Approved Slang and Curse Words
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Word (Planet/Species of Origin) - meaning
Abo (Imperial) - used to denote any indigenous lifeform to a planet
Acha (Endor) – Ewok word for “okay”
Ahoo (Vjun) - a word used on the planet Vjun to mean "insane" or "crazy"
Alpha Team – (unknown) - generic term to describe the first survey group to determine a newly-found planet's resources and habitability
Antenna-Breaker (Underworld) - the hired thug of a crimelord, goons sent out to collect the fees and interest charged by their employers, under order to break the antennae of their victim if they can't pay up
Aristo (Tatooine) – a wealthy individual
Avenger (Imperial pilots) - TIE Advanced
Bantha (military) - AT-AT walker (also known as a stompasaur)
Bantha Brakes (spacer) - tractor beam
Bantha Poodoo (Hutt) - curse, excrement, Bantha Dung
Bastasi (Ansionian) - used to indicate an individual's loss of patience
Beta Mission (unknown) - following the recommendation of an Alpha Team with regards to a newly-discovered planet, if colonization is an option then a Beta Mission is sent to begin the preliminary activities to ready the planet for habitation
Big L (starfighter pilot) - lightspeed
Big Push, The (unknown) - refers to the killing of another individual
Bishwag (unknown) - used by many humans during the last decades of the Old Republic to indicate an untrustworthy being
Black Scum (Corellia) - derogatory name to describe members of Black Sun
Blast! (unknown/human) - an interjection, the equivalent of "shoot!"
Blaster Bolts! (unknown) - an interjection
Blastfighter (unknown) - gunslingers who staged quick-draw fights across the Outer Rim
Blinker (Underworld) - used to describe a narcotic addict. It referred to the rapid, involuntary eye movement caused by severe addiction
Bloah (Tatooine) - an interjection, used on the planet Tatooine during the last decades of the Old Republic
Blockade Runner (unknown) - any small, well-armed ship used to break through a planetary blockade
Bloodshine (Sith) - term used by the Sith Lords to describe the red color of their lightsaber blades
Bloodwork (unknown) – ancient word for bountyhunting
Bludfly (unknown) -any being who would sell their own mother in order to get ahead
Blue Milk Run (military) - phrase used to describe any mission that was deemed simple and easy
Body Bucket (armorers) - the pieces of armor used by stormtroopers
Boom-hey (Naboo) - Gungan swear word
Borked - an adaptable expletive; see Farkled and the other "F" words
Brainpicker (unknown) - a being of the Anzati race
Brain Tails (Ryloth) – the lekku of a Twi’lek
Brainwalker (unknown) – derogatory name for the B’omarr monks
Brandy Ague (starfighter pilot) - hangover
Breakfast (Alliance starfighter pilot) - a pair of TIE Fighters flying in formation
Bright (Alliance starfighter pilot) - TIE Advanced starfighter
BTAD (deal-slang) - Boring, Typical, Average Deal
Buggie (unknown) - derogatory term used by many humanoid races to describe any being of insectile shape or race
Burnout (unknown) - refers to the loss of a starship's power plant
By the Force! (unknown) - an exclamation
By the Original Light (unknown/human) - an exclamation
Camwielder (Adumar) - a reporter who uses a flatcam to record events
Carbon flush! (unknown) - vulgar expression, denoting an individual's extreme displeasure with a situation
Carpet-Back (unknown) - slang term, often used in a derogatory fashion, to refer to a member of the Wookiee race. It was used most often during the height of the Clone Wars
Cheapjack (unknown) - anything which was poorly made or manufactured, used during the height of the New Order
Choobies (unknown) - vulgar slang term for the genitals
Chroma-neeka (gambling) - any being who worked within the corporate and political bureaucracy to exploit the knowledge that some people are too stupid for their own good. They could steal just about anything out from underneath corporate security, or pose as a government official to steal secret information
Chuba! (Huttese) - translating from Huttese as "You!" or "Hey you!" but also literally the Huttese name for an animal that is the Star Wars equivalent of a frog or toad
Chubba (Squib) - swear word
