 " 1.2
Light has a range of 65 meters and may change to any color via a control panel. Size is .3 meters by 1 meter.
C. MX 15 1 70 " 1.5
Light has a range of 70 meters and may change to any color via a control panel. Size is .3 meters by 1.5 meters.
D. MXR 3 1 100 " 1.8
Light has a range of 80 meters and may change to any color via a master control panel. Size is .5 meters by 2 meters.
29 Syntherope Dispensers (belt clip type, not for launchers)
A. 10M 1 20 N/A .4
Holds 10 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
B. 20M 1 40 " .7
Holds 20 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
C. 30M 1 60 " 1
Holds 30 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
D. 40M 1 80 " 1.3
Holds 40 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
E. 50M 1 95 " 1.6
Holds 50 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
F. 75M 1 110 " 2.0
Holds 75 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
G. 100M 1 140 " 2.2
Holds 100 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
H. 200M 1 170 " 3.2
Holds 200 meters of syntherope capable of supporting 500 kg.
All syntherope dispensers come with the option of three types of grappling hooks.
1. Standard Grappling Hook: Cost is 5 credits.
2. Magnetic Grappling Hook: Cost is 10 credits.
3. Molecular Grappling Hook: Cost is 20 credits.
Using rope adds +1D to climbing. (+2D to climbing if treated with FrictionGrip.)


1 Republic Adhesion Disc
A.Climbing Disc 3 50 N/A .5 each
Game Notes: Enhances climbing by +2D.
2 SureGrip Climbing Boot and Glove Set
A. Friction coated hand and footwear 2 80 N/A .5
Game Notes: Use of boots and gloves together enhances climbing by +1D. If used seperately, they enhance climbing by +1.
3 Climbsuit
A. Climbsuit 2 350 N/A 2
Game Notes: Adds +2D to climbing.
4 Zone Control Grappling Gun
A. Grappling Gun 2 1000 Skill: Firearms 2.5
Range: 3-25/50/200. Damage: 3D+1.
Game Notes: Moderate firearms difficulty to grapple a suitable support, Difficult to grapple a specific support. Winch can reel the user up at a rate of 20 meters per second.
5 MTS 56T Power Piton
A. Power Piton 2 300 Skill: Dexterity 1.5 (all 4)
Game Notes: Using a set of power pitons (all four) adds a +2D bonus to climbing rolls with an Easy Dexterity roll. If only two pitons are used (just foot or hand pitons), the bonus is reduced to +1D.
6 Susuax Verti-Go Climbing System
A. Verti-Go Line Thrower 2 400 Skill: Missile Weapons 3
Ammo: 1 projectile rod, assorted grappler heads, 150-meter length of line. Range: 1- to 150 meters. Damage: 4D+2.
Game Notes: The normal rate of ascent for the climbing motor is six meters per second for a normal Human with gear. The secondary switch climbs at 12 meters per second but is three times as noisy (reduce Perception difficulty to spot climber by two levels).


1 Hydrospanner
A. Strd 1 10 N/A .2
2 Power Scanner
A. Strd 1 150 " 1
3 Beam Drill
A. Strd 1 50 " .1
4 Fusion Cutter
A. Strd 1 75 " .1
If used as a weapon it causes 5D damage with a range of .2 meters. The fusion cutter can, if given enough time, burn through all but the strongest armor and hull.
5 Work Light
A. Strd 1 25 " .05
6 Plasma Welder
A. Strd 1 50 " .2
If used as a weapon it causes 4D damage with a range of .1 meters. The plasma welder can, if given enough time, burn through all but the strongest armor.
7 Vibropick
A. Strd 1 50 " .1
If used as a weapon it causes STR+1D+1.
8 Vibrosaw
A. Strd 1 75 " .2
If used as a weapon it causes STR+1D+2.
9 Power Prybar
A. Strd 1 30 " .3
10 Tool Harness
A. Strd 1 10 " 1
11 Computer Tool Kit
A. Strd 1 200 " 2
Adds +1D to the users Computer Program/Repair skill while attempting to repair computers. No bonus for breaking in to a computer system.
12 Armor Tool Kit
A. Strd 2,F 400 " 2
Adds +1D to Armor Repair.
13 Energy Weapon Tool Kit
A. Strd 2,F 400 " 2
Adds +1D to Blaster Repair.
14 Melee Weapon Tool Kit
A. Strd 2,F 300 " 2
Adds +1D to Melee Weapon Repair.
15 Droid Tool Kit
A. Strd 1 200 " 2
Adds +1D to Droid Repair.
16 Vehicle Tool Kit
A. Strd 1 200 " 2
Adds +1D to Vehicle Repair.
17 Security Systems Tool Kit
A. Strd 3,R 500 " 1.5
Adds +1D to Security.
18 Laser Welder
A. Strd 1 50 " 1


1 Work
A. Strd 1 100-200 N/A .5-1
2 Casual
A. Strd 1 75-5000+ " .3-2
3 Business
A. Strd 1 75-3000+ " .5-2
4 Formal
A. Strd 1 100-5000+ " .5-3
5 Local Uniform
A. Strd 1 150-200 " .5-1
6 Flame-Proof Suit
A. Strd 1 200 +2 (fire only) 1
7 Exposure Suit
A. General 1,F 300 +1 1
B. Arid 2,F 400 +1 1.2
8 Thermal Suit
A. Cold Weather 2,F 400 +1 1
9 Sub-Zero Parka
A. Strd 1,F 250 N/A .8
10 High-G Suit
A. Strd 2,F 350 " 1
11 Wet Suit
A. Strd 1,F 400 " 1.5
12 Air Tanks
A. Strd 1,F 100 " 1
13 Oxygen Reprocessor (or other vital gas)
A. Strd 2,F 300+ " .5
14 Miniature Life Support System
A. Strd 1,F 1000 " 4
15 Space Suits (see Armor section for armored versions)
A. Emergency 2,F 1000 " 3
B. Utility 2,F 1500 +1 4
C. High Quality 2,F 2000 +2/+1 5


1 Fusion Power Generators
A. Light 1 500 N/A 4
B. Medium 1 750 " 6
C. Heavy 1 1000 " 9
2 Moisture Vaporator
A. Strd 1 500 " 6
3 Shield Generators
A. Small 1 500 1D 10
B. Medium 2,F 750 2D 15
4 Power Fence
A. 50m Sections 3,R 100 N/A (12D) 20
5 Power Fence Generator
A. Strd 3,R 750 N/A 12


1 Hovels
A. Strd 1 150-250/M N/A
2 Apartments
A. Strd 1 250-500/M "
B. Luxury A-C,F 500-2000+/M "
3 Homes
A. Small 1 750-1800+/M 60,000+
B. Medium 1 800-2000+/M 100,000+
C. Large 1 900-3000+/M 195,000+
D. Mansion 2,F N/A 250,000+
4 Storage Space
A. Strd 1 50-500/M N/A
5 Established Farm
A. Strd 1 N/A 50,000-200,000+
6 New Settlement
A. Strd 1 " 200,000+


1 Passenger Liners/Freighters
A. Steerage 1 100 50kg
B. "No Frills" 1 500 100kg
C. Luxury 1 1000+ 500kg+
D. Chartered 2,F 10,000+ 5000kg+
Route Multiply Cost By:
Heavily-Traveled x1
Common x2
Uncommon x3
Rarely-Traveled x5
"You want to go where?" x(6-20)

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