Below is the text description of each item followed by an image.

Item #1

Gray Man Ultra Courier

Type: Space Transport/Courier
Model: ZBX-12 CT
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 8.2 meters
Crew: 1
Skills: Astrogation, communications, repulsorlift ops, sensors, space transports, starship gunnery, starship shields
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: 160kg (130kg for package, 30kg for pilot, see Game Notes below)
Consumables: 2 weeks
Cost: 175,000
Availability: 2,R (X in most Imperial systems)
Nav Computer: Yes
Hyperdrive: x.5
Hyperdrive Backup: x20
Maneuverability: 4D+2
Space: 14
Atmosphere: 400; 1400kmh
Hull: 3D
Shields: 1D
  Passive: 12/1D
  Scan: 24/2D
  Search: 48/3D
  Focus: 4/4D
Weapons: None
Description: This is the fastest, most maneuverable courier on the market. If you need to deliver a small package or a message fast, and you need it there yesterday, then this is the ship for you. Nothing even comes close.
Game Notes: This is the fastest courier on the market even though it is nearly impossible to own one. No modifications can be done to this vessel with the exception of modifying the cargo area to be an emergency, one being transport carrier. This modification will cost at least 50,000 credits and require the being to wear a pressure/waste removal suit and oxygen most of the time (pauses for food and liquids every four hours is allowed), though the container is heated for the ride. The maximum travel time in such a container is no more than two weeks. The being riding in the container cannot be larger than humanoid or weigh more than 130kgs.

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Ultra Courier Cockpit

Item #2

Bespin Motors "Thunder VII" Cloud Enforcer

Type: Sub-Orbital Patrol Boat (w/ Articulated Cloud Car Tug)
Scale: Speeder
Length: 11.8 meters
Crew: 3 (2 twin car, 1 tug)
Skills: Repulsorlift Ops, Vehicle Weapons
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: 150kg (weapons storage, 15kg for crew)
Consumables: 2 days
Cost: 80,000
Availability: 2,R
Space: 5 (limited to sub-orbital)
Atmosphere: 400; 1150 kmh
Body: 4D
Shields: 2D
Sensors: In meters
  Passive: 500/1D
  Scan: 1000/2D
  Search: 2000/3D
  Focus: 80/4D
  2 Double Blaster Cannons
    Scale: Speeder
    Fire Arc: Front
    Crew: 1 each (pilot & co-pilot)
    Skill: Vehicle Weapons
    Fire Control: 2D
    Space Range: N/A
    Atmosphere Range: 50-400/900/3km
    Damage: 5D+2
  2 Dual Heavy Laser Cannons (fire-linked)
    Scale: Starfighter
    Fire Arc: Front (+/-30 degrees up and down)
    Crew: 1 (pilot *)
    Skill: Starship Gunnery
    Fire Control: 2D+2
    Space Range: 1-3/12/25
    Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
    Damage: 6D+2
Description: This unique design, most notably for cloud mining facilities, has been fitted with dual blaster cannons on each forward car that are controlled by the pilot and co-pilot from each pod. They have beed improved in many ways and are easier to fire and hit their targets.
Game Notes: The addition of the tug potion allows the twin pod cars to reach the upper atmosphere easily so that it can defend its charges to greater effect. THe tug portion of the ship can actually detach and attack by itself, though this is not often done. The weapons on the tug are the Dual Heavy Laser Cannons. This portion of the ship is also fully capable of space flight, though it lacks a hyperdrive. Note that all three crew members are pilots, co-pilots and gunners when the two craft are attached. The crew must be trained on coordinated fighting as the tug adds to the abilities already possessed by the crew. The course, provided upon purchase, gives the crew the (s) Repulsorlift Ops: Thunder VII skill at their base Attribute plus one pip and allows then to use the Coordinated Attack table.