Chumani (Corellia) - an Old Corellian term for friend, the word chumani could also be used to insult someone you don't know, referring to the person as a weakling
Chunder (Drovian) - excrement
Circuitry Commando (Alliance soldier) - any resistance member or freedom fighter skilled in the use of computers and electronics
Class-D (Imperial) - any barren, crater-scarred moon or satellite
Clutch (Alliance) - 1. starfighter slang term for a full squadron of Imperial TIE Fighters. Clutch 2. pilot slang for a Tri-fighter, named because of the way the three wings seem to clutch the ball-shaped cockpit
Come-up Flector (unknown) - a person who patrolled a starport or other point of debarkation, searching for potential buyers of services they don't really need
Corellian Overdrive (unknown) - phrase, used to denote the need to do whatever it takes to complete a job. It ranges from finagling the rules to rearranging operational parameters, but doesn't mean cheating in an honest game
Corporata (Business world) - term to describe the unfailing loyalty and devotion to one's corporation. In simple terms, corporata was the belief that one's corporate "family" was the only family one would ever need
Cosmic Overdrive (unknown) - a starship's fastest possible sublight speed
Crash and Bash (deal-slang) - any act of thievery which involved the destruction of non-essential property, to make the act appear to be a random act of piracy
Crate (starfighter pilot) -any form of landing craft
Creature Chess (unknown) - Dejarik game
Creddrone (Corporate Sector) - the lowest drudges working in the Sector for minimal wages and living in the poorest of conditions
Deal-slang (unknown) - 1. underground form of language grew out of the haggling and bargaining often required when dealing with criminal elements. Used by conmen and swindlers, and described many of the activities they took part in
Deconstructor (military) – bomb expert
Decor (starfighter pilot) - the designations of rank each officer wore, and the respect and honor they deserved from other pilots. Used disparagingly, because it meant flight officers had to keep their opinions to themselves. Many Captains and Commanders preferred to go "no decor" when not on a mission or in the presence of VIPs, since it maintained morale among the squadron-mates
Defender (Imperial) - individuals who worked as special investigators within the Imperial armed forces
Di'kut (Mandalorian) - a fool, also used to indicate an individual who had disappointed you
Di'kutla (Mandalorian) - used to describe something as being similar to excrement
Dinkle obwegadada (Jawa) - curse
Dirtdock (CorSec officers) - Treasure Ship Row
Dragship (New Republic starfighter pilot) - Interdictor-class cruiser
Drill the Woofer (unknown) - originated in the lowly cantinas of the galaxy, during the early years of the New Order. A slang phrase, it meant that a being was particularly bad at something, as in "You really drill the woofer!"
Droid-Rot (unknown) - deterioration or corrosion of a droid's electrical wiring and circuitry
Drok it! (Corellia) - an expletive
Drooling Drebble (deal-slang) - bounty hunter
Drooling Drebble With Fangs (deal-slang) - particularly nasty bounty hunter
Drop-Point (Alliance) - any location which was maintained for the secret delivery of goods and material. These locations could also be used by the Intelligence division as a field office
Droyk (Corellia) - swear word
Druk (unknown) - swear word was used to describe excrement
Dumbot (unknown) - derogatory term for any labor droid who performed a single, repetitive operation, such as welding the frame of a landspeeder
Dupe (Alliance starfighter pilot) - TIE Bomber
Duro-crud (New Republic) - the muck which covered the surface of Duro, during the effort to reclaim the planet's natural environment
Dust-happy (Corellia) - anyone addicted to spice
Dwarfnut (Neimoidian) - a fool
Echuta! (Huttese) - an insult
Edge (Imperial) - A-Wing starfighter
Egg Layer (Alliance) – Imperial TIE Bomber
Eggshell (Alliance starfighter pilot) - Imperial TIE Fighter, referred to the TIE's fragile, shieldless hull and shape
Emperor's Black Bones! (unknown) - an exclamation
Emperor's Black Heart (unknown) - a derogatory modifier, as in, "What in the Emperor's Black Heart...?"
