Species: Overlord

Size: 2.8 - 3.6 meters
Move: 11/14 (walking), 13/18 (flying)
Homeworld: Manathoya
Source: Barlow's Guide to Extra Terrestrials
Attribute Dice: 16D (+6D for PC)

Special Abilities:
Eidetic Memory: All Overlords can remember and use everything they see and read with no penalty.
Long Life Span: All members of this species can live to over 475 years. Some have been known to reach 525 years old.
Infrared Vision: This species can see into the infrared spectrum at three times the normal human range.
Sensitive Eyes: In normal light (a city) Overlords receive a -2 penalty to all skills involving sight. In bright light they receive a -1D penalty (in a desert).

Special Skills:
Technology: All members of this species receive +2D to their skill roll when dealing with any technological item, including those they have never seen before (with few exceptions).
Technology: (specialized): This specialized skill is chosen at character creation and represents the city they came from and the technology they studied there.

The Overlords are a highly intelligent species staning about three meters tall. They have hugh, leathery, functional wings and a long tail with a flat, paddlelike end that gives them stability in flight. Their nodies are covered with hard black armor; it is not known if they also have an internal skeleton. On the broad cheeks are twin breathing orifices lined with tiny hairs, which can be seen to futter as they breath in and out. The Overlords' eyes are very sensative to bright light, and they prefer the dimmer red end of the spectrum. Their hands have five fingers and two thumbs, one on either side.

The Overloards do not require sleep, and are able to learn and understand an incredible amount of information in a short time.

Overlord Hand Overlord Wing

Overlords presently inhabit a large planet orbiting a red giant in Wild Space. The planet has four moons and is the fourth planet of seven in the system.

The cities of the Overlords are designed for beings that can fly; there are few if ant walkways and doors are placed at any convenient elevation.

The Overlords have developed a highly technological and scientific culture, with hyperdrive ships comparable to any other space-faring species. This, in addition to their long life spans, has given them the freedom of te galaxy, enabling them to study and collect specimens of all life forms. Their planet is organized into about a thousand small cities, each of which is devoted to the study of a single branch of technology.