Species: Odenji

Size: 1.5 - 1.8 meters
Move: 10/12 (land), 11/14 (water)
Homeworld: Issor
Source: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Odenji, Alien Stats, Pg 107
Attribute Dice: 12D (+6D for PC)

Special Abilities:
Swimming: Due to their webbed hands and feet, Odenji gain +3 to their Move score and +1D+2 to dodge in underwater conditions.
Melanncho: When ever something particularly disturbing happens to an Odenji (the death of a friend or relative, failure to reach an important goal), he must make a Moderate willpower roll. If the roll fails, the Odenji experiences a personal melanncho, entering a state of depression and suffering a -1D penalty on all rolls until a Moderate willpower roll succeeds. The gamemaster should allow no more than one roll per game day.
Aquatic: The Odenji possess both gills and lungs and can breath both in and out of water.

Story Factors:
Melanncho: Even when not in a personal melanncho, Odenji are sad or apathetic at best. They rarely show happiness unless with very close family or friends.

The Odenji of Issor are medium-sized bipeds with smooth, hairless heads, and large, webbed hands and feet. Odenji skin color ranges from dark brown to tan. Members of the species have gills on the sides of their necks so they can breath freely in and out of water. Where the Issori have olfactory wrinkles, the Odenji have four horizontal flaps of skin that serve the same purpose: facilitating the sense of smell.

The Odenji are a sad and pitiable species. After the melanncho, very few Odenji publicly express joy, pleasure or humor. This sadness manifests itself through the Odenji's apathetic attitude and unwillingness to assume positions of leadership.

The Odenji developed as a nomadic, underwater society that existed until the Odenji and Issori met for the first time. The Issori somehow persuaded the Odenji that life on the Issori surface was better than underwater, and the Odenji eventually relocated their entire culture to the land.

Forming a new Issori-Odenji government, the two species made rapid technological progress. Eventually, as the result of an Issori-Odenji experiment, Issor made contact with a space-faring culture, the Corellians. The Issorians gained access to considerably more advanced technology.

Several centuries ago, the Odenji entered into a period known as the melanncho. During this time, the amount of violent crime increased and depression among the species was at an all-time high. Eventually the period passed, but today many Odenji experience personal melanncho. Odenji do not intentionally try to be sad; most Odenji want very much to be happy and experience joy like members of other species. Unfortunately, they are unable to bring themselves to a happy emotional plateau.

No cause has been discovered for this strange, species-wide sadness, though several theories exist. Some scientists hypothesize that the melanncho was caused by a virus or strain of bacteria, one to which the Issori were immune. Imperial scientists, on the other hand, insist that the melanncho is simply a genetic dysfunction and that the Odenji would have eventually become extinct from it had they not had access to "human" medicine. A theory gaining much support among the Odenji themselves is that the melanncho, both species-wide and personal, is the result of the migration of the Odenji from their aquatic home to the land above. Many Odenji who believe this theory have created underwater communities, much to the dismay of their land dwelling brethren.

The Odenji have access to the space-level technology they developed with the Issori and offworlders. They allow the Issori to handle most of Issor's trade, but do help produce goods for sale. The groups of Odenji returning to the ocean shun this technology and have returned to the feudal device used by their ancestors before leaving the oceans.