Emperor's Dualties (Circarpous V) - term used for Palpatine's testicles
Emwhulb (Socorran) - swear word, meant to indicate a being of low standards and no loyalty
Espo (Corporate Sector) - Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police. Used in singular or plural terms
Eyeball (Alliance) - starfighter pilot slang term for a TIE Fighter
Fanboy (military) - crewman of a hovercraft
Farkled (unknown) - an adaptable expletive; used to describe any situation which was bleak or disastrous, as in, "We're farkled."
Fat Man (New Republic Navy) - a Yevethan Aramadia-class thrustship.
Fedding (Tapani Sector) - swear word
Feech! (Endor) - Ewokese for "darn!"
Fergal (unknown) - an expletive
Ferglutz (Quarren) - an interjection
Fie (unknown) - an ancient word used to curse another being to the death they deserved.
Fierfek (Huttese) - a curse; something vile
Filswik (unknown) - used by Alliance pilots
Final Jump (spacer) - death
First Kiss (spacer) - a smooth, gentle landing
Fixer (unknown) - a specialized form of computer slicer. Fixers hacked into corporate or government data centers and stole proprietary information, leaving forged - though bogus - data behind. They then sold the information on the black market. It was believed that the term "fixer" came from the Sullustan phrase tersish g'loc, which loosely translated to "fix them once and for all."
Flack (unknown) - used by many Imperial troops
Flaming (unknown/human) - a derogatory modifier
Flarg (unknown) - excrement
Flashtail (unknown) - any hasty and swift departure for a remote destination, as in "We'd better flashtail it out of here, or we'll never make it."
Floob (Sullust) - another individual who upset the speaker
Flott (unknown) - an alien swear word
Flupp (Dug) - swear word
Flutie (Imperial) - any race that can't speak the Basic language of humans
Flux-fiend (gambling) - any gambler who liked to play flux
Foster Agent (Alliance) - any of the various Alliance operatives who would retrieve downed Alliance fighter pilots and return them safely to the Alliance
Frack (unknown) - an interjection
Frag (unknown) - an adaptable expletive
Frak (unknown) - an interjection (specific to Tales)
Frang (Ryloth) - a Twi'lek expletive
Free-freighter (spacer) - any transport ship or freighter which was independently owned and operated
Freg (unknown) - an interjection
Freighter Bum (unknown) - any cargo pilot or spacer
Frell (Rodia) - a curse. Note that this is an homage to the Farscape sci-fi series where the term frell originally appeared.
Frink (Corellia) - an interjection
Frip (unknown) - an interjection
Fripping (Indu San) - used as an adjective
Frotz (unknown) - a curse
Furball (starfighter pilot) - the incredibly complex collection of starships and weaponry that formed an interstellar dogfight
Gartal (Alderaan) - swear word
Garthol's Pain (unknown) - an expletive used whenever a being was surprised
Gfersh (Rodian) - swear word
Gibbertz and ham (Simpla-12) - an expletive
Gift for Ackbar (Alliance agents) - a starship which had been spacejacked for use by the Alliance
Gig (spacer) - a myriad of small ships designed for atmospheric or low-orbit operation. They are built as support craft for larger starships, and are often well-armed for combat
Giggle-dust (spacer) - most any form of illegal, inhaled drug
Glick (unknown) - a misfortunate being
Glitbiter (unknown) - those addicts of glitterstim spice who consume it in its raw form. They are often high-strung and tend to ramble incoherently
Gnardly (unknown) - something less than wonderful
Grav-car (unknown) - any land-based repulsorcraft
Green Boys (mercenary) - an Imperial ground force
Golo nochta mootoe, ne linga sochack (Rodian) - a particularly nasty, barbed insult
Grist (Lok) - swear word
Grotty (Ansionian) - used as an adjective to describe another individual
Guerfel (Corellia) - a fool
Guncta (unknown) - lower form of life, any being who would lie and cheat to get what they wanted