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Item #3

Bloodfury II Speederbike

Type: Military Speederbike
Scale: Speeder
Skills: Repulsorlift Ops
Length: meters
Crew: 1
Passengers: 1 (in emergency only)
Cargo Capacity: 30kg
Consumables: 1 day
Cost: 4000 (new only, see below)
Availability: 2,F
Altitude Range: Ground level-50m
Cover: 1/4
Maneuverability: 3D+1
Move: 250; 450kmh
Body: 3D+2
Shields: 1D
  Passive: 400/1D
  Scan: 800/1D+2
  Search: 1600/2D+1
  Focus: 50/3D
  Dual Laser Cannon
    Scale: Speeder
    Fire Arc: Front
    Skill: Vehicle Weapons
    Fire Control: 2D+1
    Range: 3-70/140/280
    Damage: 6D+1
Description: The Bloodfury II is a complete overhaul and rebuild of the original Bloodfury Speeder Bike. Sienar redesigned the Bloodfurry into a powerful and improved military speeder bike. With a dual laser cannon that is capable of increased damage to any target. The high speed of the Bloodfurry with added armor and maneuverability make a very powerful combat bike. The addition of light shields add to the driver's protetion. The cost is still high, but manufacturing difficulties associated with the Bloodfurry have been streamlined in order to compete with Aratech. Parts are readily available as several military and para-military groups have opened large contracts for additional bikes. With the weapons removed, the speederbike is also great for civilian markets and the racing scene due to the high speed of the bike. The cost without the weapons is 3000 credits. Industrious mechanics can add increased power to the engines and add up to 20% capacity to the speed and maneuverability of the vehicle.
Game Notes: The Bloodfury II weapons do not have to be purchased and then removed as the vehicle comes in both versions. Shields can be upgraded to 1D+2 for an addtional 700 credits in both models.

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Item #4

Phaeroh Industries DH-3 Security Droid

Type: 4th Degree
Scale Character
Cost: 95,000
Availability: 3,X
Dexterity 5D: Blaster 9D, dodge 9D, melee combat 9D
Perception 4D: Search 7D, sneak 7D
Strength 6D (+3D/+3D): Brawling combat 9D
Knowledge 3D: Tactics 7D+2, (s) tactics: small unit 8D+2
Mechanical 1D: Computer Ops 7D
Technical 4D: Computer program/repair 7D, (s) computer program/repair: DH-3 8D
Height: 2 meters
Weight: 100kg
Move: 12
  • -Humanoid Body: Two arms and two legs with finger didgits from olding weapons and other items
  • -Humanoid Vsion: Can see in the standard human visual spectrum, but has the ability to see IR, Thermal, UV, Ultrasound and radio waves.
  • -Sealed Systems: All systems are sealed agains water and electrical shock. Droid disablers do not work on this droid. Ion weapons do half damage.
  • -Secured/Internal Lock: The droid is protected from deactivation by not having a shut off switch at all. The only way to deactivate the droid is a security phrase set up when purchased, destroy it or prevent it from charging, which takes about 4 weeks.
  • -Bio Computer Systems: The droids computer systems are partially biomater in order to provide a quicker responce time. This system works directly with the Self-Security System. Note that this feature also prevents memory wipes unless deactivated - again, through a security phrase set up at the time of purchase.
  • -Self-Security System: Programming inside the droid protects it from overrides that directly or indirectly try to re-program is main computer core, personality matrix or security features. This gives the droid an additional +3D to resist any intrusion into its internal systems that is unauthorized.
  • -Tactical Database: Adds +1D to Tactics and any Specialization.
  • -Melee Combat Database: Adds +1D to all Melee Combat attack and defense rolls.
  • -Brawling Combat Database: Adds +2D to Brawling Combat attack and Defense roll.
  • -Base Security Database: Allows this droid to provide near-instant security to any base it is placed in. Adds +1D to Computer Ops, Security and (s) Tactics: Small Unit
Sensors (in meters): Thermal, IR, UV, Motion, Life Form
  Passive: 90/1D
  Scan: 180/1D+2
  Search: 360/2D
  Focus: 10/3D
Description: This is a special request from an exclusive client. The base models have been extensively tested and all that was learned from those tests is the production model DH-3 Sec Droid. All systems have been through every test imaginable to make sure they can stand up to nearly any intruder. Their special programming allows them to be nearly invulnerable to overrides and memory wipes.
Game Notes: The owner is required to set security phrases when purchased or the droid will not shut down or follow commands from its owner. However, once set up, the owner has complete control over all aspects of the functions of the droid. The droid comes with a special weapon that is integrated into its systems. Should this weapon get destroyed, the droid can use whatever is available as a weapon, including almost all other types of weapons. It is strong enough to carry some Speeder scale weapons.

DH-3 Heavy Blaster Carbine
Type: Heavy Blaster Carbine
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster
Weight: 4.5kg
Cost: N/A
Availability: N/A
Body: 3D+2
Ammo: 100
Range: 3-50/200/350
Damage: 6D+1
Description: Designed especially for the DH-3 Droids use, this weapon is fully integrated into its systems. Once special feature is lockout when the droid releases the weapon. This prevents it from being used by other droid an any other species.
Game Notes: The droid lockout requires a Very Difficult Computer Program/Repair roll to bypass the lockout for 2 minutes, followed by a Difficult Blaster Repair roll to disable the feature. Once disabled the weapon can be used normally.