Gutter Cookie (Haruun Kal) - the thick sludge that formed in the gutters along city streets in Pelek Bew on the planet; highly corrosive, and would eat through the soles of most shoes if it was stepped in accidentally
Haja (unknown) - a curse
Halle metes chun, petchuk (Corellia) - an Old Corellian insult of unknown translation
Hard Merchandise (bounty hunter) - the being on which a bounty has been placed
Haul Jets (smuggler) - "let's get out of here"
Hkeek nkulla (Jawa) - curse
Holo-bim (Cularin) - a derogatory term, short for 'HoloNet Bimbo', used to describe an inane, female celebrity
Holoshill (unknown) - derogatory term used to describe reporters who work for tabloids and sensationalistic news agencies
Hootyboo (Alderaan) – a streetfighter
Ho-tah (Huttese) - a foolish being
Hot-bedding (military) - military term was used to describe the practice of having two or three crewmen sharing the same bunk. Usually done on overcrowded ships, hot-bedding forced crewmen to sleep in rotations, so that the bed was always in use by a different being. While sometimes expedient in combat situations, over the long-term hot-bedding could leading to discomfort and general loss of morale among the troops
Hotshot (CorSec) - any blaster which had the trigger guard removed
Hot-vape (unknown) - fighter pilot slang for being ambushed
Howlpack (unknown) - any loose affiliation of untrained warriors during the last decades of the Old Republic, derived from the fact that many such group usually attacked in the midst of loud screams and howls, meant to startle their enemies long enough for the warriors to gain an advantage in the fighting
Hufgeb Hsicl Merht (Dug) - an expletive
Hurt Vector (spacer) - unemployment and indebtedness
Huttoad (New Republic starfighter pilot) - any being who undermined their efforts
Hutt-smut (unknown) - name used by many beings to describe the weird forms of pornography that were enjoyed by the Hutt race
Hyperdust (unknown) - outrunning an opponent and reaching hyperspace ("Eat my hyperdust")
ImpPeRe (spacer) - Imperial Penal References
Impstar (Alliance) - Imperial-I class Star Destroyer
Impstar Deuce (Alliance) - Imperial-II class Star Destroyer
Infochant (unknown) - underworld operative who sells information for a living
In the name of...! (human) - an exclamation
Invid (New Republic starfighter pilot) - the pirates who worked for Leonia Tavira, and were supported by her Star Destroyer, the Invidious
ISO (unknown) - an acronym meaning "independent ship owner."
Ish'ka (Yuuzhan Vong) - used to indicate one's displeasure with a situation
Jactna (Rodian) - swear word
Jangoed (bounty hunters) - dying in combat when their heads were severed from their bodies with a lightsaber
Jiffies (unknown) - male genitalia, as in the phrase, "I just slipped your jiffies off the roaster", indicating that one being had saved the life of another
Jig Time (smugglers) - phrase, used to indicate the speedy resolution of a situation.
Jup (Haruun Kal; planet-specific) - used by the Korunnai to indicate a Balawai prospector planet
Kanushka (Kubaz) - an exclamation
Kark on you! (unknown)- a curse
K-Class Planet (unknown) - designation of a planet with a specific bandwidth of ambient light
Kesseled (unknown) - this term, as in "I'll be Kesseled," is used to express surprise
Kicking the Rancor (Imperial) – a foolish stunt, in which the risks vastly outweighed the gains
Koochoo (Huttese) - an idiot
Krazsch (Riileb) - swear word
Kriff/Kriffing (unknown) - Imperial swear word, a derogatory modifier similar to the "F" words
Krilhead (Elrood) - a stupid or unintelligent person
Krolp (Huttese) - an indecent reference to excrement
Krozit (Nikto) - swear word
Ktah! (Chiss) - swear word. Because the Chiss rarely showed any sort of emotion, the use of such words was reserved for intense or unusual situations
Kung (Huttese) - an insult (or compliment) translating as scum, as in "U kulle rah doe kankee kung" - "You are my kind of scum."
Kwaag (Tulgah) - swear word
Lance (Imperial) – a speeder bike unit
Landing Zone (smuggling) - room or flat
Laserbrain (unknown/human) - an insult
Le nochka tuo halackne ladda buchat (Rodia) - insult commented on the recipient's lack of manners and obvious lack of good looks
LES (New Republic scouts) - acronym used to describe any newly-discovered species which "Liked to Eat Scouts."
Level Zip Ship (spacer) - a starship which was an easy target for theft, because it had very few, if any security obstacles
Lightfight (Alliance military) - ground battle fought with laser weapons
Lignyot (Imperial) - the Empire's cryptanalysis agency, it was originally coined to describe the agents of the Old Republic's Cryptanalysis Department
Lint-nerf (unknown) large dust mote
Little Slugland (smuggler) nickname for Nar Shaddaa
Lizling (Imperial) - derogatory term for a small, reptiloid being
LTS (unknown) - starfighter pilot slang for a pilot who is "likely to survive"
Lum Run (spacer) - any routine trip or task
Lumrunner (unknown) - used either to compliment an individual or deride him. In its complimentary form, a lumrunner is an individual who can perform heroic tasks and make them look simple. In its derogatory form, a lumrunner is someone who avoids risks at all costs, taking the jobs which are easy and have little riskbr/> Lurdo (Endor) - an Ewokese term meaning any being who was too taken with themselves to see beyond their own noses. It was a derisive term, and was used to describe only the worst members of society
Manding (Esseles) - used by the children of the planet to indicate a high level of incredibility, as in, "He's so manding cute!"
Melloon (Dash Rendar) - swoop gangmembers
Milking (unknown) - mild expletive was popular with many Basic-speaking races during the height of the Clone Wars
Mind Evaporator (Kashyyyk) - Basic translation of a Wookiee term for any addictive video game that lacked any form of educational purpose
Minder (Old Repuplic) - physicians who are also empaths, and work to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of their patients
Min min vil ut valle Nharquis (Corellia) - the worst Old Corellian oath, it roughly translates to "I will eat your ashes." The speaker usually pointed vigorously at him- or herself while speaking
Minions of Xendor! (unknown) - an exclamation. This also refers to the followers of the dark sider Xendor during the Jedi conflict known as the First Great Schism
Moactan teel (Csilla) - a Chiss insult, meant to infer that an individual was fair-haired. In the Chiss culture, this was a fairly potent insult, since virtually every member of the Chiss race had jet-black hair. The insult lost its meaning whenever a Chiss used it away from their homeworld
Money Lane (smugglers) - an unmarked area within the sights of a laser cannon which fighters often use to denote those kills which require more skill
Moojpuck (Ansionian) - swear word often used by the Gwurran
Moonside Run (smuggler) - any run which involved moving goods from one part of Nar Shaddaa to another
Mopak (Ansionian) - excrement
Mopakky (Ansionian) - adjective, derived from an Ansionian swear word that was used to indicate excrement
Mradhe Muck (unknown) - a curse, as in "What the blinkin' mradhe muck is going on here?"