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Item #5

Barkaberus AT-6 Light Armor

Type: Light Armor
Powered: No
Protection: +1D/+2
Protects the Following: All
Weight: 3 kg
Availability: 2,F
Cost: 15,000
External Long-Range Communication System: 65km range. 15 scrambled channels. Scans all frequencies.
Sensors: Life Form, Movement (360 degrees), Thermal
   Passive: 30/+1D
   Scan: 60/+2D
   Search: 90/+3D
   Focus: 12/+4D
Description: This light armor can be worn under loose clothing, but not under other types of armor as it is too bulky. The sensors for this armor are actually worn on the wrist and are integrated into the control computer.
Game Notes: The display from the control computer can be linked to a retinal display device or linked to a helmet with HUD display. The armor has a small power supply that keeps the owner's body temperature a set level so it can be worn in nearly any weather condition. However, it is not intended to keep the wearer from freezing to death on a planet such as Hoth or on a volcanic planet. Basically no extreme temperatures for extended periods longer than one hour.

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Item #6


Type: Plasma Energy Blade
Scale: Character
Difficulty: 9
Skill: Melee Combat or (s) Melee Combat: EE Sword
Weight: 1.3kg
Cost: 2500
Availability: 3,R
Body: 3D
Damage: STR+3D+2 (blade), STR+1D (tip)
Description: Self-contained plasma energy blade that can be extended out to one meter. The difference with this bladed energy weapon is that it is not as difficult to use as a standard vibroblade due to the semi-protected area on one side of the blade. This actually adds to stability as well so that the user can strike with the pointed tip or just better accuracy.
Game Notes: The better stability translates into +1D to hit with the blade or the tip when thrusting.

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Item #7

Motherland Ballistic Auto Cannon

Type: Auto Cannon Firearm
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms
Weight: 5kg
Cost: 1500
Availability: 2,R
Body: 2D+2
Ammo: 200 belt clip
Range: 3-80/160/350
Damage: 5D+2
Description: A powerful firearm designed to take down lots of soldiers at a time as long as they are not in modern armor. The weapon does have AP rounds built for those times when armor penetration is required.
Game Notes: Standard clips cost 200 credits while AP clips cost 450 credits each. AP does the same damage, but ignores armor up to Heavy (-1D) and Assault (-2D) armor.

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Item #8

DDC Light Anti-Aircraft Cannon

Manufacturer: Drearian Defense Conglomerate
Type: Anti-Aircraft Cannon
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: Blaster Artillery
Weight: 5mt
Cost: 125,000
Availability: 2,X
Body: 5D
Ammo: Unlimited
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50m-10km/20km/40km
Damage: 4D+1
Description: This weapon is used against aircraft and causes light damage. It is designed to be mounted in place to become a permanent base or stronghold defense system. However, there is a special modification that allows it to be removed and relocated should the need arise.
Game Notes: The mobile modification weighs 500kg and costs 12,000 credits. This can be purchased with the weapon or at a later time.

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Item #9

DDC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Cannon

Manufacturer: Drearian Defense Conglomerate
Type: Anti-Aircraft Cannon
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: Blaster Artillery
Weight: 15mt
Cost: 250,000
Availability: 2,X
Body: 5D+2
Ammo: Unlimited
Fire Control: 3D
Range: 50m-20km/40km/80km
Damage: 6D+1
Description: This weapon is used against aircraft and causes heavy damage. It is designed to be mounted in place to become a permanent base or stronghold defense system.
Game Notes: None

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Item #10

Draymak Scrambler Rifle

Type: High Energy Weapon
Weight: 7kg
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Blaster or (s) Blaster: Scrambler Rifle
Weight: 7kg (Strength restrictions, see below)
Cost: 110,000
Availability: 4,X
Body: 5D
Ammo: 100 clip
Range: 5-150/300/600 meters
Damage: 6D+1
Description: This is a highly specialized weapon that delivers a powerful chemical, ion and electrical blast coupled with a small amount of plasma to assist in keeping the high energy pulse together long enough for it to reach the designated target with near full power. The only real issue when not mounted is that the weapon is very heavy and requires tremendous strength to use the weapon properly.
Game Notes: Minimum Strength required is 4D to properly wield this weapon. Anything less than 3D adds +3D to the target number to hit. Strength from 3D to 3D+2 adds +2D to the target number to hit. Also, if the user fires the weapon below minimum strength and they get a 1 on the Wild Die they will automatically suffer a catastrophic or critical failure. The results are up to the GM.

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