MRR (Alliance starfighter pilot) - the food pilots were fed after captured by Imperial forces, stands for "meals ready to regurgitate"
Mud-baller (scout) - anyone who lives on the surface of a planet
Mudcrutch (unknown) - an insult
Mudfoot (Imperial military) - the infantry which accompanies an AT-AT walker
Mudwater (smuggling) - any cloudy, gritty beverage
Mug (unknown) - any foolish being
Munk (Stassian) - excrement
Murglak (unknown) - used by many disreputable groups, during the last decades of the Old Republic
Name It, Claim It Law (unknown) - an Old Republic planetary development decree, under which explorers had only to locate remote systems, perform cursory life-form scans, and file for development rights in order to take control of the system. The result was the discovery and naming of a vast number of planetary systems without any real idea what each system and its worlds held
Neep (unknown) - an individual who installs computer systems
Ne linga ne hochka (Rodia) - an insult
Nekkel juuvar obwegadada (Jawa) - curse
Nerf Bait (spacer) - any form of phony lock or security system installed on a starship, which was booby-trapped by the owner in order to catch shipjackers
Nerfherder (Alderaan) - a legitimate occupation on the planet Alderaan; an insult among Alderaanian nobility
NRC (deal-slang) - "not really committed", inferred the cynical attitude most gamblers had toward the New Republic
Old Spacemen’s Home (spacer) - a term used to indicate retirement
Old Suicide Squads (Alliance) - the original Infiltrators of the Special Forces division
Onna fulle guth (Corellia) - an Old Corellian challenge or insult
Organ-legger – (unknown) - smugglers who transport illegally-obtained donor organs across the galaxy
Pagh (Ansion) - exclamation of disgust
Peedunky (Huttese) - an insult, translating loosely as punk
Peeper (Alliance starfighter pilot) - TIE/rc fighter
Phwoar (Mandalore) - an expletive
Pifgah (Ansion) - expletive, used whenever an individual was frustrated with a situation
Pile (Imperial) - Alliance Y-Wing starfighter
Pinmoney (bounty hunter) - term used to identify a small-time criminal who has engaged in illicit activities for many years, but only commands a small bounty
Plastihead (smuggling) - any thick-headed individual
Pleasure Planet in the Purple System (unknown) - phrase used to describe a euphoric place in which everything is happy and fun
Pointer (starfighter pilot) - X-Wing
Polyglot (unknown) - any higher-order computer language
Poodoo (Huttese) - excrement. Oddly, this term also translates from Huttese to Basic as "fodder"
Popper (unknown) - any riot suppression weapon which used a sonic blast to halt an attacker
Precog (unknown) - used to describe any Gotal who could use their sensitive head cones to anticipate an opponent's next move
Protie (Elrood Sector) - protocol droid
Prune Face (Imperial) - a member of the Dresselian race
Puck (military) – repulsortank
Pustina (Drach'nam) - swear word
Rankweed sucker (unknown) - an insult
Ratch (smugglers) - any lowlife criminal
Rawmat (corporate) - raw materials
Reading the G’s (starship pilots) - phrase used to describe the ability to fly a ship by tactile feel, rather than by instruments
Reigat Rage (unknown) - the incredible fits of anger which sometimes struck the Reigat species, often resulting in large amounts of destruction
Rill Out (unknown) - slang term which indicates a being was going to go to sleep, as in "Don't rill out in the middle of a fight!"
Rimkin (Core Worlds) - anyone who lived beyond the Inner Rim; offensive to most natives of the Outer Rim
Rulebook (criminal) - blaster weapon, derives from the phrase "making your own rules" by taking the law into your own hands and enforcing it at blaster-point
Saen (Coway) - swear word, has something to do with a person's parentage
Sabacc Mask (gamblers) - the completely expressionless face of a competitor. A sabacc mask betrayed no emotion, not even in the slightly twitch of an eyelash. A true sabacc mask was said to be unreadable even by a Lorrdian
Sapper (Haruun Kal; planet-specific) - individuals who performed hard labor for the Balawai during the height of the Clone Wars
SB1 (Imperial) - battalion's captain, second-in-command to the battalion's major, responsible for the unit's intel
SB2 (Imperial) - battalion's logistics officer
SB3 (Imperial) - battalion's medical officer
SB4 (Imperial) - battalion's technical officer
SB5 (Imperial) - battalion's headquarters officer, has no counterpart at the company level; SB5 is responsible for coordinating the battalion's support, security, and order
SC1 (Imperial) - company's lieutenant, the second in command
SC2 (Imperial) - company's logistics officer
SC3 (Imperial) - company's medical officer
SC4 (Imperial) - company's technical officer
Scabwit (Gamorr) - a derisive term
Scarns (Sullustan) - unknown part of the Sullustan anatomy
Schoon (Huttese) - fool, a foolish being
Schutta (Ryloth) - Twi'leki insult; used to indicate a being of poor repute. Generally reserved for females. Derived from the name of a weasel-like creature native to Ryloth
Scooptrooper (Imperial) - a stormtrooper who travels on a swoop, rather than a speeder bike
Scrag-end (unknown) - crude term used by criminals and other seedy beings, during the last years of the Old Republic, to indicate any being who made the criminal angry or upset
Scrobb (Hutt) - small denomination of money
Scruffy-looking (unknown) - a derogatory modifier
Scum (human) - an insult, as in "You Rebel scum!"
Sellsecret (Tatooine) - any being who makes a living buying and selling information; term has a more dubious connotation than infochant
Seppie (unknown) - a person who was part of the Separatist movement during the Clone Wars
Sevari Sidestep (deal-slang) - starship maneuver, implies the use of finesse and guile to elude the long arm of the law
Shadowport (unknown) - any spaceport that catered to the less-reputable spacers of the galaxy, and provided services without requiring official licensing or notification
Shag (Huttese) - an insult, translating as slave
Sharp (Alliance starfighter pilot) - TIE/fc fighter
Shas'mink (Laerdocian) - swear word
Shassa (Emberlene) - a curse
Shavit (Pakrik Minor) - used by the farmers of the planet
Shebs (Mandalore) - swear word, refers to certain private body parts
Shee (Haruun Kal) - a curse
Shik (unknown) - vulgar term, used to indicate another being who you despised
Show, The (Alliance starfighter pilot) - space battle
Simsoft (military) - the software which gets loaded into a flight simulator; it defines the mission, the opponent's strength and configuration, and the the artificial intelligence necessary to similate the opponent's actions
Sithspawn (unknown) - an interjection. Note that Sithspawn also refers to a specific kind of creature mutated by Sith magic
Sithspit (unknown) - an interjection
Sitrep (military) - a situation report
Skip-tracer (unknown) - collections agent
Skrag (Corellia) - swear word
Skrank (Sluis Van) - swear word
Skull (starfighter pilot) - Z-95 Headhunter
Slag! (unknown) - an interjection
Sleemo (Huttese) - an insult, translating as slimeball
Sleeper (unknown) – a hold-out blaster
Slim (starfighter pilot) - A-Wing
Slicer (unknown) - a computer hacker
Slythmonger (unknown) - beings who illegally sold prescription drugs or narcotics for a disbarred physician
Snark (Ord Mantell) - used by the human inhabitants of the planet
Snarkin' (unknown) - a derogatory modifier
Snivgold (Ansionian) - used to describe another individual in a rude way
Snoopscoot (starfighter pilot) - any recoinnaissance craft, such as the Incom T-65R, designed to get in and out of a system to collect data without being discovered
Snowman (Alliance) - Imperial snowtrooper
Son of a Murglak (unknown) - an insult; see Murglak
Son of a Sow (Gamorrea) - a Gamorrean curse
Spacer (unknown) - starship pilot
Spacescraper (Coruscant) - the tallest buildings found on the planet, if not in the galaxy
Spacing (unknown) - form of execution in which the victim is cast into the vacuum of deep space without any protection
Spast! (unknown) - an interjection
Spice-Jacker (unknown) - pirates who illegally obtain spice by hijacking other smugglers and stealing their cargoes
Spill Air (racer) - the super-heated gases that are created by a hot engine, can be bled off in order to cool the engine or prevent engine fires
Spinner (Imperial) - B-Wing starfighter
Sponk (Tahlboor) - a "stinking liar."
Spore Tour (Agricultural Corps) - any examination of a planet's native plant life and its applications in terraforming
Squark (Dug) - swear word
Squealer (unknown) - a sonic pistol
Squint (Alliance starfighter pilot) - TIE Interceptor, also called wince
Stang! (Alderaan) - a curse
Stars and Galaxies! (unknown) - an exclamation
Stars' End (Corporate Sector) - a curse, referring to the penal colony located at one of the farthest ends of the galaxy in the Corporate Sector
Steel (Imperial) – stormtrooper
Sticks, The (Core Worlds) - any planets located beyond the Colonies
Stim-pickled (unknown) - a being who was addicted to stimulants and other such drugs
Stompasaur (unknown) - Imperial AT-AT walker (also called a bantha)
Stoopa (Huttese) - a fool
Strider (unknown) - an Imperial AT-ST scout walker
Suvivor’s Fund (starfighter pilots) - any sabacc or gambling pot which was left whenever their squadron was called to active duty. Any game interrupted by a combat order had its pot added to the Survivor's Fund, which was distributed to the surviving members of the families of pilots who were killed in the line of duty
Swamp Hider (bounty hunters) - any being who chose to hide, rather than fight back
Sweet Soalie (Corellia) - used to express one's disbelief
Sweet Sookie (Corellia) - an exclamation, was used to voice an individual's dismay or exasperation at a given situation.
Talkdroid (unknown) - protocol droid
Tapcafe (unknown) - a bar, often housing several games of chance
Tarkin's Teeth (Imperial) - an exclamation, succceeding Grand Moff Tarkin's death, indicates surprise when sworn
Tarrek's Eyes (Velabri) - an expletive, used in situations of extreme amazement, and referred to the eyes of the god Tarrek
Tatooine Tattoo (spacer) - a deathmark placed on a being by Jabba the Hutt
Technico (starfighter pilot) - starship technician
Techrat (unknown) - a being who relies too heavily on technology
Techno (unknown) - any being who made a living as a technician who worked on complex systems
Temp-flu (starfighter pilot) - the mental state of mind which overcomes pilots shortly before their tour of duty was up; if they survived long enough, some tried to ensure their continued survival by holding back and not becoming too aggressive
Thrill-Killer (unknown) - a person whose mental state is unstable, and who enjoys killing anything for the excitement is brings. They often have special weapons surgically implanted in their bodies
Tinny (military) – a battle droid
Tooloo (Dash Rendar) - Imperial sensor operators
Toska ne linga voe bashkal (Rodia) - a nasty insult
Toydarian Print (unknown) - term used during the last years of the Old Republic to describe the "fine print" - all the information on the obscure terms and conditions, often buried in a document or written in small fonts - in a contract or document.
Trakkie (Outer Rim) - any droid which uses treads to rotating tracks for locomotion
Tramper (unknown) - any independent starship owner who performed odd transport jobs, rather than joining a corporation or guild to pull in a regular paycheck
Triggo (Imperial stormtrooper) - the primitive settlements of alien beings
Trip (New Republic starfighter pilot) - TIE Defender, named for its triple wing configuration
Tuna Boat (Alliance pilot) - Gallofree Yards Medium Transport
Tunding (unknown) - used to disparagingly describe a object
UCT (Alliance military) - acronym for a "universal cutting tool," otherwise known as a lightsaber
Ugnor's Thumbs (Bespin) - a mild expletive
Umron (Giju) - a being who was so stupid, he didn't even know he was an idiot
Unluckies (Elrood Sector) - beings who were not native to the Sector but unlucky enough to be living or working there
Vader Grader (shipjacking) - a target which was so well protected that even Darth Vader wouldn't be able to steal it
Velocity-blinker (unknown) - any being who enjoyed and participated in extremely fast racing sports, such as podracing and swoop racing
Vench my skug! (Huttese) - expression, used whenever a Hutt was surprised, often mixed with sarcasm or anger.
Verre d'n Nocka! (Kerestian) - a curse
Verre (Kerestian) - a short version of the previous
Vic (New Republic military) - a three-starfighter pattern, in which the three craft formed the letter V. One ship led the formation, with the other two trailing on either wing
Vos (Alderaan) - swear word
Wagyx (Corellia) - anal region of a human
What in the blazes... (human) - an exclamation
Whiteshell (Togorian) – Stormtrooper
Wince (Alliance starfighter pilot) - TIE Interceptor, also called squint
Wish (starfighter pilot) - Y-Wing
Wookinate (unknown) - excessive use of force in dealing with a situation, refers to the battle rage a Wookiee could enter when presented with danger. A verb, it could be used like this: "I'll Wookinate that scout walker!"
Woosh (Simpla-12) - an expletive
Yabbo (Lando Calrissian) - bounty hunter
Yazbo (Imperial) – Kitonak
Yegg (Imperial) – lowlife being
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